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(16) The Cowards & Corruption Among Us

Updated on May 4, 2018


Threats & Stalkings & IRS audits of family & NSA surveillance & How many cars trying to run me off roads?

On November 11, 2010 I received a note saying "YOU'RE DEAD." How often do you receive messages in your email with headers such as this with no return sender? Who ever is doing this thinks that they are coy, but I can assure you that your time will come and you will stand against someone much tougher and stronger than me, and you will NOT stand. Let that sink in and chew on it each time you do such things. My story is true!

This is not the first threat nor do I believe that it will be my last. God will tell me when I will be dead NOT YOU! I told you already, I don't take to kindly to being threatened, poisoned, attempted to be stabbed, run off roads by cars with unreadable license plates, stalked and having NSA placing surveillance on my computer, intruding inside my computer, my e-mails and also inside my home in Buffalo. Yes! Wiki leaks!

I also am not very happy to have had my blind friend have a loaded gun jammed into him and tailed by morons trying to scare us into silence. All it has done is make me even more pissed off and has made me become bolder with my voice. Uh-oh for you corrupted ones.

A few days later after this specific threat, the N.Y. Times released the hidden agenda DOJ's 600 page documents which tell the story that the U.S. Government! CIA! Has knowingly and indeed given 'safe haven' to the Nazis. Dr. Death was omitted in any paperwork but he is here in the United States!

I Have Added This Note!

  • This story you are reading of mine was written years ago. (2009) and it was done so for a documentation trail in case it was God's time for me to leave this earthly realm. I continually come into the story and add more newer documentation for any investigator that may be interested in exposing this scam and helping me. If you see an updated date below the title & chapter, you will know that I have added a new capsule of information. Do you REALLY find this just a bit ironic that everything written in this story is admitted by this link of NY TIMES above? I don't.

It must be just a 'coincidence' that I left a comment about Heim on NY Times which got 'disappeared' on a 'specific' reporters page and all of a sudden now in 2014 this ex-reporter from NY Times comes out with a book of Aribert Heim and his pretend death in Cairo. Really? I beg to differ with you and in a big way!

There is no such thing as coincidences my friends. They only want you to believe that! Dr. Death, Aribert Ferdinand Heim, SS Nazi Doctor is being hidden up in Billings Montana Heights area. It seems that these documents have conveniently left out Aribert Heim because somewhere in the high government, they stink like sulfur and are hoping you will believe the massive brainwashing they have placed throughout the world of this fake and very planted suitcase and a bunch of well written lies in the newspapers!

He was moved quickly from Billings, Montana (with another pretend death) after I contacted a Messianic Jewish teacher, SB with a video (March 2014) to the Prime Minister/President of Israel. I used Heim's photograph in that video. Twelve hours later they killed off Aribert Heim and moved him again. They were very thoughtful to send me "Consolations for my dead friend."

I do find it interesting that I found documentation on the Yellowstone County Clerks office that his "Bride" began to return PHONES after his supposed death (and was reimbursed by the government for them.) Wonder what the phones were for?

A coward is among us...actually many cowards.

This is NOT a joke! Wake up people!

This has just came to light. The corrupted government has in the past year opened up another site, this one is a friendship site in my name. They are collecting my family members and exposing their names and addresses to the public. Anyone of my friends or family who have seen this site, please disconnect from them. It is NOT me! Disconnect from these lying scumbags and do not talk to them or answer them. They are liars and they are covering up huge lies of the U.S.A. as well as the corrupted CIA. These are the same vile corrupted people who continue to hide this Nazi in Billings, Montana. Dr. Death, SS Nazi, Aribert Heim.


How dare you involve more innocent people! You are vile and despicable. Have you not killed enough people with your corruption and violence and lies?

Aribert Heim ari BERT Heimkamp-1652 Kelby Drive, Billings Montana under an alias...EXPOSE THAT!!!!


This story speaks of God, Jesus and the devil and they are very happy because this is their way of discrediting the TRUTH, my truths, calling me some 'crazy religious freak' and they continue to manipulate and lie, hiding the truth of my accusations about this Nazi hidden in the United States under an alias.

In the years since I wrote this true story I have had nothing but problems from who I can only assume is the United States government and the corrupt DOJ and CIA. They have opened many sites with my name, again trying to discredit me. One site in fact infuriated me. It was a "Friendship" site signed up in my name. In the place where hobbies was to be typed, someone had typed in "anal, oral and dildos." Lovely.

What I have realized throughout this situation is that by doing the 'right' thing, I have come up against faceless people, more than I can count who do the "wrong" thing. I have nothing to regret because I will always do the right thing regardless of your death threats, regardless of any evil perpetrated upon me or my family.

You know I am telling the truth and in just those words alone, you should be very careful about doing evil because there will be a day that you will come up against God and you will not stand against the great I AM with no repentance.

The fact of the matter is that this complete story is true and I am no holy roller Bible thumper my friends neither is my friend Twig. We are just average people, affiliated with no religion or politics but when you read the story in its entirety and realize that everything is the TRUTH and we could pass lie detector tests.I know many of you who could not pass.

