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A Response to UFOs & 9-11 Don’t Mix

Updated on September 20, 2011
What we think today we build upon tomorrow
What we think today we build upon tomorrow

Fringe vs Mainstream as a measure of value

The following commentary is in response to an article written by Nick Pope, celebrated British ufologist, and Bryce Zabel, author of the book: A.D. After Disclosure. This commentary is perhaps a little longer than one might normally make, however this is the developing situation within the subject of ufology and exopolitics -- to examine and discuss the broader paradigm within which extraterrestrial contact resides and why progress in opposition to the secrecy despite the growing awareness of the general population continues to be stymied.

I find it appalling that Nick and Bryce in their article UFOs & 9/11 Don’t Mix, would advocate any level of selectivity based on palatability when it comes to Truths we discern, associate with, or digest! A Truth is a Truth and facts are facts if there is association or interrelationship then that indeed matters, even if we are made uncomfortable by them or worse horrified by them.

There is that problem of the facts that are purposefully sociologically labeled by the very same global leadership (some who hold positions of bias and others touted with ulterior motives) as fringe or quote, “the even less mainstream and massively more controversial belief in 9/11 conspiracy”. Where do you get off calling it fringe, or controversial, or not mainstream when it is a proven fact that the mainstream media and indeed the Seven M’s of Power are already subjugated and rife with whistle-blowers, public-condemnation events, and changes in employment? The very definition of something being fringe or not mainstream as a measure of value is hypocritical reasoning coming from the ufo or exopolitical community.

The definition of something being fringe or not mainstream means that it is something that does not fit or originate or is not subject to the control of the societal manipulators, or beneficial in any way to them. We see this in full spectrum with the denigration of anyone quoting the American Founders or their philosophical wisdom with its habit of pulling people off the proverbial feudal plantation. The masses are sociologically manipulated to think in this day and age such notions or philosophies about individualism or liberty or happiness is disruptive, destructive, or otherwise evil in some way and therefore must be frowned upon by any good sheeple and enforced according to publications such as the MIAC Report or by working group sitting institutions such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). It is common in the ufo/exo community to point out that the societal managers will instruct higher or lower ranking personnel upon attempting access to the Contact Paradigm: You have no need to know . This information is too fantastic, it is restricted, it is fringe and not mainstream; it is not for public consumption and you are deemed unfit in the eyes of the global management to have a need to access it…therefore access denied. And your submission to their authority is mandatory and non-negotiable regardless of who you are or what the circumstances is. If your only sources of reality are mainstream thinking then you are incapable of attending to Truth or Facts or Reality for the very foundation of your premises are already fully assimilated upon the feudal plantation. Labeling subjects or people as fringe or non-mainstream as a means of valuation, is what they do to manipulate intellectualism and the general population thereby restricting it to parameters the leadership deems manageable.

Rights and Obligations

I am greatly offended that any researcher would feel they have the right or obligation to treat anyone’s capacity for nimble-mindedness as lacking simply because any of the Seven M’s have not the courage to face pink elephants down first. We here in the West do not require mainstream media or pundits to do our thinking for us and are fully capable of reading, investigating, and examining any discernable facts for ourselves; formulating our own thoughts and opinions without a subjugated idiomaterial management structure dictating it!

Secret Keepers & Mass Murderers

Pope & Zabel said, quote: “While many speakers and audience members clearly believe that the world is run by a powerful group of secret-keepers, what effect is being achieved by extending this into a public discourse based that casts them as wanton mass murderers?”

