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"A Silent Plea" By: Connie Arnett

Updated on June 29, 2016

" Tiny fingers, little arms and legs and a cute little face.

Oh please, won't you let me run life's race?!

I'm not just a piece of tissue to the garbage you van give.

Oh please, won't you let me live?!

I want to look up at you Mother with adoring eyes. Let me live my silent scream cries!

Of course, I don't want to cramp your life but do you think what you are doing is right?

If only I could fight instead of being an unwanted sight.

I'm just a little baby you see...

I so much want to laugh with glee.

And especially your face see.

If you were raped it's not my fault and I hope the guy gets caught.

But what a priceless gift to you he has brought.

Like him I will not be. If you will raise me you will see.

But if you cannot bear to raise me as your own please give me to someone else till I'm grown.

I'll love you for this gift with all my heart.

Please let my life start!

My heart is beating right now.

If you could see me I know you'd say,"WOW!"

Please don't let them my body from you tear as if you didn't care.

There's so much in life with you I want to share.

I will be your cute litttle pudding pie- just don't let me die!

I'll even try not to cry.

Don't shut me out of your mind.

You're the only mother right now I can find.

You see I would like to stay with you but my choices are so few.

In fact, I don't have a choice at all.

It's all your call.

Please hear my silent plea-

Don't abort me!


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