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A Sane Approach to Immigration

Updated on August 20, 2010

 Lots of people, especially uneducated conservatives, are constantly complaining about immigrants.  "They take our jobs!" "They're changing our country" blah blah blah.

In reality, immigrants do not take our jobs, because all the wealth in society is created through labor, so the more labor there is the more wealth there is, and the more wealth there is the more jobs there can be.  Of course this only applies if we assume that there are unlimited resources, and there certainly are not unlimited resources.  Some resources, such as petroleum, are extremely limited, and we will soon use them up if we keep our consumpition habits at the level they are now.  Other resources are more renewable, but we have to make a conscious effort to prevent their abuse.  But this is a matter for environmental policy, not immigration policy.

Of course this surge in immigration would hardly be an issue at all if the situation hadn't been deliberatly created by the government.  Politicians are primarily concerned with the interests that pay for their campaigns, corporations.  The corporations want to expand their market dominance, and they want a pool of cheap labor.  That's why they passed NAFTA in 1993.  NAFTA has successfully put millions of Mexican farmers out of buiseness by doing away with Mexican tarrifs in order to open the Mexican market to subsidized American agricultural products.  A lot of these farmers are now moving to the US to get jobs, which are often paid below the minimum wage.

When immigrants are underpaid they lower wage standards for everyone.  The way to solve this problem is to make sure that the minimum wage meets the standard of living and minimum wage laws are enforced.  If they are not enforced then companies will hire immigrants and pay them below the minimum wage, and they get away with it because they can threaten to turn their employees in to the INS.  So the way to solve the problem of lowered wage standards is to make sure the minimum wage is enforced and that workers are not affraid to sue their employers for insufficient pay.

There have been a number of porposals made to deal with illegal immigration, none of which actually address the root cause of the issue.  The Republicans have recently been advocating for a few policies, including militarizing the border, rounding up the immigrants that are currently here and putting them in concentration camps, and doing away with the Fourteenth Amendment.  None of these proposals would solve the underlying issues, so what is their real purpose?  To create a totalitarian society.

Republicans say that they oppose the Fourteenth Amendment because it allows illegal immigrants to leave their babies here, in order to gain citizenship, but do you really think that they would stop at the children of illegal immigrants when they're revising it?  Why not the children of their children?  Or even anyone who's family came to this country less than two hundred years ago is no longer a citizen.  I'm sure that there are a number of Republicans who would want to make it a requirement for citizenship that you would have to prove that your ancestors were citizens before the Fourteenth Amendment was enacted.  So their real objective is to create a society based on white supremacy in which everyone else is their slave.

The Fourteenth Amendment is important because it requires states to guarantee the rights of citizens of the United States.  Before it was enacted states did not have to recognize any rights guaranteed by the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights.  So do you want the right to free speach, to freedom of religion, to due process?  How about the right to own and bear arms?  Then you better support the Fourteenth Amendment and stop the Republicans from changing it.


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    • cjhunsinger profile image

      cjhunsinger 7 years ago

      I am not quite sure of your point or how you would define your position. I would define myself, as a Constitutionalist without reference to either of the socalist parties, republican or democratic. Based on what I have read here I would have to conclude that your position is ?.Perhaps you can provide definition.

    • LRCBlogger profile image

      LRCBlogger 7 years ago

      I wouldn't buy too much stock in anything the Republicans have to say. They've become so radicalized, I don't even recognize them.

      Anyway, the solution is simple. The problem with immigration is America. As you pointed out, businesses hire cheap labor. Start rewarding whistleblowers who report businesses using illegal labor. First offense, $500 fine, second offense $5000 Fine, 3rd offense, $5000 fine for every illegal immigrant working for you.

      Within months, businesses will stop hiring illegals, jobs will dry up for them, and most will leave. End of story.