Ummm, maybe because those decision-makers involved in the duality of Contact AND the 9-11 Event and its aftermath ARE wanton mass murders? And because they are STILL running loose in planetary society and the global cabal, exerting influence, whilst all of the population looks the other direction at cave-dwellers and little men who’s best entails road-side bombs and ak-47s clogged with sand. Because 9-11 is not the only act of murder. How many countries has America invaded without a legal Declaration of War by Congress or conjoined by clear facts and Truth-empowered wisdom? How many other nations are on the exact same planning slate? You seem to be forgetting highly telling post 9-11 events like Minot AFB USA in 2007 where a plane load of nukes were kyped through multiple layers of the best security in the world until the interception and return of control was gained by a handful of high-level Oath Keepers. Oh, but it is such a monstrous thing to be an OathKeeper! Demonize them until the word is as ugly as any four-letter profanity! Those gentlemen deserve high praise and memorialization for that intervention. Had they not intervened, the results would have ended in a horrific event that with no doubt in anyone’s mind, would have become something that dwarfed 9-11! We are not oblivious to these facts or their interrelationships. I wholly agree with the brothers Shawn & Clay who posted here prior that it is critical we come to understand how the world works. The Contact Paradigm gives a thorough window into how our world works and this is why the global leadership fears it at a level bordering hysteria.

How can we ignore the way Secrecy, aka National Security State will be used if allowed to continue fermenting beneath a ‘powerful-group of secret-keepers’ which includes a strong presence of the eugenics philosophy in planetary management? Just where are individuals like John P Holdren, esteemed author of the theological book of eugenics titled “EcoScience”? He and others like him are regularly promoted not pushed out which speaks volumes. What is good for the goose is never applied to the gander.

One of the commentators upon the article (Clay) said, “Consider this: "Lasting peace, while not theoretically possible is probably unattainable; even if it could be achieved, it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of a stable society to achieve it. That is the gist of what they say. Behind their qualified academic language runs this general argument: War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained--and improved in effectiveness."” Emphasis added, CG.

I will put this bluntly to all of you who think we should not be looking at the broad picture within which the Contact Paradigm sits…the statement Clay was referring to is about ENGINEERED POPULATION REDUCTION. They, the global leadership, are quite open in all their writings (which the mainstream fails to acknowledge!) about their belief or by some opinions, the fact, that the world is over-populated and whether historically, currently, or continually war is used to CULL THE HERD. The global leadership refers to the war system needing to be maintained until such a time as an alternative can be fully developed and implemented. What is this implementation, particularly concerning a potentially pending unambiguous Contact which will ostensibly be an initiation of the extraterrestrials under their control (ET) and not of the global leadership? This brings us all around to the growing police state and over-stuffed bureaucracy which we are all increasingly familiar with under the guise of anti-terrorism efforts and wealth redistribution; your cameras on every street corner etc; your gropings of citizens at airports, train stations, sports stadiums, etc teaching the herd who has only known liberty to comply with absolute authority; the controls being applied to agricultural food producers with regards to movement and distribution of raw milk, livestock, produce, and vitamins & herbal medicines; genetically modified organism technology (GMOs) applications in terminator seed creation which also creates cellular and genetic damage in unaware consumers and restricts the planet’s population in their ability to be self-sufficient; efforts to more fully control and eradicate alternatives to subjugated education and of course implementation in dwindling the capacity/ability in weapons ownership; engineered global financial instability and collapse to afterwards install an alternative economic system and corresponding currency benefiting the feudal system managers; eradication of nations or regimes subsisting outside of the feudal plantations and its oligarchy. I could go on and on here. Folks it is very WRONG to hide just how huge this is! We are not oblivious to the interrelationships and should not buffer ANYONE from the Truth of what is happening. THE VERY LIVES and well-being of Earth’s populations depends on coming to an understanding of the whole picture and how extraterrestrial contact is involved and how it could be used in the course of human affairs.