Any person who wouldn't come to Jesus after having all of this happen to you would be a foolish person indeed! Yes, I am aware and agree that this whole story sounds crazy but from my lips to God's ears, It is the truth and it is an amazing story!

I am nothing but a bartender and a waitress. I have no interest in telling you anything but the TRUTH and all of this is the truth. It is just unbelievable and amazing that after all we have been through...nobody...NOBODY has the B's to report on this. COWARDLY PEOPLE!

Where is the DOJ? You do know that the J stands for JUSTICE right? I believe that you may be too busy hiding CIA lies of fast and furious at this time. STOP HIDING THE TRUTH! STOP HARBORING this Nazi and somebody do something about this!

I know this much...Jesus will reveal at his appointed time...THAT I can be assured of!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...actually more.

I was so sad today and I was praying and crying in my car. I stopped into a store and gazed upon this sign on the wall and began to laugh! I snapped a photo!
I was so sad today and I was praying and crying in my car. I stopped into a store and gazed upon this sign on the wall and began to laugh! I snapped a photo! | Source


Please download this photograph and look at all the scars that are exactly as Aribert Heim's. Turn the photograph to a negative exposure and you will see the work that was done on his face.
Please download this photograph and look at all the scars that are exactly as Aribert Heim's. Turn the photograph to a negative exposure and you will see the work that was done on his face.

Prophetic and Blessed!

It was shortly after my first week in Montana, I was reading a news article on line about a Nazi in Michigan being extradited and another Nazi being dead in Cairo. His son had been apparently lying for him all these years and protecting him and his whereabouts in Cairo, Egypt. I had never kept up with the gruesome killers of the Holocaust, they made me sick to even read about them.

"Good, I hope you went straight to hell," I said after reading that Dr. Death was dead from rectal cancer. "They found another Nazi in Michigan!" I yelled out to Twig. I often read the news to him before his eye surgeries. Casually, I glanced over at the picture alongside the news story. (The picture to the right.)

I shook tremendously-gasping-crying out loud from what I saw and what exploded inside my brain at that moment. "Twig...Twig.." I stuttered and began to weep and laugh at the same time. "Oh my gosh...Oh my gosh...I can hardly believe this." I began to stutter with a laugh and a cry all at once. Twig came running to the kitchen wondering what was happening.

"Look, look at this is him...Oh my God...I don't believe this.."

I drifted off putting my face into my hands, tears silently slid down my face. I sat at my desk as if I was five years old again, shaking tearfully because of the prophetic irony screaming in my head and my heart. I was astounded, amazed and I could not control my emotions. I threw my head back, in awe, a zillion emotions good and bad running though me, overtaking me, engulfing me.

"I am blind Ghost whisper and I can't see what you are showing me real good," he yelped in an alarmed and aggravated way. "Why are you crying? Who? What is it?" he begged for me to tell him so that he could comfort me.

"It's him...It's him...this is I understand everything..oh my God...why everything has happened with me in life....and to us...the bad stuff..the demonic attacks...oh my God...I can't believe this...I just can't believe...." I began stuttering and tearing again.

"Who is him?" Twig asked, grabbing the magnifying glass and trying to get some kind of view.

"I can't see small pictures so good...awww I'm sorry but I can't see it."

At that moment I had prayed that Twig could have his eyesight and he could see the photograph I kept staring at in awe.

"It is a picture of our landlord in his youth Twig. They are saying that he died in Cairo but this is not possible because he is alive and he is here in this building with us." I whimpered, trying to collect myself. "I can't believe this...I can't freaking believe this....Oh God you heard heard my prayer....I can't believe this..." I actually thought I was going to have heart failure at that moment. I tried desperately to calm down.

"Maybe you are mistaken Ghost whisper," Twig said trying to comfort me.

" I am not mistaken. I see him perfectly in this picture..his eyes...oh my God...his eyes....I can't freaking believe this... This is our landlord--the old man who opened the door and hugged me...I am not wrong on this. Twig...oh my God Twig...I can see a person from a long time ago and run into them thirty years later and recognize them....some kind of photo recognition or something in my brain....Oh God it is him!" I sat staring and whimpering, my mind in a state of shock.

"I still kind of don't understand see a dead man?" Twig was confused.

"Well yes, I see a man who they 'claim' is dead but he is not dead Twig...Oh my God...It's him...they say his name is Aribert Heim. Dr. Death....I can't freaking believe this..." I sat shaking and wiping my face staring at this picture trying to regain my composure. "This is him, someone is lying in BIG places and MANY places....Oh my God..... He is NOT dead," I said firmly, my knees knocking together.

"I don't know anything about this man nor have I ever heard of him before. I don't know my history....Oh my God....I can't believe this..... I can only tell you that this man is not dead, he is alive and he is in our building...Oh my God....I think I am going to faint...." My voice drifted off in awe, shock and disbelief.

I took a deep breath and tried to re-read the article again. "Oh my gosh Twig, there's been a reward out for him for almost $500,000.00...something about it being tripled to 1.23 million." I shook my head in disbelief again. My mind was in a state of shock by this.

