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For The People By The People!

Updated on July 10, 2016

Think On Who You Would Have The Best Impact On Your Life When You Vote!

Taking Back What Is Constitutionally Ours.

Let me start by saying I do not vote. There is, in my opinion, a good reason to not participate in the voting process. Simply I just don't believe in the system. False promises, working for them and their agenda when it is suppose to be about the people and what they can do for us. Needless to say none of them work for the people, so that's my reasoning on not voting. For at least, the last 16 years that I can recall, I have seen not a single reason to be a part of a system that has been, for a long time now, in a downward spiral.

I'm not against presidents or government, I as a millennial, feel my generation needs to rise up and take back control, that our government, has taken away from us. I am not a political activists, I do not participate in protests. We are in the beginning of a new cultural takeover.

The baby boomer generation is at the age where they are either retiring, or being forced out due to age. Millennial's today have entirely new belief systems than our predecessors. Baby boomers don't like change, but we are at the point where they have no choice but to step down, and let us takeover.

I have no issues with, how in the past, the boomers handled politics. They sure had a lot of issues to deal with over the past few decades. For the most part they got a lot of things right, but now we are in a age that they don't, or don't want to understand the people's needs anymore. The millennials are far more educated, and not to mention how much more technologically advanced we are compared to them.

We need a change, it's our constitutional right to have a government, and a system that works for our generation. We need new laws, and old laws need changed, or revised. We are divided. We need to fix our infrastructures, bridges, roads, and our policies.

I am not bashing the boomers, my generation has a lot to learn to. We need to learn how to protest peacefully to get messages across, also we need to learn how when we get knocked down how to get up stronger. Remember this is a nation for the people by the people.

We decide who are the politicians we put in office, and we need to remember that just as we can put them in office, we can use our constitutional right's to remove them from office if they our not suiting our needs.

So as the election approaches think hard on who you want to elect, because we need change and we need someone who work for us, not themselves. Mostly all of them lie to get in office, talking about changes they will make, but hardly do they follow though. Let's get someone who fights for us and who stands by their words, and follows through on their promises.

At The Voting Booths.

"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World." Gandi

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Which Side To Pick And More.

Take In Consideration Who Can Deliver More To The People Rather Than Who's Republic Or Democrat!

Who Are You More Likely To Vote For?

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How Important You Are To The Election?

I don't really know much about politics, I don't vote. I'm not telling you not to vote, but to make a careful decision. I want you to vote, I think it is very important to go out and vote. I don't because, I couldn't tell you the Difference between Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Honestly I just have better things to do and I just have my personal reason why I don't.

Having said all that I do believe it is very important to chose the right candidate. We need to make sure that they follow up on their promises. We put them in office, so don't just vote for who you like more, rather vote for who will make a difference in our lives, to make America a better place.

We need change! We are spending billions a year for other countries all while kids are going hungry, homeless don't have proper help, and not to even mention on how veterans are being treated. I'm all about helping someone out, but we should worry about our own people first. This country wasn't created to take care of every body else's countries.

Who comes to our aid when we need help? In my 32 years I haven't heard one country that we have helped in the past to come to our aid when we have had a natural disaster. It took our own country almost a week to help Katrina victims. Do you want that to keep happening? That's why we need to chose who's better, not what color of tie they wear.

Even if we elect the wrong one. We still have the power to take them out of office!

Tax Dollars At Work.

While the over paid politicians get paid, most use your tax dollars to spend tens of thousands of dollar each day on food for their office. Meanwhile bridges are falling and roads need to be fixed, diverting traffic miles out of the way, using up more gas and oil. They can buy their own food. Let's make some changes and put that money where it needs to go.

Come on people they are robbing you and we are letting them get away with it. Just look up how much they spend on their offices using your money. Or all the expenses they charge using our tax dollars. All while some American kid is running around in shoes they have had for three years.

Buying government vehicles, gas, food, housing, medical, dental almost all from tax money we pay in. Then they say if you don't have insurance we will fine you. Really? Ok the let's say I pay for medical insurance all year and I don't go to the doctor, not even one time. Shouldn't I get that money back? If the money we pay for insurance is not going to the doctors who's it going to? If you require it We should get a piece of the pie back!

Would You Rather?

What do you want from a new president.

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How Do You Like My Views On Voting And Who Are You Voting For.

Cast your vote for We should be careful and think hard on who to vote for.

I Want To Know If It Matters To You If A Candidate Is Republic Or Democrat??

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