Interconnection, Globalism, & Disclosure

Awareness, fitting it together, sharing, direction, effective address, and who controls the people in their own future.....The global leadership has made it quite clear that they do NOT want disclosure which is truthful, or that includes the history of contact, or includes what has been learned in the course of contact, or that the extraterrestrials have been here all along throughout the entire history of this planet. Why would that be and why is that important or interrelated to the Global Conspiracy debate and opposition effort? BECAUSE you CAN’T USE CONTACT or the EXTRATERRESTRIALS as a threat if you take all these matters into consideration. And it is no secret that the globalists require another Boogeyman to keep the herd under their control! These people have spent generations using the fears of the masses to manipulate them into acting the way they want them to and preventing human awareness and knowledge from creating or developing true independence, uncontrollable creativity, expansion away from the plantation either spiritually or materially, philosophies that promote peace thus undermining the ability to cull the herd when they perceive it necessary or beneficial to themselves, and to profit and grow their own elitist subsistence strategies. Why do you think you don’t hear about things like the following on mainstream media sources:

The Earth & The Human BioMind. The human biomind exists in a delicate balance of processes, extended human functions, many of which are highly prized as top secret such that they are held within closed circles (read compartmentalization) for a variety of reasons – ranging from fear of their use by any number of “enemies,” to the reasons of national and global security involving the nations of earth, to egoistic reasons involving market manipulation and foreknowledge. The thing is that we citizens of earth do not have valid reasons to complain about what others do with these extended human functions, as each of us are quite capable of using them in ever more creative ways for personal and collective benefit. Likewise each on of us have ALL of the wired-in capacities to be a literal All-One biomind network. A few years back, two Canadian scientists proposed a theory about something we have known for a long time: that the earth is actually a conduit for biocommunication between all human beings on earth, including ALL life forms on the planet. Biocommunication is real, and occurs within the extremely low frequency range (ELF) – from those starting at 3 Hertz (Hz) to those at about 120 Hz. What makes biocommunications possible? The earth (and other life bearing planets) maintain a life belt of electromagnetic fields that vibrate at a wide variety of spectra – from ELF to extremely high frequencies. Some narrow frequency ranges are resonant harmonic, with waves as long as the entire earth.” ~ A.R. Bordon, Ph.D. Technology of Intelligence Acceleration Without Direct Energetic Application, Module 2-C; A Primer on Human Bioelectronic Physiology; Institute for the Development of Energetic Applications. Emphasis added, CG.

My point is that everything is interconnected and that the researchers and teachers of the Paradigm cannot and should not buffer the public from the Truths which bring real understanding to the duel problem of our place and status in the Universe, with its very real controller the Secrecy and the National Security State and those who direct it. You will never have any true disclosure outside of direct extraterrestrial intervention (Contact) if you refuse to recognize the interrelationships and influences in the Paradigm no matter how unpalatable it is. Power, will not at this stage of Earths human evolution, relinquish its control unless it is taken from it. That means if that control is enacting or participating in activities such as 9-11, Minot AFB USA nuclear weapons theft, and pre-emptive regime confiscation and/or social altercations in places like the Middle East in opposition to collective morality, national laws, or the will of the People, then you will NOT HAVE ANY DISCLOSURE THAT DOES NOT BENEFIT THEM ENTIRELY AND WHICH MAINTAINS THE PLANETARY SLAVERY AND ILLUSIONAL REPRESENTATION OF THE WILL OF THE POPULATION.

What good would contact with extraterrestrials be anyway if we ALLOW OURSELVES to be prevented from evolving to improve in our own way, (or to strive for, or match, or surpass ETs level of spiritual and technological development) by our own controllers? Many people in the course of research on these many matters, have fully evolved into realizing that this matter must be dealt with in some way first or in conjunction with Contact. How can you go through life thinking you have a say in ANYTHING if you allow this influence in your midst without recognizing it? This is not a matter of being taken seriously by anyone or not. To use that as part of your reasoning is to distract from the priorities that would have real effect upon our mutual problems. It is clearly now a matter of survival; welfare in regards to our future and the level of prosperity anyone or anything might enjoy on this world; indeed our very definition of liberty, prosperity, and happiness that is at stake in how the tri-part paradigm of Contact & Disclosure & Secrecy is dealt with.


Cyrellys Geibhendach

Compass Morainn

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Do you feel discourse about the Contact Paradigm should be restricted from discussion of its interrelationships with other aspects of our existence?