"This man had to be really, really bad to have a hefty reward as this out for him," my stomach was cramping hard. Thoughts of my friend Anne Frank fluttered in my memory and I started to whimper again. I sat for a good ten minutes staring at the photo in complete disbelief. "God you are amazing!"

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. I could hardly believe that this was happening to me. Yes, the 1% girl once again. Twig stood next to me at the computer and wasn't fully grasping what I was saying to him or why I had been weeping and in such awe at that prophetic moment. God heard my prayer...I had been shown my purpose...never imagining it to be this. A million thoughts....of my worthless life..leading to pea brain could not take in nor compute what was happening....God filled my heart, soul and mind with so much-prophecy-desiny-justice-love! Love for me and love for the millions who suffered by the hands of this regime and this human brain or body could not contain it all...nor assimilate this on an 'Earthly' level. Spiritually, I was knocked out in awe of Jesus and God!

"I am going to have to do some research on him and much reading but please be careful and don't mess with him....don't say anything to you hear me?"

I didn't know what to think...I only knew what Jesus was telling me and who was staring back at me from that picture--a supposed dead Nazi who was VERY much alive.

"I want to hope that this is not him and that it this is just a coincidence but I believe this to be him in my soul. I don't feel that I am mistaken. They seem to call him 'Dr Death' so this doesn't sound like a very good start now does it?" I moaned, slowly getting up out of my chair.

I stood up to go wash my face and pull myself together so that I would be able to read and concentrate on my research of 'a dead man.' I abruptly stopped and looked up into Twig's face.

"At least we know why the government block is on our phone lines not allowing any government calls into the building right?"

Twig's face became flushed as if this had slipped his mind or something.

Aribert Heim

This is the "Age Enhanced Most Wanted photo of Aribert Heim and what he would like like in his older years. It looks remarkably like him, except they didn't make him as old as he really is.
This is the "Age Enhanced Most Wanted photo of Aribert Heim and what he would like like in his older years. It looks remarkably like him, except they didn't make him as old as he really is.


Austrian authorities sent the 1950 arrest warrant to American authorities in Germany initially agreed to turn him over, then told the Austrians, in a Dec. 21, 1950 letter obtained by the AP, that they could not trace him.

What happened next is unclear, but in 1958 Heim apparently felt comfortable enough to buy a 42-unit apartment block in Berlin, listing it in his own name with a home address in Mannheim, according to purchase documents obtained by the AP. He then moved to the nearby resort town of Baden-Baden and opened a gynecological clinic — also under his own name, Heister said.

In 1961,German authorities were alerted and began an investigation, but when they finally went to arrest him in September 1962, they just missed him — he apparently had been tipped off Heim continued to live off the rents collected from the Berlin apartments until 1979 when the building was confiscated by German authorities.

How interesting that Dr. Death was a landlord as well. No such thing as coincidence in God's world.

Aribert Heim

Ari bert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Ari bert Heim is living in Billings, Montana


But Heim managed to avoid prosecution, his American-held file in Germany mysteriously omitting his time at Mauthausen, and today he is the most-wanted suspected Nazi war criminal on a list of hundreds who the Simon Wiesenthal Center estimates are still free.

While there, witnesses told investigators, he worked closely with SS pharmacist Erich Wasicky on such gruesome experiments as injecting various solutions into Jewish prisoners' hearts to see which killed them the fastest.

But while Wasicky was brought to trial by an American Military Tribunal in 1946 and sentenced to death, along with other camp medical personnel and commanders.

Heim, who was a POW in American custody, was not among them.

"Heim's file in the Berlin Document Center, the then-U.S.-run depot for Nazi-era papers, was apparently altered to obliterate any mention of Mauthausen, according to his 1979 German indictment, obtained by the AP. Instead, for the period he was known to be at the concentration camp, he was listed as having a different SS assignment."

"This "cannot be correct," the indictment says. "It is possible that through data manipulation the short assignment at the same time to the (concentration camp) was concealed."

"There is no indication who might have been responsible."

I am laughing right in your face at this moment by the above sentence. No indication of whom is responsible? baaaahahaha. Yeah okay liars.

"The U.S. Army Intelligence file on Heim could shed light on his wartime and postwar activities, and is among hundreds of thousands transferred to the U.S. National Archives. But the Army's electronic format is such that staff have so far only been able to access about half of them, and these do not include the file requested by the AP."

There is No Such Thing as Coincidences


I often tried to look at his face while I was talking to him, searching for scars. Remembering the Most Wanted photo and and playing it back while I tried not to stare at him too much. He had the exact top lip, exact cleft in his chin, same brow, same piercing blue/grayish eyes as the photograph.

He looked a bit different, something to do with the shape of his nose and the shape of his chin was different. The "age enhanced photo" made him look younger, I thought in my head as I stared at the Landlord's skin that now hung down off of his face...and from his neck. "It is him Twig, I am telling you don't mess with him. I believe that he knows that I am aware of who he is."

I continually documented and often, my computer was interupted and things were made to disappear before my very eyes. It always seemed to be things involving him. Strangely enough, almost six to seven pages on my word pad, hours of research were turned into forward slashes. //////////////////////////// Pages of them! Someone clearly did not want me researching him.

