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A Reflection on Two Sentient Species Co-existing

Updated on January 9, 2011

Food For Thought

Verismo: Maine Coon cats; Dad & Moose an orange maine coon.
Verismo: Maine Coon cats; Dad & Moose an orange maine coon.

 If you have never explored the subject of Exopolitics you might take a moment to google it.  It has been defined a number of different ways but one that I personally like is the study of the politics of extraterrestrial contact and the, '"dynamics of the interactions between ET races and their interactions with earth humanity," as given by Ed Komarek a exopolitician with well over 15 years in the field.  I mention it because I was wondering just what it might be like to co-exist with someone not like us, perhaps someone from out there however that might be defined.  What if such a someone chose to live with a human or a human family here on Earth?  What would life be like?

On immediate example sprang to mind.  How many of you have ever lived with a cat?  If you have or do then you may percieve just how unique and remarkable an experience that really is.  For those of you who have never experienced life with a cat, you might be rolling your eyes at me right now.  But wait just one minute, I have a point here.  You see cats have independent, intelligent natures.  They co-exist with us, not be owned by us.  If a cat don't like you he won't stick around. 

And every once in a while you run across one with a real doozy of a personality...had a maine coon that qualified there....never a dull moment around with that fuzzy fellow.  He would go out and catch birds to proudly parade around the house before leaving it for me on the floor in front of the stove....what was that?  Just cat behavior you say, nothing special you say, but what if it was something like taking care of his 'human' partner?  I often wondered as he'd stare at me from the farside of the kitchen even years afterwards, if I was expected to cook the the carcass, it was a weird feeling at the time that he'd be quite satisfied if I did. 

That was just one small bit of the experience amongst many other interesting and ingenious activities.  Lol, nothing was safe in my house, he even figured out how to open cupboards & drawers and one evening I caught him on the dresser trying for the bedroom doorknob fairly successfully. 

Worse than a kid, he loved to play with paper (couldn't leave any laying about).  The office trash was a favorite raiding pasttime.  He even raided my jewelry box once while I was at work and stashed the horde in the back of the closet...had a heck of a time finding it. 

He'd entertain himself some nites in bizarre ways.  Once, I was sitting on the couch reading a book and he was in the back bedroom sounding like he was ransacking it and next thing I know, he comes tearing out of the room at full tilt, leaps the back of the couch and past me at something akin to mach 1, leaps again clearing the coffee table, tears forward but zig zagging left and right like something was on his heels, and roars paw over claw up the side of the red brick fireplace, clear past the mantle to the ceiling where in a weird buggy-eyed look on his face, clinging tight with powerful clawed paws, he sniffed the popcorn plaster delicately.  Then suddenly he makes a halarious "brrgggrrrgggrrupppp" sound and launches himself into the mid-air void to hit the floor far below half the distance of the living room, only to shoot off exactly the way he came back down the hall and into the far bedroom where a resounding crash shortly followed. 

I won't go into details about what broke but you get the picture as I leapt from the couch to go see the damage and before I can get there, he shoots past me again with eyes like saucers and his tail all bushed out as only a long-haird wild critter can accomplish to disappear out the kitty door in the kitchen. 

It was over an hour before he this day I couldn't tell you if the time it took to return was due to the period required to calm down or because of some sort of feline humiliation for making a human on LSD look tame and easy.

Could ET compete with that?  ET would come with a different social norm.  The relationship might have a strange twist to it.  What role would we the human have?  Would we change?  Is a household or an individual with a cat different in anyway than one or more without a cat present?  Sanitation certainly takes on adaptations.  Grooming and house hold hygiene takes up a certain amount of time, especially during the summer.  So one could surmise there would be changes in domestic patterns to accommodate the needs of both parties.  Would this also initiate changes in our biological rhythms, like would we take to napping at strange hours of the day under the pretense of 'if you can't beat them, join them' to compromise over domestic complaints regarding lack of peaceful sleeping periods? 

"Some of the most astounding shifts in consciousness are associated with biological rhythms."  An Introduction to Psychology, The Psychology of Consciousness, Wallace & Goldstein, McGraw Hill 1997.

Every cat owner knows that the cat is not governed by exactly the same Circadian Rhythm of twenty-four hours cooresponding to the earth's daily rotation.  Cats seem to have invented something different, their sleeping patterns being a good example.

How would we psychologically relate?  Would we humans anthropomorphize our non-human companion(s)?  We don't have an equality of sensory perception with cats.  Their perceptions of reality is biologically different than ours.even having receptors which we do not even have.  The cat's interpretation and integration of incoming sensory information is different from the outset.  The human environment is filled with energy, sounds, airborne molecules and many other events which is not only detected differently but also interpreted differently.  It is probably a given that the same would be true of any ET individual.

The cat I described above is a beautiful example of the different-ness quality an ET - Human relationship of any kind would likely encounter.  His absolute threshold for the sensitivity and transduction of energy or input from the environment to neural signals was definitely different than mine.   

lol, I could write a book about THAT CAT and the perpetual strangness that was a part of life shared with him.  An example.  One Christmas he comes in to the bedroom to see what I'm doing...human wrapping presents...lots of wrapping paraphanalia lying around.  Well, he gets right up next to me, starts to make himself comfortable (it's his snuggling mode, err mood) and next thing I know he explodes while launching himself claws gouging a remarkable version of the Grand Canyon across my leg and he's got one of those very huge, crinkly and noisy JC Penny plastic bags attached to his long grey butt hairs via a huge wad of 3 inch wide clear plastic tape (grimace, was all I had to tape with that year). 

Said CAT then proceeds at unbelievably ballistic speeds so fast you can't even see the look on his face to richochet off every thing, crashes under the bed, emerges at same speed out from under the other side, broadsides the glass mirrored closet doors and still going at full tilt, doesn't miss a square inch of the bedroom.  Following comes with a horrified feline shriek accompanied by shooting out of the bedroom, down the hall, rounding the the corner at a sliding scrabble to do much more of the same through the kitchen where he sends the steel pots atop the freshly washed dishes in the drainer tumbling to the floor in the process (CRASH - AGAIN)...flys through the living room bouncing several times between the floor and the bottom of the coffee table, before returning to the bedroom....more of same....only to finish out in a wild-eyed terror stupor in the back of the closet where not too many weeks before he had stashed my jewelry.
I removed the bag & tape which was still attached via a pair of sharp sissors and I didn't see him again that night.  He never left the closet.
Like I said, never a dull moment.  Would life with ET be similar or perhaps we might be the proverbial cat reminiscent of a bull in a china shop.  How emotionally patient would we be with non-human antics or vise versa?  Would some of us adopt a 'principle of good continuation' where the reality which appears to continue in the same direction would be percieved as part of the same figure?  Would we begin or develop later a principle of common fate where relationships move together in a scene perceived as a group? 

Considering the increase in sightings of 'ufos' have you considered what life with an ET companion might be like?



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  • JKeiser profile image


    8 years ago from Halstead, KS

    Good hub. I definitely identify, having 2 Maine Coons.


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