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A Racist Republican In Orange County California

Updated on November 23, 2011

An Orange County Racist Republican

There is enough out there vis-à-vis President Obama’s policies to criticize him than to resort to racist stereotypes. A few days ago, a member of the Republican Party in Orange County, California, sent out an altered picture of President Obama… portraying him as an ape. Now, just like I don’t like Whites to judge all of us Blacks collectively for the deeds of the hoodlums… so I too am not going to judge all Republicans for that Orange county official rank racism. However, it underscores though why many blacks see anyone who is Black and who votes Republican in local or general elections as an aberration of the worst kind. These Blacks remember the deeds of the Republicans who sided with the South in the Forties on a spate of issue like Jim Crow and other voting rights laws and those who hold racist feelings like what was recently displayed ironically, in of all places, California.

Personally, as a Black man, I go through hell because many in my church and colleagues are flabbergasted because they think I am a Republican. I repeat the same refrain in telling them that I do not even spare myself when it comes to the truth and that my utmost obligation in this life is to try to live the Christian life, which compels me to tell the truth: As I have said in my profile for this writing outlet that my being a Christian takes precedence over my being black. This is why if Verily Prime comes out and makes statement like the caption I have for this blog that those who read it will say he has some creditability because he is an equal opportunity critic. To that end, I have been a harsh critic of President Obama because of his policies, but when you resort to racism like our Republican official in Orange county, it brings to light who that person really is and you are left hoping that what many Blacks think about Republicans… are not true.

I am also in the habit of telling my black friends and acquaintances that my being a supporter of some Republicans ideals is borne out my being a Christian. For example, if I have to choose between my lining my pocket book, as apposed to voting for someone who will not vote to continue the slaughter of the innocents under the auspices of abortion, I will always vote to save the babies. With that same token, I know that in the near future, I will no longer vote because in my limited vistas I can project that Republicans will discard the Traditional Christians, putting expedience over moral principles, because doing so will enable them to maintain power (this is why many of the bigwigs in the Republican do not like Glenn Beck). It is also why some Democrats will embrace immigration policies or general policies that are detrimental to the nation… all in all for the sake of garnering and maintaining temporary power.

To that Orange County Republican, I wonder what are her thoughts on Black Republicans like Michael Steele, Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes, JC Watts - are they the only ‘ape animals’ worthy of wearing the Republican mantle? For years now, I have castigated those on MSNBC and CNN who engaged in hateful vitriol against President Bush, the younger, and I will continue to do so when warranted for President Obama – There is supposed to be a modicum of respect because Obama is indeed the President of these United States… an apt passage from the Good Book says to give honor to whom honor is due. The President has two daughters – how do you think those young ladies feel to see and hear that their father is being portrayed as an animal?


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago from New York

      Well said - I love spirited debates. My own father is a die-hard Obama fan and takes me to rask, but alas, we do not have that anymore. People forget that one of Ted Kennedy's best friend was Orin Hatch R - Utah)- polar oposite on the issues.

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

      I thought that this hub was honest and although I disagree with most of the Republican ideas proposed today, thank you for coming to the defense of our President. Did not like anything that Bush did, but he was still my President.

      These men, our Presidents, receive less and less respect, and sorry to say, we all allow it to happen, until someone with a sense of honor comes along and says, "No! It must stop!"

      I hope that the daughters of our President did NOT see such a shameful display.

      Now, for everything else, you and I are most likely in stark disagreement, but that is okay. Thank you for serving in our military! You helped to protect my right to dissent, and without that right, we have nothing...