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A Proposal to Fix the VA and our Healthcare System for Seniors and the Poor

Updated on January 25, 2017
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


A new Trump administration is looking to revamp the VA. I have a proposal that will address both the VA and parts of Medicare and Medicaid. It will be a more equitable way to deal with our nation's healthcare System.

- Jan. 2017

My Recommendation to Fix the Healthcare System

The current system at the VA is broken beyond repair. A drastic measure is needed.

I am proposing the following:

Currently, I am addressing a subset of the following groups.

A. People on Medicaid.

B. People on Medicare.

C. Veterans.

D. Federal Employees.

E. All other Workers...

F. Unemployed (not cover by any group above)

I want to revamp the current Medicare / Medicaid system to cover the Veterans and disband the VA. (groups A, B, and C)

My Solution

First, disband the VA administration. Divide the Veterans into two classes, the combat veterans C1 and the non-combat veterans C2.

The current group A coverage of (healthcare portion only) should be re-assessed. There is no reason why people on Medicaid should receive benefits that are equal or better than people on Medicare.

The retired Seniors under group B should be able to get free coverage as current Part A/B of Medicare. Additional coverage will be purchased by the individual such as Part C/D. (not much changed as current plan) I would add vision and dental group coverage to this group as an option.

The groups of C1 should be moved into a new group called A1. These veterans should be given free coverage as Medicaid level and above. They can access any Dr. and clinics and hospitals like all other Medicaid/Medicare patients.

The group C2 should be given much better care under the new system of the VA hospitals. The VA is disbanded and administration of these people can be done by current Medicare administrators. The healthcare will be provided exclusively by VA hospitals and Doctors.
These combat veterans deserve the very best care free of charge. It is the least we can do for their service.

I would move all Group D members into Group E. There is no good reason for Federal employees to have a separate plan. They need to be part of the new system of healthcare as provided by the ACA and its future repeal and replace.

The additional groups of E and F, I will defer to the replacement of ACA.


My plan is simple and straight forward. It fixes the problem at the VA and provides a framework for how healthcare should be going forward.

© 2017 Jack Lee


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