Twig and I were well aware that he was coming into our apartment but someone also was getting into our computer as well. They were browsing and deleting. Some manually but mostly remotely. Three times my computer has been destroyed and all research wiped away. Coincidence?

One night returning to find that someone had deleted all administrator rights completely off the computer-guest account gone, as well as the administrator gone. Nobody had any control of the computer any longer and the computer was rendered useless--no way to even get into my files-again-I had to start over to recovery. But I continued with my research on this so called dead man, regardless of whom and what was trying to stop me.

"Whoever (wink wink) you are very good at what you do sprinkling that Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Scary Fairy dust" but you still will not stop me from speaking.

Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson-Scary Fairy people

Added Note January 2011

Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson-Scary Fairy people destroyed my computer again! EVERYTHING GONE! It does not matter. Many have the information, address, photographs and documentation regardless of what you try to make disappear. You can not. Are you annoying me? Nope. I could care less and there is no gag order when it comes to what Jesus says to speak. Have you thought about sprinkling a bit on your own heads and disappear? You actually get paid to harass a waitress? Vile!

You Were Missing in Action Dr Death...Yes I know why!

Do You Know Why There is a Government Block?

Some time after I had seen this photograph, I ran into him outside. He was starting to yap about another one of his stories and I butted in. I was pretending as if I had forgotten that we had mentioned it. "Did Twig tell you that there is a Government block on the building phone lines?" His response was quite scary. He became quite aggressive verbally and got close up to my body almost barking at me in alarm.

"Do you know why that Government block is there? Do you Ghost whisper? Do you?" He said loudly into my face, scaring me, though I did not show it on my face.

I quickly responded back with my dumb blonde act, "Ummm..well I dunno...something to do with your friend "Bud" on your team being killed or something? Why?" I twisted my long hair like a bozo and stared blankly back into his face.

I sent the question back to him and he released his tension, though he never said another word. He just turned around and walked inside the apartment house. This undoubtedly scared me to no end.

Esther & The King


Age enhanced photograph. We added a baseball cap and glasses because that is what he hides behind. Show this to the Billings people--he would be identified over and over by his neighbors!
Age enhanced photograph. We added a baseball cap and glasses because that is what he hides behind. Show this to the Billings people--he would be identified over and over by his neighbors!
He picked up the snake and put it under his jacket and then he got bitten.
He picked up the snake and put it under his jacket and then he got bitten.


On one occasion, he asked to take me to a place that was hiring in town. When I asked where this place was and for the directions, he refused and said he would drive me. Because I fully believed that this was Heim, I went with him this time. It was just a few minutes away and I had let Twig know where I was going incase I didn't return.

I believe he was trying to earn my trust, to get closer to me in some way. I told you, I got the B's of King Kong at times so I went with him. I waited in his vehicle as he stepped back inside, I quickly opening his glove compartment. Another handgun tucked away! He certainly had a lot of hand guns around, but hey it was Montana right?

As we drove he continually talked about living in Argentina and Chile, mentioning again that I looked so much like this woman he knew and whom he used to have sex with in Chile."Don't tell my wife" he said. He began to talk again, telling me about this woman who ironically resembled me. "She was a beautiful woman, the founder of the feminist movement in South America," he continued to talk while driving.

"I was in one room waiting for her while she was in another, with another prominent man. "guerrillas were hiding in the closet, she was ruthless and he didn't know what hit him."
I believe this 'prominent' man may have been Salvador Allende.

We pulled into the parking lot of this casino and he sat for ten more minutes with his vehicle turned off. I was more than a bit uncomfortable with the conversation of killing again but sat quietly listening to him.

He repeated himself often, especially when it came to 'them' killing his friend Bud." Could this be Colby that he is speaking of? He had continually eluded to working with the CIA when he spoke with Twig, and 'they' now had a name--the United States Government. He was angry, very angry with the government and any time he mentioned his dealing with 'them'...his murdered friend "Bud" from his 'team' was mentioned.

"They still haven't gotten to me yet."

He sat looking out his window seething about his friend being killed, and certainly very angry with the government again. He turned and looked over at me as if he was hoping that I would ask him lots and lots of questions but I hadn't.

This man was very intelligent and he seemed to love to play psychological games with Twig and myself, testing us-a cat and mouse game-I called it. I felt that he was again testing me. I didn't want to sound too inquisitive either. As he stared at me, I felt the strong urge to ask him this question, if only to throw him off from this game he played with me--so I did.

I Don't Want To Kill You. God Wants Justice!

Ghost Whisper...If you kill kill me.

"Bert" aren't you afraid, being that you rent apartments out, that someone may come to you posing as a renter and you and your wife let them inside your apartment and they kill you?"

His response back to me?

"Ghost whisper, if you kill me, you kill me."

"Oh Bert, I don't want to kill you! I love you Bert" I said back to him lying and giggling out loud.

This was probably the biggest nervous giggle that I have ever giggled in my lifetime. I sat there in shock realizing that he thought that someone had sent me to kill him! Now, after all of this time, I finally realized exactly why he was looking through my documents-garbage-computer-paperwork.

