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Updated on March 14, 2012

So is a flower is a flower....

Trayvon Martin's death was nothing short of murder, by Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman in Orlando, Fla.

The same applied to a young African American that was shot by a police officer in the Bronx, NY., a few weeks ago.

In Afghanistan, a United States Army officer was berserk and went on a rampage, killing 16 Afghan citizens, and the reason for that was still unknown.

In all three cases the victims were unarmed, and therefore did not pose any danger to the person or persons, who murdered them.

What ran common in all three cases was that an American killed innocent persons or people, just because those that were murdered and the perpetrators happened to belong to different races.

In the case of the Afghan killings, there was no race or racial difference, because in social science there were only two races in the world, Negroid and Caucasoid, which branched into the crossbreeding humanoid species of the present. They mated and produced children.

Yet, all the incidents boiled down to the mental state or mind set of many Americans that there was a superiority in the races, or one race had some kind of natural or progressive enhancement over the other race. That one race has advanced in civilization than the other, and that made it superior

Many people in the United States, Europe and other places went about carrying that burden of ignorance, due to their upbringing and social background; and so they would look on anyone, who was of another race as inferior or even an enemy, and from that state of mind, they would attack him or her out of sheer, virtual impulse.

They usually come out of a situation not knowing why they committed that kind of a crime with total impunity. They could not vividly tell themselves why they should not have done it. However, the truth was that their character stemmed from the basic impressions that they have received mostly from parents and social or institutional circles, that their race was superior.

One has often heard from other people that basic education should change. What they were really saying was that children, at the earliest age, must be taught that all human beings were alike, and that a pigmentation was not a choice by any individual; it was naturally assigned to a person by parentage.

Imparting such knowledge would change the character of people and the characteristic, behavioral stature of the world, which has a variety of colors and shapes for the myriad of species. It would be realized that a flower was a flower was a flower; no matter whether if was a rose or a hibiscus,it was still a flower, but by its own kind.

They (children) should be told that all humans lived in the same house, the planet earth; and that one must respect the rights of other persons to live in the way they saw fit; so that they themselves would be able to do the same, without rancor or animosity between "Us" and "Them".

In other words, infringing on those rights, or the reversal of them, would cause one person to pick up a weapon, a gun or a knife, to kill or murder someone else, only because the other person looked different.

If society was going to change, it should start from infancy, through education. A good example were the two English princes, William and Harry, who would mix socially and rub shoulders with all kinds of people, just to prove that, though they were royalty, they were the same as anyone else; and more so, irrespective of the color of their skin.

A preacher once put it this way, " must be judged by the content of one's character, and not by the color of one's skin."

John Wayne had that character of racial differentiation. He always referred to non-Americans as "foreigners", when they came to the U.S. Then he happened to be visiting an Arab country, probably Saudi Arabia, and there too, he called them foreigners. They turned around and said to him, "No. You are the foreigner," He (Wayne) had made a horrible mistake, owing to the education he has had as a youngster a very long time ago in his life. His superiority has turned inferior overnight.

Zimmerman, and many Americans like him, were of the opinion that they were superior; but they were not. They have only had the wrong education or upbringing. Parents were responsible in molding character, and therefore they should know how to inculcate civility in their children, with regard to racial differences; and they (children) would grow up to be better people.

Those three people, Zimmerman, the New York police officer and the Afghan gunman, grew up thinking that they were better human beings, because of their body color; but they were not. They should relearn that a person is a person is a person, no matter what.


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    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 5 years ago from East Coast

      These cases are very disturbing and in particular here on American soil in the sunny land of Florida. Having a 28 year old who has assaulted a police officer in 2005, stalk and kill a 17 year old while supposedly training to get into law enforcement is sheer nonsense. He is now in hiding and it is a great hope of mine that karma bites him ASAP.