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A Plague Upon Pharaoh's House

Updated on January 26, 2015

Strange tidings already arising in this year of 2015. A President that refuses to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel when he arrives in the USA to speak to Congress in March. A march in Paris against terrorism, yet no one from America of any importance even bothers to make an appearance. Dangerous terrorists released from Gitmo, for no other reason than the White House hopes to make closer allies of Iran and Cuba. A state of the union address that speaks of how wonderful conditions are in the Middle East, while at the same time the government in Yemen is falling. Lies and deceptions of how ISIS and Al Qaeda are no longer a threat, in fact aren't even worth a mention. Where no such things as radical or fanatical Muslims exist because the words can not even be uttered past Pharaoh's lips. This is the year you are about to face, this is exactly what I have warned you about. Pharaoh has deceived you and you still cannot see into the darkness of his heart, the evil of his intent. I have had a glimpse into his black shadow and the dreams I have been sent are now to be a warning to all of you that hold steadfast in supporting a man that will seal your doom. The hundred and forty years of suffering are about to begin but still you fail to yield to the Lord's will and instead elevate this false shepherd to even greater heights. Know this, children of Dathan, you foremost of all are to be held accountable. You grew fat on the sheep and goats of Mizraim and have bowed your heads to kiss Pharaoh's feet but it will not save you. The wrath of the Lord shall fall heaviest upon your heads for you have turned against your brothers, continuing to support Pharaoh in his evil intents because you have placed your own gains ahead of your people. This is the dream I was delivered two nights ago. Learn it well for it was meant for you. For there we were all gathered, family to celebrate in one room. I did not recognize any of your faces yet I still knew you were family. You were blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh and we laughed and drank our fill. There were a group of about perhaps ten people, men and women standing near the window. Suddenly two women collapsed to the floor, like stone slabs, hitting it hard. The others quickly bent down to raise them up, put them back on their feet and all seemed right. They graciously acknowledged the help and resumed their stance by the window when suddenly they were struck down again. Hitting the floor with a thump so loud that everyone at the celebration turned to see what had happened. The room became abuzz with the noise from people trying to analyze the situation when suddenly a bed appeared in the room and before anyone could even check to see if the two woman were still alive, their bodies were whisked beneath the bed. My dog appeared and ran under the bed to see what had occurred. She howled as if terrified and then quickly darted out from under the bed. I knew all too well at that point that the two women were no longer alive.

For those of you struggling to interpret the dream, this was not a gender issue. These were those that are accused of being modern day Dathans. They have pandered after Pharaoh, heaping praise upon him still now, refusing to accept that he would willingly place a death sentence upon all of us if he could. They have tossed money his way, thrown parties on his behalf and have leaned so far left that they no longer have a belief in the Almighty but claim to still do, so that they can hold positions of power and authority within our communities. They are the Capos of our time, willingly serving an evil master. And like young girls, they fawn and blush over Pharaoh, hoping to satisfy his every whim, and that is why they were represented as such. As for the bed appearing and their bodies suddenly sliding beneath it, I knew that it related to something my grandmother once told me a long time ago. She said, "If you want to know what kind of house one keeps, don't look at the outward appearance of their furnishings but instead look under their beds. That is where you will find the truth of their conduct and behavior. Outwardly, there may be luxury, but all the dirt, all the disorder, all their laundry will be swept under the bed if its all merely show and there's no real substance.

So what can Pharaoh and these Dathans expect now. If I was to say they will be punished for their wickedness, the world will watch and say, "Why is nothing happening? Where is the lightening tossed by God to put an end to their perfidy. Where is the hole in the ground that will swallow them whole, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye. Show us this God you speak of and His mighty power because all we see is their continuance to prosper and no one stopping them." To these people I will say, "Yes, you are right, there is no sudden punishment but that is because you do not understand the ways of the Lord. The punishments are insidious, they creep slowly like a wraith in the night. They follow a natural order of things and in fact God uses nature as his tool to display His wrath. He has done so repeatedly and most of you have failed to see it. Curses and blessings stem from the Lord, even now and because your eyes do not hear and your ears do not see, you are blind to them. But I will provide you with examples and perhaps then you will understand when I say these people are already cursed and over time you will see how their lives unfold.

An American Story

At the beginning of WWII, when the truth about the fate of the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis was just surfacing, and the opportunity to save thousands of those that perished still existed, a number of wealthy German and European Jews purchased a ship to fill with Jewish refugees and sail them to America. Some of you are probably saying you already know this story but I don't believe you know the details behind the actual story. To safely enter America they needed visas for all these refugees. The only Ambassador that they still had free access to in Europe was the American ambassador to England. They presented their case to him, an honorable and righteous case, yet he refused. They offered him money, but he still refused to grant them their visas. The deadline for the ship to leave was quickly approaching, as Hitler would afterwards refuse to permit any ships leave after that time, and the owners made the decision to sail without the visas. They felt their only chance would be to appeal directly to the American people when they arrived in New York harbor. Hearing about their intentions, the ambassador in London quickly contacted Washington, advising them that a boatload of illegal refugees was on its way to America. That not only were they refused but they actually tried to bribe a government official and therefore any act of humanity would instead be seen as an approval of criminal intent. Under those conditions, Washington had no other choice but to refuse entry, returning the ship back to Germany where all those that had been on board were sent to the camps where they eventually were executed.

