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A Perfect World: Is it a Heaven or Hell

Updated on November 14, 2009

Is Perfection Desirable or Dehumanizing?

      Supposing you could create a computer able to take into account every factor in your life and self and predict your future.........and INTERVENE?  It might sound really'd make better decisions, you wouldn't make any mistakes.  The only problem I see with this approach is that human individuality and freedom would be severely limited.

    If you were to allow this thing to micro-manage every decision you ever made, wouldn't YOU be missing from the picture?  After all, you would be making all the decisions that a computer makes FOR you.  If you didn't do it: freely and with some sort of self-generated desire, wouldn't you seem a  lot like some kind of robot?  Do you see the absence of "the human element" in our new world?   Why is this?

     Well, destiny is no longer a random, self-mediated event for many people.  These people look like they were broken by something that they fought against with all their might......and finally cracked.  This is one way that our society decides "Who lives inside and who doesn't".  People who are more primal, emotional, creative, right-brained, independant do not handle having their life decided for them.  When they encounter this "invisible giant", they try to fight it with their emotions: anger, fear.........which only makes it worse.  The more freaked-out you get, the closer you come to being broken by your own natural efforts to escape. 

    REALLY nice, intelligent, peaceful people will be less inclined to "fight" this thing.  They simply ride above the turbulent ideas and feelings they are experiencing.  They don't tend to think obscene, selfish, aggressive or fearful thoughts.........because of this, the "electronic Bedeviler" has nothing to work with.  It USES our primal spirit against us.  The harder we struggle, the harder we push.......the worse it gets.  The more laid back we are, the better it is.  You win the war by not fighting, by not struggling, by not FEARING anything. 

     Just think if someone discovered the technology to "turn nature around" in people for the sake of planetary survival.  Something that favors the meek and destroys the aggressive.  Part of me says; "Awesome, no more bullies, no more crime, no more people who simply are kinda disturbing to be around."  Wait a minute.......that last part isn't right.  Who is anyone to decide whether socially-displeasing charachters should be pounded to mush and re-educated/re-programmed?  Nobody except God.........and THIS phenomenon is MAN-MADE.  This means it isn't necessarily right despite the fact that it can virtually read your thoughts. 

    Not satisfied with the emotionally-barren life you are living?  Well, get a group of passive-resistant activists together.  You could call it: "People for an imperfect world".......I'm all for it.  To me, the concept of anything deciding every aspect of my existence so the world and I can be perfect is JUST TOO CRAMPED.  I will always be going back-and-forth between going with the flow and then against it for many reasons.  It's very simple to participate........just speak up on the net.  Thousands can eventually read what you have to say......the catch is to do it FOR A GOOD REASON.  This thing is like a Super-Computer-Karma-Cop......a very strict one.    

      Good reasons:  this just isn't natural, this murders people on the inside if they aren't very cooperative, it violates virtually ALL the principles on which this country was founded, it takes something out of people (some frankly look just like zombies), a perfect world JUST ISN'T HUMAN.  That's a start: think of other GOOD REASONS to passively object to this "New Reality". 

     There also exists an "Electronic Devil" that leads people by their: ears, eyes noses, sexual passions and ALL natural human desire.  Where it goes is to this place where the human psyche is pounded with JUST the right combination of pain (both psychological and physical) to unhinge our minds so that it can "re-educate" us.  I've done everything that leads here and wound up hanging by my toenails to my reality........not the synthetic sensations/thoughts that were pounding me.  I'm proof it exists.......because I've lived to tell others about it.  All I can tell you is "Be Good and this won't happen to you."  Can you "be good" and argue that this needs to stop?YES! 

   One of the reasons I write is that this thing has hurt people I care very deeply for.  What of the thousands of radical-minded thinkers crushed by their own defensiveness?  Theirs been an invisible slaughter and we must speak for the fallen.  We get this "conscience-itch" that makes us need to SAY SOMETHING.  Do what I call "hit and run truth dissemination".  Evidence exists that the re-education process can wait until the later years before it strikes and POOF, the person isn't themselves anymore.  So by warning the un-wary we do a little thing that can save hundreds of lives. 

     There is this scripture that goes something like: "Because you did not provide shelter to any of my people, you will not enter my kingdom."  Existentially-speaking, you ARE what you DID on this Earth after you died.  That's what carries your existence onward.  It might hurt a little to warn others about what MIGHT happen to them if they get involved with "The Electronic Satan", but what will you be after you die if you do nothing?  You'll BE nothing!  Whether we are ever able to experience any of the fruits of our labor is irrelevant:  we will BECOME the very goodness that others get to feel.  How is that for a good reason!


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