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A Return Letter to Bob; the attack on whistleblowers, patriots, and truth organizations

Updated on January 17, 2011

Truth and Manipulation

If everything is opinion then rhetoric being opinon is not nearly as dangerous as those who would kill it.
If everything is opinion then rhetoric being opinon is not nearly as dangerous as those who would kill it.

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion. ~Democritus

Bob and I were discovering a mutual topic of interest in the Julian Assange case. I had responded to a missive requesting assistance for whistleblower pvt. Manning. It requested that we forward it widely. So very much in agreement that there should be a public rise to assist, I sent it out to all my friends along with the following comment about whistleblowers in general:

No government should be any further above the law than their least of citizens. When governments choose to be lawless and without regard to their people, then whistleblowers should be immune. We are either a nation of law or we are not....fence-sitting is a higher form of chaos than one or the other. FiOs, Cy

I recieved a number of replies appreciating the sentiment including one from Larry W Bryant a fellow colleage in the field of exopolitics, who said, "TOUCHE, MY dear Lady of Wisdom, touche! Pvt. Manning should be receiving the Presidential Award of Freedom rather than sitting in a dungeon at taxpayers' expense and at the shame of self-governance. He's become Amerika's Ultimate Scapegoat, destined to eclipse Nelson Mandela's time in solitary. -- OO"

In the minds of many people who live in an uninformed portion of our society, this dialog is considered rhetoric. They parrot the federal authority who is the very structure being accused of illicit behavior with proof-in-hand by the Wikileaks organization and whistleblowers, "yes, that is rhetoric and it is dangerous. Hush, you should not be discussing such things. Forget it and find some better way to occupy your time." Really? What's wrong with this picture? Oh that's right I just illustrated it....ummmm can you say bias or alterior motive? That's manipulation of Truth in the impoverished minds of the masses who are so uninformed and so uncaring of their ignorance that the slow boil before being eaten is more comfortable than the self-sufficiency involved in being aware.

My friend David chimed in similarly:

...sometimes I feel I should quit preaching, due to the fact that others are bored with my offering up a subject that they simply would rather not deal with. Wonder why others are mentally dead. Cyrellys!, have you ever been told by friends to just give it up! Nothing good can come from it, so as I have been admonished by friends and relative's. ( your to far out, they tell me, don't worry so much about the hidden adenda's of the government their looking out for us or they would not be in pubic office) and that, so to say is that.. when trying to explain my perceptions.

This is so important to address that I extended a length reply to fulfill my need to lend support and direction. I said,

I have the exact same problem. Do not feel alone with this problem. I have been correctly termed tenacious. The reason I am is because I know enough of the hidden agendas to be well aware that many of them (not all, but many) do not have the public's best interest in mind. Some out there are as far from looking out for us, as any agenda could possibly get. It doesn't matter if people don't care, they should care, they MUST CARE unless they can profess to being walking dead....for some agenda's think far less of their decent, well-meaning carcasses. I am occasionally harsh with such individuals and other times I just walk away and do not waste my time on them. They will not be a part of the future. The future will be engaged and operated by those who know to some degree, participate in one fashion based on that knowledge, or those who will learn and come to understand at some point. Consider to yourself that you have warned them and then go optimize your effort among those you've never spoken with and those who already understand. The reason I say this is that when an operational system reaches a point when it cannot be readily modified, engaged, redirected, or shut down in the worst of instances then what you have is a system that has passed the point where those who are concerned can afford the time haggling with those who will never understand what stares them in the face. A prime example is the similar situation over transgressions which the founders of this nation faced when they realized that only a small percentage of the population could ever understand and be engaged to react in some preventative fashion thus avoiding their worst case senario. I think we have more options than they did, more tools at our disposal, etc. But we face some of the same problems....the proverbial ostrich-like public who cannot bear their responsibilities so they stuff their faces in a hole in the sand to hide.

Ostrich behavior is just part of the landscape....don't fret it. We focus on preventing the worst case senario through what we can do and those we can reach or network with.

I've been working on learning to write and get published online. Also been further developing Compass Morainn. That and some other things like networking with my local leaders and their efforts. You can find my new attempts at authorship over on I'm still racing to keep up with current events in politics and exopolitics. There's so much happening that I do miss things occasionally, but a few friends help me to keep up by sending stuff for me to check out which is much appreciated as it cuts down on my time investment.