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  • RighterOne profile image


    6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    I'm already in the water, and so far - loving it! Can't wait to meet more like-minded folks and share my ideas. And to learn what they have to share... I've already learned SO MUCH! =)

  • Cyrellys profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Montana

    No worries about seeming "snippy". I wasn't offended at all. I found your comment in comparison to your profile very interesting. I was intrigued. And yes I know the posters...I even know the gentleman named Patrick over here:

    If you listen carefully and follow the many trails left for those who wish to learn, you may discover a wonderful created long ago and nearly forgotten. There are new individuals who have taken up the cause for a better tomorrow...the proverbial unnoticed third option. You are welcome to explore and participate.

  • RighterOne profile image


    6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    I'm sorry for being 'snippy' - it was completely uncalled for, and I've regretted it since. Even if what you said about these writers weren't true.

    Thanks for clarifying. I need to look into these things more. And thanks for the invitation also. I think I will utilize it. Just give me a little bit of time.

  • Cyrellys profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Montana

    And one more for have an open inivitation to to view more of Elias's work:

    (quote) Montana's Declaration of Independence

    Only Bob Fanning and his Lt. Governor candidate, Chuck Baldwin, are talking about solving Montana's real problems. Below is Bob Fanning's closing statement at the Gubernatorial Forum in Bozeman, MT.

    Go to and read the whole article by Oath Keeper and writer extraordinaire, Elias Alias. ~ Quote Source: Dr. Ed Berry

  • Cyrellys profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Montana

    Hi RighterOne,

    The people to whom you are responding in the Comment Section are powerhouses. One is an active and leading Researcher in the CT Community (read Conspiracy Theory) and a mediator in an extensive network of intergroup communicators, another is a Liberty Leader in Montana's Liberty Movement spearhead and redoubt as well as a well known editor of a newspaper up here, and the third is a generational Contactee. It is exceedingly rare for any of the people from the groups in which they participate to ever be heard directly in the public venue. They do not write or post as I do, their focuses are elsewhere. The extensive length of their posts are a contribution and a brief window into their world in comparison to what that world entails.

    To answer your question the Seven M's of Power are all the tiered groups of power. See this: "The 7 "M's" of power: Media, Markets, Military, Medical, Money, Morals (religion), and Minds (Academia) are all at stake with regards to "Contact" and Disclosure." Source:

    The OathKeepers are a national oriented group who supports members of oathkeeping military, firemen, law enforcement groups, and others who have taken an oath as part of their profession to support and defend the US Constitution and the principles contained there in. You may find them here:

    "And how do you know so much? You know you're not allowed to..."

    lol my friend, there are some things in this world far older than even the illumined ones. They don't usually get involved. But Synchronicity has called all parties to the table.

    FiOs, Cy

  • RighterOne profile image


    6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    Guys - if you have THAT much to say, publish it in a Hub! Not to be rude or anything, but I've got a comment box to get to. Besides, you want to get the issue out? You do that by publishing more, better hubs - and not by 3-mile-long comment threads, which are irritating!

    to Cy: Great Work! I actually learned something new - that resonant frequency jazz. You've impressed me. Keep it up , more are waking up each day!

    What are the '7 M's of Power'? Who are the 'Oath Keepers'? And how do you know so damn much? You know you're not allowed to...

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Your article is on point! The 911 Truth and UFO Disclosure movements are natural allies as both are concerned with:

    1) governmental accountability, in general; and

    2) the role of the lawlessness American military,

    in particular.

    And while I applaud Mr. Zabel's efforts to end the truth

    embargo surrounding the ET and UFO phenomena, I do not believe that his role as the progenitor of a third-rate miniseries aired some 15+ years ago necessarily qualifies him to address with authority the circumstances

    surrounding 911.

    I believe Mr. Pope to be little more than a charlatan in his chosen field of endeavor, a rank publicity seeker at best, and a disinformation agent at worst. Quite frankly, I am dubious of any words that leave his lips. And the sooner he goes away, the better,

    Thank you for permitting me the opportunity to respond.