Can you say "freaked out?" I sat there trying to assimilate what he'd just said to me and I could hardly believe this eerie and ironic statement he'd just made. I pretended not to look as shocked as I was inside. Not to mention that this has to be the most strangest response from a person who is NOT Aribert Heim but a perfect response from a doctor who knows that many want to kill him and many want the reward on him also.

He was wrong. I didn't want to kill him and this pursuit and cat/mouse game we were on went far beyond collecting any reward.

He was quite correct though when it came to his belief that someone had sent me because someone had very much indeed sent me to his doorstep. He just didn't realize that my directions hadn't come from anybody 'down here.'


The son of Heim (right) has lied often in regards to his Father. HIS DNA AND THIS MAN ON 1652 KELBY DRIVE WILL MATCH! NO MISTAKE! THIS IS ARIBERT HEIM!!!
The son of Heim (right) has lied often in regards to his Father. HIS DNA AND THIS MAN ON 1652 KELBY DRIVE WILL MATCH! NO MISTAKE! THIS IS ARIBERT HEIM!!! | Source


"Rudiger Heim will avoid criminal charges for sheltering his father from the police because of a German law that excuses people from giving evidence against their family members.

Dr Aribert Ferdinand Heim, the world's most wanted Nazi fugitive, performed horrific experiments on Jewish prisoners in the Mauthausen concentration camp.He eluded a global manhunt for nearly half a century, living in Cairo as a Muslim convert before his death from cancer in 1992.

His son has now admitted that he knew his father's location in Egypt and was with him when he died.Mr Heim has told the German media that he sheltered his Nazi fugitive father because he did not want to bring trouble to the war criminal's Egyptian friends.Heinz Heister, a judge at the regional court of Baden Baden, where Rudiger Heim lives, told The Daily Telegraph that the son of a Nazi war criminal could not be prosecuted because he was under no obligation to speak out.

"He was within his rights to say nothing because he is the son. That is the law in Germany: you can say nothing if it is about a family member," he said.

Horst Haug, spokesman for the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Police, has confirmed the substance of news reports that Dr Heim had been living in a hotel in Cairo, had converted to Islam and had died of rectal cancer 15 years ago.Mr Haug said the police had independently received information from someone who knew Dr Heim, but he refused to say who this person was, or whether the person was in Egypt or Germany.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg authorities will now apply to the Egyptian authorities to send police to investigate and confirm Dr Heim's death.The new German police investigation will to study Egyptian records and try find Dr Heim's grave so dental or DNA techniques can be used to verify the identity of the remains.

"We do not have the corpse so we need to go and work closely with the Egyptians to be 100 per cent sure," said Mr Haug.Mr Haug also confirmed that Dr Heim had owned an apartment building in Berlin that provided him with income but that the German authorities had frozen this asset in the late 1970s, cutting off Dr Heim's income from the property.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre's head Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff said the latest development in the Dr Heim story has raised "more questions than it answers".

"There's no body, no corpse, no DNA, no grave – we can't sign off on a story like this because of some semi-plausible explanation," he told AP in Jerusalem.

"Keep in mind these people have a vested interested in being declared dead – it's a perfectly crafted story; that's the problem, it's too perfect."

Last summer, Rudiger Heim tried to have his father declared legally dead so that he could take control of an estimated €1.2 million (£1 million) in investments in his name, saying that he would donate the money to charity.

He indicated on Thursday that he might now try again to have his father declared dead so that he can access the money – though not immediately.

"I'm going to wait and see how the case develops," he said.

Just curious here...but....How is the case developing for you now Rudy? Thanks for showing your face all over the newspapers--you look just like your Father by the way! Get ready for a lawsuit that is going to rock your dirty socks off brother! STOP LYING!

German state broadcaster ZDF, in a joint investigation with The New York Times, has claimed to have discovered that Dr Heim became a Muslim in the early 1980s and renamed himself Tarek Fared Hussein. Nope. That is not the name he is going by at this time! Good try but this is a big fat lie! He goes by the name "Bert."

They Are as Corrupt as Corrupt can Get!

I Lost My Dad's Corpse!

As I delved through article after article in regards to the disappearance of Heim, four months of constant research. I found many things very strange. His son's credibility can not be honored-he is a known liar. That is a given by just reading the many conflicts in statements he has made.

Even if he was believed and this man was really dead and he really did die of rectal cancer, why did he wait almost seventeen years to claim the inheritance money? When is the last time you were with your dead parent and then lost then lost the corpse and then waited seventeen years to say, "Hey where did his corpse go?" I smell sulfur!

As I read about how Heim just completely disappeared in plain sight POOF it seemed! I almost have to believe that the "Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Scary Fairy Dust" was involved here. Poof! He is gone and so are his records! That could explain the INTERPOL card that the landlord bragged and showed me twice. He must be in some type of witness protection program. He just disappeared from United States custody? Interesting.

Whew! I think I smell sulfur you?

I have asked myself repetitively throughout these long, long months of research, has EVERY name of every Nazi been included in these 'now declassified Operation Paperclip' documents from the government? No, because I don't see his particular Nazi's name on any of them.

