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A Research Paper

Updated on November 13, 2015

A Brief Academic Research Paper On Several Counseling Theories

An Academic Research Paper Requested On Counseling Theories

To write a very well written article on counseling theory requires understanding that many, many different counseling theories exist and have been developed by famous psychologists of the past and likewise good therapists and good counselors of today.

This article on counseling theory only mentions and tells examples of several counseling theories and explains several basic tenets of such theories that were found interesting to this writer here and should be interesting to you, the reader.

To mention behavioral approaches for counseling, that includes, for example, (REBT) Albert Ellis and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapies that focus on the client’s thoughts that are dysfunctional, unrealistic, distorted or irrational. Additionally, behavior and feelings of the client are examined. The therapist emphasizes unconditional acceptance. And authenticity is much encouraged. Likewise, thinking rationally is also encouraged. REBT is a developed philosophy where understanding belief systems is considered very important. Belief systems are seen as organized ways of thinking about the reality of everyday life. One’s self view is affected by belief systems. A client’s language speaks to the person’s belief system and philosophy.

Moreover, additional counseling theories worth mentioning include systemic approaches and systems therapy. Philadelphia, as a city uses systems theories. That theory looks at reciprocal or circular influences rather than whatever is linear. Systematic therapy applies thinking that has influences in natural science, physics, mathematics, psychoanalysis, chaos theory, anthropology and systems theory. Of circular causality, the theory looks at what conflict occurs and the context of others who are creating reciprocal grief. And of relationships every family and or system has subtle or obvious rules made to guide behavior. Therapists take a look at the Way power structure is shared or known or applied and the history of family myths, legends and historical background that was inherited from previous generations.

Of other counseling theories would include 4 famous behavioral approaches developed by four famous psychologists that applies these theories: John Locke developed blank slate counseling theory. John Watson says learned neuroses. B. F. Skinner says operant conditioning. Ivan Pavlov says classical conditioning.

Of noted basic principles are listed the following 4 principles. Reinforcement: Using rewards and punishments. Shaping, used by working using small, measured changes to behavior. Measurement is used by applying objective, measureable outcomes. And fourthly, using action that dwells more on behaviors instead of the client’s thoughts is another principle that’s used.

This is just a brief paper written for a job application.

Written By Sherry Shea Jubelirer , Author Only


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