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A Plot to Bring Corbyn Down

Updated on August 15, 2018
Labour leader:  Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn. | Source

We have all seen in the last few days what appears to be a smear campaign against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. From the accusations of anti-semitism to whether he did or did not lay a wreath for Palestinian victims of Israeli reprisals.

As they say, there is no smoke without fire and no doubt there is anti-semitism in the Labour party. If it exists then yes it should be rooted out as should all other so-called racism. However, as has been pointed out ad nausea to be against what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is not anti-semitic. Israel and Palestine need a peaceful solution so both peoples can live in peace and security as defined by the now-defunct Oslo agreement,

Jeremy Corbyn if I understand it correctly is accused of laying a wreath at the graves of Palestinians in France who belonged to 'Black September'. This group killed Israeli athletes in 1972 at the Munich Olympics. The 'Black September' members were then taken out by Israeli forces. However, the Palestinian dead are not even in this French cemetery. They are apparently buried in Libya.

Israel bombed PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organisation) HQ in Libya in 1985 killing many Palestinians. As far as the Israelis were concerned this was a strategic targetted bombing. This action was condemned at the time even by the likes of Reagan and Thatcher. Mr Corbyn is also accused of laying a wreath to the PLO dead in Libya.

Mr Corbyn has condemned both the actions of the Israelis and Palestinians in violent action and has stated for the record umpteen times peace is the only way forward.

But the question keeps coming up again and again "Did Mr Corbyn lay a wreath in Libya on the graves of the Palestinian dead (victims of the Israeli bombing in Libya) and on the graves (on Palestinian dead who are supposed to be not even buried there) in France?

Whether he did or not is not the point for me. The point is the UK needs an alternative government and an alternative fast. This country under the leadership of this cruel, inhuman, uncaring Conservative government is going to hell in a handcart fast. Foodbanks, the return of rickets, starvation, homelessness, have all come about because of their austerity policies.

Don't get me wrong here dear reader I am not saying Jeremy Corbyn is perfect far from it. However, his policies seem better than the current lot we have in government. The proof as they (if he is elected Prime Minister) will be in the pudding.

Mr Corbyn's enemies in Labour and elsewhere are using all the issues described herein in a campaign to smear him and bring him down.

The sooner we get back on track to the real issues facing the British people the better! No doubt someone who is working two zero hour jobs, cannot afford their rent or managing on benefits couldn't give a hoot as to where Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath. In the end, they need assistance from a government that will help them and ease their lives.

Twitter spat: Corbyn v Netanyahu.

Jeremy Corbyn.
Jeremy Corbyn. | Source
Benjamin Netanyahu.
Benjamin Netanyahu. | Source

Twitter has become a battleground just lately mainly between Trump v Kim and then Trump v Rouhani. The latest two to go head to head are Jeremy Corbyn and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu got involved in the argument against Jeremy Corbyn mentioned in this article. Mr Netanyahu said Corbyn deserved to have "Unequivocal condemnation" from whatever quarter it came. For laying a wreath or wreaths on Palestinian terrorist dead as Netanyahu called them. He also attacked Mr Corbyns alleged comparison of present-day Israel to the Nazis.

Mr Corbyn shot back saying Mr Netanyahu was spreading false accusations about him. Also, Mr Netanyahu was one to talk in the amount of Palestinian blood he has on his hands.

It is obvious to see if Mr Corbyn becomes Prime Minister he will not enjoy a warm relationship with the Israeli leader.


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