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A Simple Way To Restore Trust In The Democratic Process

Updated on October 9, 2008

Why don't I trust politicians? In a word: Money. We, the people of the democratic nations of the world, have allowed a completely skewed process to develop right in front of our very eyes. We demand that our political leaders represent the concerns of the vast majority of working class people while at the same time accepting that to take a run at becoming President of the United States, hundreds of millions of dollars must be raised to pay for publicity and air time. Hundreds of millions of dollars! That's even more than I've earned from my eBay and Amazon capsules!

Although some of these contributions may be perfectly honest and transparent, the last time I pulled cash out of my pocket I actually had the audacity to expect something in return, and it is absolutely inconceivable to me that any candidate for any office can stack up the donation checks without owing anyone any special consideration after they're elected!

That is the main reason why people don't believe in their governments any longer. Just take a look at the “Emergency $700 Billion Bailout Bill.” Can someone explain to me why by the time it was finally passed, this dire “Emergency” was saddled with 400+ pages of sheer unadulterated pork? Can someone also explain to me why the bailout of our crisis-stricken financial system had to include tax breaks for a manufacturer of wooden arrows for children? Don't believe that Mr. Wooden Arrow Manufacturer was responsible for shoveling a load of cash in the direction of the lawmaker who insisted that particular chunk of swine flesh was added to the bill, then you'll believe that I'm actually Michael Phelps masquerading as a blobular aging toad.

Why are politicians so money hungry? I actually am naïve enough to believe that most politicos don't just line their pockets with all these windfalls. They do have an excuse for needing so many cubic yards of $100 bills, and that is to fork it over to the broadcast industry in exchange for commercial time where they can pillory their opponent at their leisure. Now, the last time I checked, the air waves were public property and were administered by the FCC in the USA and by similar agencies in other nations. Therefore, why do public officials have to actually buy the air time that belongs to the public in the first place?

It would be such a simple matter to make a condition of the renewal of each and every broadcaster's license that they have to allocate X number of minutes per month to political communication. This completely free air time would be allocated according to a formula based on the votes received by that particular party in the region in the last election, keeping it fair for all involved. Freed from the overwhelming requirements for being full time money grabbers, politicians could actually begin to concentrate on other issues: Like keeping us from falling into a Great Depression that will make the 1930s look like a caviar and lobster dinner at La Tour D'Argent.

Why should the broadcasters give away a fraction of their profitable air time? To show much needed corporate and public responsibility. If they don't like it, then they can go broadcast somewhere else which doesn't have this legislation. They don't own the air waves, we do. And at a time when it really does look like the sky is falling, we the people of the democratic nations of the world, need all the help we can get!


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