  • profile image


    7 years ago


    Your passions are duly noted. I believe I understand why some researchers have chosen the path to exclude such things. Their reasoning is certainly to minimize the fanciful aspects and multitudes of other arguments for which many would never be able to rationalize. I am not in defense of such actions, but certain logic would dictate reaching the peak of one mountain first before you could attempt another. It’s similar to that of a marshaling of forces to yield the best chance of success.

    Still today, I wrestle with the interconnectedness that certainly seems to be in play, however valid they might be with the several years I have actively sought answers. Stepping back and looking at those in and around my life – they would not be able to digest such information in mass. Perhaps these discussions should be kept within the framework of those already enlightened to the presence of some ‘others’ while first focusing on an attempt at an awakening?

    Can you understand the difficulty an insider might have reaching out to those with an ear to hear in the community when half of his/her heart beats towards an awakening and honest measures and the other half rests upon tools of war strapped at their side? Can dual positions that of peacemakers and gladiators for the republic complement each other or can the soul only serve one destiny?

    Upon the assumption of some great awakening, profound changes can be expected to filter down to the lowliest of creatures. Many of those changes could fall the very seats of power, groups like the Oath Keepers represent to defend in the purest of form. One hand fights to wake the masses while the other fights to retain what it perceives to be the truth is a simple analogy.

    Should not our consciousness accept that Disclosure will not be what we expect to be or when it should be and instead focus, imagining if you will, what our world will become? We must place ourselves in that future world and work out the designs by which Power rests in the proper hands. The greatest challenge we face is repetition of past mistakes in this regard. How does a world’s crumbled psyche climb from the ashes it was once encased within? Who sits at the seats of governance? Should it be the strongest, the smartest, and the most opportunistic as it always has been? Should we leap boldly into the fog of uncertainty and chance a direction unlike any other?

    Imagine a world governed by innocence. Imagine a time and place where it will be our children who will guide us back to who we once were. Innocence knows nothing of war. It has never planted the seeds of racism in another’s heart. It knows nothing of greed. Innocence has never judged another’s mistakes as critical nor in an unforgivable nature. It knows nothing of such things until it has been taught so. Reverse the teaching. When we learn to see the world/universe through their eyes perhaps that is where we will find our salvation. Yes, utopian dreams, many might add, yet where there is hope there is a chance.

  • profile image

    Elias Alias 

    7 years ago


    Thank you for an excellent piece of writing.

    Pope and Zabel appear to have certain "sensitivities" to the reality of general unpreparedness which characterizes what Bernays called "the group mind". That group mind is a sleeping and somnambulistic giant and must be approached gently and with deliberate slowness - after all, that group mind has been being massaged and hypnotized by the elite for a very long time, and a tremendous acceleration was added to their manipulative motives with the introduction of the television.

    Two things -

    1) I have just posted something over at the Oath Keepers' national website, and at the bottom of that article I've included a link to George Washington University's website, where is housed the bombshell document discovered by James Bamford about a decade ago, almost forty years after the document had been drafted and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. Here is the document which cannot be denied, and which must be admitted because it is material reality, signed by the Joint Chiefs themselves in 1962. Why I stress its significance is because it is clear and undebatable evidence that the Federal government uses black operations including terrorism on U.S. soil to form and shape the perception of the group mind. The document is called the Northwoods Document. It is fairly brief, but none-the-less is succinct in its plans to execute terrorism events in Miami and Washington D.C., with innocent civilian casualties, for a massive psy-op against the perception of the American public, or that "group mind".

    A thoughtful reading of that document creates the certain knowledge that manipulations of public perception are now, and have been for decades, the business of certain agencies within the U.S. Federal government. I will leave it to your other readers to connect the obvious dots after reading that document and then reflecting upon the scorching-hot volumes of evidence that shows clearly that the U.S. Federal government is lying through its teeth about 9/11/2001.

