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A Rebuttal of "My Wife’s Killer Was Not an ‘Illegal Immigrant’"

Updated on October 25, 2016

In your recent article, “My Wife’s Killer Was Not An Illegal Immigrant”, you were pushing rhetoric obviously against Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration and his plan for deportation with the intro of your wife’s murder by an “undocumented immigrant” (Andy Ostroy). First, let me say I am sorry for your loss, and am in no way trying to demean your wife or her memory through this article. I do have a problem with a couple other things in your piece, and we will start off with this; “But Adrienne was not murdered by an illegal immigrant, per se. She fell victim to a depraved killer who simply happened to be an undocumented immigrant.”(Andy Ostroy) You say undocumented immigrant as if it was anything different from an illegal immigrant, which it isn’t. An undocumented immigrant, which Diego Pillco, your wife’s murderer, very may well have been, is a foreign-born person who does not have the right to be in the United States.

Well if you do not have the right to be here, now that would make you illegal. Ergo, the terms undocumented and illegal are synonymous, making the point that since he was “undocumented” he was different from an illegal immigrant moot.

This leads us to our next problem where you state that “his rationale was no different from that of an American citizen who in the act of a crime kills his “witness” to avoid prosecution and imprisonment.” (Andy Ostroy) Of course him being an illegal immigrant would make no difference in what he would have done in that situation, except it does. He saw an open door and went in with the intention to rob someone, a thought that wouldn’t even cross the mind of many American citizens. You even said to Pillco in the sentencing "You tied her up and hung her the way you strung up pigs back in Ecuador." And I also support what you said regarding Diego that “he lacked the ability to know right from wrong and had zero respect for human life.” ( Andy Ostroy) Wouldn’t this support Donald Trump’s stance of more extreme vetting of immigrants and putting a stop to illegal as well as undocumented immigration?

Mr. Ostroy, you then go on to condemn Trump for using cases of violent crime by illegal immigrants as political props, “He uses murders like Adrienne’s — though never hers specifically, fortunately — as political props” even though that is exactly what you are doing with your own wife’s case. Throughout your story you push many democratic stances and ideals, and even use the wording “We need the kind of compassionate reform that Democrats have been advocating for decades in the face of persistent Republican obstructionism”(Andy Ostroy), and if that doesn’t sound like a political agenda, I’m not sure I could tell what did. Honestly, the hypocrisy that came from this was very blatant and not very well covered up, something that Hillary has much practice in doing. If you condemn someone for using murders as political props, you really shouldn’t be doing the same thing yourself.


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Oh and here is Donald Trump’s stances on immigration if you want to look at those too.

© 2016 Tyler Koenig


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Tyler....BRAVO!! Excellent. I applaud you. Real, honest, accurate & profound. Peace, Paula


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