The Lord did not let this crime against His people go unnoticed. The same way that the ambassador had sentenced all these Jews to a slow and agonizing death, destroying their hope, gutting them off from future generations, so would he be punished. His children would be punished for his evil act, and so would his children's children. The name of the ambassador was Joseph Kennedy. The rest of the story you already know.

A Ukranian Story

Bohdan Khmelnytsky is a famous leader from the pages of history in the Ukraine. There i the middle of Kiev, you can see the statue of him mounted on his horse, his right hand raised in victory. All of Ukraine sees him as their symbol of independence. At the head of his Cossack army he led a rebellion that carved a large section out of Eastern Europe. By Christmas 1648, Khmelnytsky made a triumphant entry into Kiev, where he was hailed as "Moses, savior, redeemer, and liberator of the people from Polish captivity ... the illustrious ruler of Rus". Paiseus, the Patriarch of Jerusalem was visiting Kiev at this time and credited Khmelnytsky as head of an independent Ukrainian state.

What they won't talk about is that Khmelnytsky was a rabid anti-Semite. Assessment of his reign by Jewish historians will attest to the fact that he attempted to eradicate Jews from the Ukraine. Between 1648–1656, Khmelnytsky's rebels murdered tens of thousands of Jews. He was the Hitler of his time, and stories about his massacring victims that he buried alive, cut to pieces or forced to kill one another were so terrible that the events began to be talked about far beyond the borders of the Ukraine. One of his favorite tactics was to burn women and children within the walls of their synagogues. One town that had been predominantly Jewish was burnt to the ground in its entirety, only to become inhabited by non-Jews many years afterwards. But those surviving Jews from this town asked God to place a curse on all those that would inhabit the remains of their town. That they would suffer the fires that had killed thousand of their kinfolk. But the city prospered, the Jews became forgotten, and Khmelnytsky became an even greater national hero for those Ukrainians that wanted to break free of Russia. But God did not forget the prayers nor the curse of the victims of Khemelnytsky's murderous legacy. The name of that town which he burnt to the ground with thousands of screaming and terrified Jews trapped in their buildings was Chernobyl. It may have taken 300 years to come to pass, but what are three hundred years to the Lord but the blink of an eye. The rest of the story, you already know.

In Conclusion

Understand this, that those that have turned against the Children of Israel, even in today's world will be made to pay the price. Perhaps not today, nor tomorrow but their time will come. Stories like the two above, number in the hundreds. They are not uncommon, merely overlooked or brushed away as mere coincidences. But as I have told you repeatedly, there are no coincidences. The ways of the Lord are methodical. Perhaps not to the appeal of most as we engorge on our special effects movies where amazing events can be seen over the span of a couple of hours, but God works within the boundaries of His own laws of the universe, the laws of nature and natural science, which He created. So when a blizzard of extraordinary proportions, suddenly pounds the east coast of America, and hurricanes and tornadoes appear to be intensifying in their ferocity and trail of destruction, look beyond the simple excuse of climate change and ask yourself the real reason why. Check the victims of these natural disasters and explore the thread that links them all. Recognize that the blessings and punishments of the Lord are real and occur around us every day. And remember that this day the Kahana prays to the Almighty that he places his curse upon Pharaoh and all those that are children of Dathan, kissing the hem of Pharaoh's skirt, so that they may know the power of the Lord. That their children and their children's children will bear that curse for the harm that they have inflicted upon His people. So may it be

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • profile image

      alanbedford 3 years ago

      good answer kahana, thank you

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      The sins of the fathers have always befallen the children and their children's children. What we might consider immoral is not for us to judge when it is a case that the judge is far more omnipresent and therefore beyond our sense of limited morality. That in itself is where we fail because we are often unable to accept the punishments being wielded by the Almighty can be harsh. We want a God of love, but are told in the Tanakh that God is also fear and awe.

    • profile image

      alanbedford 3 years ago

      You mentioned the cases of Chernobyl and the Kennedy family, but is it not unjust and immoral to punish the children for the sins of their fathers and ancestors? Would you want to die for the sins of the wicked Kings of Israel? Just a thought, I'd like to hear your response

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      The issue is not about Israel; the issue is about Islamic terrorism. Until you call the problem exactly what it is, you provide easy access to those that will create havoc to continue to do so. Tree huggers are extremists, anti-abortionists are extremists, vegans are extremists, but radical Islam is not only an insult to moderate and benevolent Muslims around the world, it is a threat to the life, liberty and peaceful existence to all those that oppose their fanaticism and abuse of the Koran in a modern world. Just as the Pharaoh of Egypt stuck his head in the sand and ignored all the evidence around him, this American Pharaoh is behaving no differently. The blame falls where it belongs.

    • ikepius profile image

      @ikepius 3 years ago from Twittosphere: @ikepius

      you don't think Israel is old enough to take care of it'self? You don't think Israel should take some responnsibility?


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