My suggestion is pick a venue or two which you can reasonably cover and work in it in some fashion. Those who frequent that same venue for the questions and concerns which they have will naturally gravitate to you eventually. Network with others who've been at it awhile and add the members of their network to your own. Surround yourself with those who refuse to participate in the poverty of the mind and you will begin to experience the changes which are occuring. You can still relay some of what you are doing, recieving, or experiencing to a few who are not yet come around but don't try to bury yourself among their circles because they will only drag you down. Pick and choose your battles...not every opportunity has to be fought....

"You must quickly get away from deadly configuration of terrain such as precipitous gorges with mountainous torrents, Heaven's Well, Heaven's Jail, Heaven's Net, Heaven's Pit, and Heaven's Fissure. Do not approach them. When we keep them at a distance, the enemy (is forced to) approach them. When we face them, the enemy (is compelled to) have them at their rear....In general whoever occupies the battleground first and awaits the enemy will be at ease; whoever occupies the battleground afterward and must race to the conflict will be fatigued. Thus one who excels at warfare compels men and is not compelled by other men." -- Sun Tzu.

Another friend and colleage Bob, sensing my common concern and interest sent me an article by John Pilger titled The War on Wikileaks which he had recieved from another mutual aquaintence, who titled the missive with an assessment, "By the end of this year, every manifestation of liberty in the USA will be dead and gone." The article points out the setup to destroy Wikileaks through the secret creation of a grand jury in the heart of the federal authority's residential sectare over in the state of Virginia where the outcome can be predetermined with ease.

How would our uninformed public know these things if to them what the federal authority does is of no concern to them? There is no register in their minds what sacrifices are being made by individuals or organizations who put every last ounce of their lives into providing them with the resources necessary to have the ability to be informed and make informed decisions. But instead of responding, they parrot more tripe about rhetoric just as instructed by the television who is not information nor entertainment but rather organized thought-insemination on a grand scale if you look closely enough....I don't think they even know what rhetoric is.

It was in this perceptual running engagement that I responded to Bob my thoughts on the matter, further fleshing out my concern and opinion (rhetoric):

@ Bob: I sense huge problems on the horizon if we continue to allow this attack on whistleblowers, individuals, and organizations who speak out against illicit behavior and tyranny; calling it dangerous rhetoric. Since when is the word of Truth rhetoric? We have degenerated to a state but three molecules off hog feces! There are too many parallels occuring between our present situation and historical ones which went horrifically ugly before they were rectified. I wonder if the absconding from responsibility to participate and pre-empt the reoccurance of such historical events by the dear public will be the fine choice they seem to think it is. Hmmm? Hind-sight being 20/20 is such a poor excuse to substitute for an 'ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure'. If the public continues to allow this to follow the apparent course, I will have just as little sympathy for their plight, as they did care to prevent it.

I am so sick of hearing people say, but it it's all political nonsense and we shouldn't be wasting our time even discussing such matters! How many have said, "I don't care! I don't give a rat's [posterior]! It is not my concern, it's what I pay my taxes for." How wrong they are....I say, you won't care now, but you will care when it becomes you; when it no longer stands upon your stoop staring you in the face but comes crashing through your feeble-minded door to rip you from your easy chair and place you where they will! Such a place that they have already created for what they have publicly referred to as "useless eaters." Did you realize you are one of their "useless eaters?" or that by their agendas your days are numbered? But that is not anything to be concerned about. No....go back to sleep dear sheep, whilst you can hear it from your peaceful abode tonight, the slaughterhouse is still five minutes away.

"Cast them into hopeless situations and they will be preserved; have them penetrate fatal terrain and they will live. Only after the masses have penetrated dangerous [terrain] will they be able to craft victory out of defeat." -- Sun Tzu

FiOs. Cy

The public will do what it wants to do. They don't care. Oh, they care if corruption is close enough to home to be active in their neighborhoods with regards to crime prevention and solutions on the little scale. That's manageable...their ability to perform meager mental calisthenics on the local level is not yet impinged. But nothing larger than dope dealer is capable of capturing their fascination and concern. There will undoubtedly be consequences for this social issue at some point. There historically, always is.


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