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A New Candidate Who Can Out Trump Trump

Updated on March 29, 2016

We need a candidate for the Republican party. Most people think Trump is too extreme, but what if he is not extreme enough? Maybe we need to build a bigger wall than he has promised. He said he would bomb the Middle East. Maybe we should use bigger bombs than he plans. He has small hands. How is he going to build a big wall or use big bombs if he can't even get big hands? Make America Great Again? I couldn't agree more. Let's bring it back to the good old days, like when George Washington was president. I mean, who doesn't want slaves? And if we are out doing Trump, we will have to be more racist than him as well. So Trump wants to name call Mexicans as rapists and criminals. Well to out do him, we need to bring back the idea that only straight, white, land owning men should have a say in every issue even if it doesn't apply to them. Women should leave their jobs and head back into either the kitchen or bedroom. And defend religious freedom! It is against people's religious freedom to allow other people who they may not even know, do what they want. Gay marriage doesn't just affect the couple. What about the religious that have to live with the fact that gay people exist. Remember that Jesus died so you wouldn't have to sell cakes to homos. Make America Great Again!


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