Is it possible that this is just one more of the Houdini- Santa Claus- Charles Manson tricks? Yes, very possible. Is the smell of sulfur killing you in here or what?

Dr. Death Hidden in The United States

Could Dr. Death be sent off to another country using his same Nazi name, as many other Nazi's had kept theirs after the war? Absolutely not! No good citizen would want him living next door to them due to his vile acts and crimes against humanity. There would be an uproar from the Jewish community all around the world over this and yes and most certainly a bigger uproar that the U.S. had protected him!

He most undoubtedly has had to have had his name changed.This may explain why during my research on him, he was found to have twenty different alias's that all lead to his front door. Let me mention the ariBERT HEIM kamp that disappeared-POOF-from the data base.

Would the people who are protecting Heim have to do something about certain identifying scars to his face to be able to integrate him quietly back into society? Yes! Absolutely, because if he hadn't had a bit of plastic surgery or some type of altering of these scars, people would have recognized him immediately and that is a 'no-no' when you are a Nazi hiding in plain sight.

I sat sifting through paperwork, trying to make sense of it all. This may be why the authorities could never find him? Yes, this man in the building clearly told the stories of Chile, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, all over South America but apparently he now resides in the U.S.?

Nazi Dr Missing From Nuremberg Trial

Dr Death Aribert Heim Was Given Immunity For His Dirty Deeds In Chile 1973 Coup

Aribert Heim, this magical elusive man who has eluded justice for all these years, he has just disappeared-POOF-never to be seen again? How? He obviously had to have many helping him, especially from other countries including ours if this IS the man that everyone has been so diligently seeking. Oh yes, this is him without a doubt.

It just seems to be common sense to me. He was only able to go undetected for so long because he has been equip with the ability to hide in plain sight among us with a little help from the Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson-Scary Fairy dust. Voila!

As a continual suppression occurs during my research and investigation, strange and unexplained things continue, the truth of Heim has slowly unraveled for me .... Tsk tsk tsk. I know this is him, Twig knows also.... and so do many many others who I have given this information to, those that will produce the documentation and a finger pointing to his very front door to the News...all over the world. ... Just in case it is my destiny to leave this world.

I often think, "How long will you attempt to keep this from the public?" How long will you play games with me, threatening and attempting to make me scared? How long will it take for you to find a way to ban this too? Yawwnnnnnnnnnn. The many attempts have become redundant and boring to me. It doesn't matter how many times because I will continue until this man is brought to justice. You can not make me fear you. You picked the wrong woman and I think you may just be figuring this out? I am not afraid to die so it does not matter to me what you do to me. Wake up! I am telling the truth of how this happened!

If God has sent me and God is with me...who can be against me? No one is more powerful than God! In just this true statement alone I can be assured that God is in control and Jesus has his hands all over this..."It is what it is." I am not fearful...I am smiling because of God's JUSTICE!

You have been busted by GOD! Chew on that for awhile!

Busted! Did You Give This SS Social Security too? I bet you did!


I had been trying to get a picture of him without his hat on since February. He wears a baseball cap, fishing cap, even a home-made cloth he wears on top of his head. Even when I have knocked at his door, as well as Twig, he puts on a baseball cap, even while wearing his pajamas!

I had taken some pictures of him while he was mowing the grass. I believe that he must have seen me taking photo's from my window apartment. He quickly got off the mower with engine running and yelled over the mower to his wife in the window. He never came back out for three days to take the mower in, he let it sit there. Later, he shared with me that the mower engine was broken, clearly it was not. He apparently does not like his photo taken.

I immediately downloaded all of the photographs and placed them everywhere in my computer files. I was worried that the strange happenings of disappearances would remove them. I even sent them to some really great friends. I did manage to send the tip out, as well as the documentation.

A day later, he had gotten into our apartment again, surveillance turned off as usual and this time something was clearly missing from my kitchen table and completely gone-something I had just bought and placed on the table! Things had been purposely moved around and I had enough of his cat and mouse game! "I am sending the tip in with these pictures tonight!" I said to Twig. I am done with this scary stuff. And that I did--THE TIP WENT OUT ON MAY 6, 2009, and I was pleased in knowing that as soon as they received the photographs and docs that they would clearly see that this was him and someone would come to investigate.


A few years later I received an email with photographs. It said "If you don't want to read the article then just take a look at the "PURTY" pictures. The pictures were of decapitated heads rolling around on the floor and headless corpses thrown on a cot in some third world country. Oh yes....heads are going to roll my fallen friends but it won't be mine. That I can assure you of.


German investigators are now sure that Heim had more helpers than previously assumed in his decades-long flight from authorities. He received money through bank transfers from the US and Switzerland and via couriers who handed him cash and letters.

He is believed to have been tricked out of a large sum of money at one point when he tried to buy real estate in Egypt via intermediaries.

Heim was an Austrian medical doctor in the SS and is alleged to have killed hundreds of concentration camp inmates during World War II by conducting experiments such as injecting toxic compounds into their hearts.


‘Keep in mind that these people have a vested interest in being declared dead. It’s a perfectly crafted story. That’s the problem; it’s too perfect.’