    2) A treatise on the necessity of a perpetual vent for Defense contracting, arms building and distributing, and all the peripheral "military-industrial complex"-related economic stimuli as affecting the sustenance of Western Civilization since the Industrial Revolution first placed machinery upon battlefields (World War One) is found online for free reading. It is called "The Report From Iron Mountain". It's lengthy, in five parts ...

    ...and has a very colorful and intriguing history. First published back in the 1960s, it has been called both hoax and gospel fact, and to really discern one's own appraisal of the thing, I recommend reading G. Edward Griffin's book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island", in which he talks about the Report From Iron Mountain very intelligently. This comes from such pondering - Western Civilization could not survive as we know it without perpetual war, and the study allegedly commissioned by the U.S. Federal government, which may be a hoax or may not be a hoax, was commissioned to look into possible "surrogates" for war, in the event that "permanent peace breaks out". All who wish may laugh at this line of thinking, but serious thinkers do as G. Edward Griffin suggests - hold today's headlines in one hand and the Report From Iron Mountain in the other hand and judge for oneself whether this question is a worthy and valid question or not. But no matter what the individual thinks, the systematic and organized methodology of psychology which infests the mind of any devoted government employee predisposes one to deny that an elite which prides itself in a global overview of human existence on planet earth are hell-bent on forging and fusing a common perception in the group mind, and will do anything necessary to achieve that. We are in a mental war for the soul of mankind, and the government studies the occult version of psy-war tactics, as one may see by following the logic unfolding in this series of articles -

    Tell ya where I'm at, Cy - I'm for standing on the facts, and the government's lies be damned. Why? Because the Constitution is now destroyed in the public mind and the elite are deliberately tinkering with the U.S. dollar to prepare Americans for a global currency, and to achieve that I firmly believe that the idiots will trash the nation's economy, paralyze it so to speak, and promote its collapse, probably in the name of intellectual international terrorism of course, in order to prep the people for the foreign authority of a one-world government with a World Court claiming authority to over-ride our Bill of Rights and the Constitution in which those rights are enumerated in writing. What sincere souls can offer is to speak the simple truth. In speaking the truth to power we also speak truth to the people, among whom are yet some who can grok the situation and prepare to ride out the coming collapse and teach their children principles of the law of equal freedom. (Herbert Spencer: "The Right To Ignore The State")

    I agree with your take, Cy, and feel a bit bad for those two authors whom you've rebutted, for it's obvious that they are trying to walk on eggshells with the general public as relates to 9/11 Truth. Pope and Zabel are trying to prevent the ufo/exo paradigm from falling into despair over an issue as divisive as 9/11 Truth. I could emphasize with their logic, except that in their error they are overlooking the fact that a very large percentage of individual minds within the Western Civilization's "group mind" already know that the government is lying through its teeth about 9/11. I think they would do well to reappraise their assessments of how they think the "public mind" will take their forthcoming and joining of the Truth movement.

    Thank you for sharing this well-written and deeply insightful article.



  • profile image

    Clay Pickering 

    7 years ago

    Well said, Cy. If we are to understand who and what we are in the cosmos, that we are not a closed system, then we must be given a complete picture of who and what we are on this planet. Think of disclosure as a tool box. If we are to construct our survival for generations to come then all the tools must be present for an informed decision without censorship by the elite and us. We first have to acknowledge our own deficiencies thereby allowing us the necessary tools to dealing with contact. All elephants in the living room must be recognized if we are going to evolve as a specie. Disclosure can only be manageable if a complete picture is given before contact. This is an empowerment issue that the human specie must reconcile with if unambiguous contact is successful. Kid yourself not, ET, in my learned opinion, is faced with the conundrum of not wanting a meltdown upon overt contact. The PTB know this and it scares them no end if ET takes the initiative upon overt contact. It is our opinion that contact is not in our control. Hence, the preemption by the PTB to establish their own "Iron Mountain" control. Remember, this is our planet and our bed. We at this time are the prevalent intelligent life-form as caretakers to this organic, blue-green, oasis. Yes, we are that rare. ET knows this. Do we?


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