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A New Valentine's Day Massacre

Updated on February 12, 2012

The Pressure Mounts

Justified? | Source


We have all seen the reports and heard of the Syrian forces injustices in dealing with demonstrators but can all these reports be believed?

What about the reports that the Western media did not show?

Reports such as revolutionaries making a two prong attack on military bases in the city of Aleppo. These attacks killed 30 and injured 170. The weapons used and the tactics employed are not those of revolutionaries, more like those of the CIA or Mossad. Where was the report of this in the Western media?

What of the claims that some of the western media reports were not actually filmed in Syria but other locations in the Middle East?


On the Move?
On the Move? | Source

Valentine's Day

There is now a report circulating in the foreign media that some Mig29’s have been sent from Hungary to Israel. The speculations are that the markings will be changed to those of Syria and then they will be used in western newsreels attacking innocent civilians in Syria.

It has also been speculated that this subterfuge will take place around the 14th February St. Valentine’s Day. It is said that these newsreels will be used to heighten anti Syrian feelings and help to secure a United Nations resolution for foreign troops to assist in the protection of Syrian civilians.

The West

These allegations have been made by the foreign press, yet no mention of them in the west. Surely it would be easy enough for the western media to disprove the movement of the Mig29s. That is, of course if they want to.

Why would they not want to?

They would not want to if; they are being used as a tool to smear the image of President Assad which has also been claimed by foreign media.

The western media are owned by the same elitists that it is claimed would be the only ones to gain from Assad being overthrown. Otherwise there would be no gain to the west in his overthrow.

Assad allowed his forces to be used in the hunting down of Ben Laden. It is true that he may rule with somewhat of an iron fist but not as brutally as others in the region, such as Saudi Arabia. His authoritarian rule has been used to suppress the activities of organizations such as Al Qaida, whilst in other Middle Eastern dictatorships their activities and recruiting go on unchecked.

If this was all true and yet the United States is now proposing sending arms for the so called revolutionaries, where would these arms really end up?

As well as controlling oil, the faceless elite that really run the United States depend heavily on arms sales. Any new sale of arms, to whoever, will always result in other arms having to be sold in order to arm any opposition. These elite are often the only ones who stand to gain from a conflict and they gain regardless of whom the victor.

It is time that the US government turned to its people and telling them the truth, asked them in which direction that they wanted their foreign policy for the US to take.

One that resulted in bloodshed, much of the blood ultimately coming from US soldiers and the advancement in the circles of world power, of a few wealthy elite or a path that allowed the people of the Middle East find their own way, even though it may not be one that advances a few people of whom they do not even know their names.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      What about Judge Nap getting fired for revealing just the kinds of things you are talking about, in todays economy getting fired is a death sentence!

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I've read also that Gaddafi was going to create his own, non-Rothschild currency, and that was what prompted the staged unrest. The Rothschilds certainly would not like other countries to get the idea that they can slip from their clutches. That's just too much loss of profit and diversion from the New World Order.

      Western media loves the program -- the Rockefeller-Rothschild game plan. Plenty of distractions to keep the masses "happy" and "entertained," but also an occasional, "staged" problem with an eventual, "prepackaged" solution. Like hiring Middle Eastern thugs to hijack airliners to create the 9/11 incident, and then offering the "Patriot Act" to tighten one more noose around our liberties. It's starting to look like Soviet Germany or Nazi Russia. Were those merely dry-runs to test out the tools of tyranny?

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Good hub stating the truth as for the involvement of the U.S. in world conflicts (Syria representing one among others) and the house of Saud as a partner.

      I personally never believed that the Syrians aimed at the Assad's overthrown. Thanks for bringing news!