If Dr Zuroff is right, then could Rüdiger Heim be continuing to shelter his father — now a venerable 94 — in some new location?

It sounds implausible, but it is by no means impossible. Under German law, a son cannot be forced to give evidence against this father.

Some have speculated that the story is simply a way for Rüdiger to gain control of his father’s estimated £1 million investments, which were frozen by the German authorities in the Seventies.

And there are good reasons why Heim, knowing investigators were closing in, might have conspired in a last, desperate attempt to elude them. For he may have been part of a whole network of Nazi sympathisers and survivors who have found shelter in the Middle East.

You sure you want to blame it on the Middle East?



Heim's ruthlessness reportedly peaked in October 1940, when he was sent to Mauthausen concentration camp to perform medical experiments on Nazi captives. It was there that Heim received the nickname "Dr. Death" because of the manner in which he tortured and murdered hundreds of Jewish prisoners.

Jewish prisoners were poisoned with various injections directly into the heart - including petrol, water, phenol and poison - to induce death more quickly.He is reported to have removed organs from prisoners without anesthesia.

In 1941, Heim transferred to Ebensee, a camp near Linz, in Austria. There, he continued to conduct experiments, some of which allegedly included the injection of water, gasoline, and poisons directly into his victim's heart. Heim reportedly carried a stopwatch with him and used it to time how long his human subjects would live during the experiments.

According to a former camp inmate, an 18-year-old Jewish man came to the clinic with a foot inflammation. He was asked by Heim why he was so fit. He replied that he had been a soccer player and swimmer. Instead of treating the prisoner's foot, Heim placed him under anesthesia, cut him open, took apart one kidney, removed the second and castrated him. The man died and Heim boiled the flesh off his skull for use as a paperweight and display.

Another witness allegedly reported that Heim once removed the tattooed skin of one of his victims and fashioned it into a seat cover.

"Of all the camp doctors in Mauthausen, Dr. Heim was the most horrible."

Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana

Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana


Take a very good look to the picture to your right. His infamous scars.

1) V shaped scar on the right side of his mouth

2) Circular scar on on right cheek

3) H scar on right cheek

4) scar running down left side of his lip/mouth into chin.

Now take a look at the photographs. (Someone has been messing with my photographs--drawing on them--but they don't lie--regardless of your childish discrediting scribble)

The Billings Police, ATF, Weisenthal, Federal Ministries, Mainstream Newspapers and also also not-so mainstream media News offices (but highly popular) have documents/and all photographs that show him very clearly but clearly somebody is not doing there job or somebody is protecting. I believe someone is protecting. Nobody seems to want to report on this information. These hundreds of things are not coincidences, they clearly tell the story of the disappearing elusive Heim and how he got away--disappeared--POOF-GONE--in thin air.

After four months of knowing 'who' this you find it interesting to look at the photographs that show his infamous scars--enhancements deep within the pores of his skin--they do NOT lie. His face nose and chin are filled with some type of silicone or collagen. This substance is clearly seen-- injected under the skin and changing the shape of his nose, altering his chin and cleft as well.... and the very same substance is near the scar running down his left lip...seemingly covering it up. Interesting.

I know...I know...everyone fills their faces with these type of substances...

What would you think? Another coincidence to go along with all of these chapters of coincidences and documentation? I havn't even included the many threats, via e-mail, via phone call, physical threats at my tell me...Is this a coincidence? Hundreds of them or do you smell sulphur also? You aint fooling me brothers-no coincidence-I KNOW who this man is!

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."


Substances are injected under this man's nose and chin changing-distorting the shape of his face. The very same scar on left lip? coincidence? Click on photo
Substances are injected under this man's nose and chin changing-distorting the shape of his face. The very same scar on left lip? coincidence? Click on photo | Source
Aribert Heim's scars. Amazingly this man in Billings Montana has same scars! Coincidence? NOPE.
Aribert Heim's scars. Amazingly this man in Billings Montana has same scars! Coincidence? NOPE. | Source
Enhanced closeups of his scars and face. Coincidence? Nope!
Enhanced closeups of his scars and face. Coincidence? Nope! | Source

Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana

Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana
Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana

Purty Big Lies Are Being Spoken

Don't believe everything you hear because often what is sold as the "TRUTH" in our world is often a lie. "It's usually just a package of Billings, Montana horse manure wrapped up in pretty paper and a bow!"

Would you accept Aribert Heim as your neighbor? Would you accept that this man was living in the United States of America?

Would you forgive and forget because he is old now? Will you forget about six million people who lost their lives in such horrid ways in the Holocaust and look away?

I will not and I can not look away from this.

While you are explaining this, could you please explain why you have a Government block on the building phone lines of that home not allowing government calls inside? Apparently someone in your "compartmentalized government" knows that he is there-that is a given.

Why is Aribert Heim in MY country under an alias?

I feel that I have the right as a TRUE United States citizen to ask these questions. I also have the right to file a police report on these incidents though no one would ever allow it.

I demand that they look into the brandishing of weapons upon us. I would like some real truthful answers on who this man REALLY is and why he is here in the United States!

I would like someone in Government to explain this to me. Explain who this man is and why he is apparently above the law when it comes to threatening others, being the owner of an illegal poison gas gun, shoving guns into people and nobody does anything about him? I know why you won't.

I would also like to ask you if this is just a coincidence also? I found some very old photographs of an Army spy named Heidi who was stationed out in Monterrey, California at "The Defense Language Institute." You guys know the place well and I know that this is probably just a coincidence also, but she seems to be paired up with Aribert Heim in many, many photographs from many years ago.

Why does this United States Army female look very much like a very youthful picture of my Landlord's Wife? So I was just wondering if this is just a big coincidence also? And after doing data base searches on this couple and their "marriage" it seems they were married in Monterrey California. Hmmmm is this just a coincidence also? Yeah--sure it is. wink-wink.

The biggest question that I need to address?

Who has placed this man here? Who is protecting this MONSTER? A man who has every trait as Aribert Heim, looks like Aribert Heim; young and old version, has a son that resembles him greatly, has the exact geographical backround of him (from this man's very own mouth) and he even shows the infamous scars of Aribert Heim.

He has money from Argentina in his garage, a poison gas gun, a card from INTERPOL, tells from his own mouth that he lived right next door to Salvador Allende and they were good friends, tells the story of working with the CIA and is CLEARLY shown in a photograph with Salvador Allende.

You don't get that close to a President unless you know him pretty well and of course he has a problem with keeping his guns and killing stories to himself and by his actions towards myself and Twig-he most certainly has not changed his sadistic ways!

Why has no one exposed this nor willing to report on this man that I believe to be Dr Death among us? AMAZING!

If this is who I KNOW him to be and BELIEVE him to be and I KNOW that this is SS NAZI DR DEATH--ARIBERT HEIM....without a doubt...I have no problem accusing you in a courtroom, nor telling your son (who looks just like you) that he is a boldface liar!

"Get his MURDEROUS, EVIL AZZ out out of MY COUNTRY and somebody prosecute him!"


What would you do if you found a "dead man" who you know to be alive--and others know that you have this information?

People believe that this nazi is dead-when you know that this nazi is NOT DEAD but is really alive! Hehehe. (you can see that I still can keep my humor through this!)

Thus the reason for my story.

Could someone please look into this man and investigate this! Helloooooooo Hellooooooooo.... RIng RIng....God-Jesus and JUSTICE is calling................. could somebody PLEASE PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE!!!!

Oh, and one more statement for the record--for those who like to threaten me--hiding behind a phone-and a computer.....How do you freaking like me now?

Aribert Heim

The number 7  God's perfection-God's completion over the house!
The number 7 God's perfection-God's completion over the house!

GOD'S WAKE UP CALL!!! Nazi-Aribert Heim is living in Billings, Montana

No my friends, this is not a hoax nor a game that I play with you, this is reality at it's finest moment. This is a true story-every last detail of every chapter and Twig and myself could easily take a lie detector and pass it with flying colors. I do know someone that could NOT.

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction my friends, welcome to the world of illusions, where everything is made to look the way it is "supposed to." I ask you the reader, "What would you do if you were in this position and you had lived through all of the things that I have spoken about?"

I ask that you take a good look at some of the gruesome photographs that I have had to look at through out my research. Do you feel that people should be killed, shot, poisoned, tortured, starved to death because of their faith? Do you feel strongly that the perpertrators of the Holocaust should be picked up and prosecuted, regardless of their age?

Do you feel that the people who helped protect them should be exposed? I do and I will not settle for anything less. Evil done one day later is the very same evil 60 years later.

I ask that God's justice be done in this situation. I am calling for this justice because Jesus is calling for this justice! It will be done--no matter how you try to hide-lie-twist-disguise-the TRUTH.

I ask that this man be investigated properly and that this be taken seriously. I don't care about a suitcase, I don't care about a supposed death certificate, I don't care about a bunch of poor people who supposedly rented him an apartment in a slum hotel, and I don't give a ratz azz about what this Nazi Officer's family wants to spew about him dying from cancer. I neither give a ratz azz about his Nazi's friends and what they have disclosed and told to a newspaper.

I don't care what type of plates he has on his vehicle at this time and I most certainly don't care about the fictitious, inconsistent stories that he spews from his ugly mouth-and I certainly don't care about the identification that he waves around which looks credible to the untrained eye.

If you can believe the story that Aribert Heim fled to Cairo and assumed an alias in another country; obtaining a fake Egyptian passport and a fake identification under the name of Tarek Hussein Farid - and a presentation of a supposed death certificate.....than one can easily believe that this can happen in the United States also.

I believe this to be the TRUTH-none of this garbage that he is dead. He is NOT dead-I beg to differ with anyone who claims that he died in Cairo!

If you are intelligent, you will be pointed in the right direction to Heim through my story IGNITER-he is as alive as you and I are. (I have purposely held some very important information back-a few things that were done to me-that I can bank that he would be in jail right now under attempted murder charges, should it have not been for a lack of police help.

Bring it on-so I can bring it forward! I want you to.


The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2010 The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments


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