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A Source for Political Self Evaluation from the Political Compass People. by Merwin

Updated on February 18, 2012

This is a reply I made during a FaceBook exchange I had with two good friends in our "political group". The two issues are borrowed from an assessment provided

The two issues brought to our exchange, are borrowed from the “brief analysis” test from the Political Compass crew. They are… the economic globalization and who it should serve, and... would I support my country even if it were wrong?

By the way I thought the evaluation was decently composed, thanks for finding it Chas. (Here is the address for anyone interested though you may have to copy and paste it…)

Before my comments are made regarding economic globalization, I would first like to state that I do believe it is “inevitable” and Biblical in description, but I might be requested to not include that in the dialogue so I will leave my opinions regarding that off to the side. And, simply answer the question with no further qualifiers and repeat my answer given in the assessment, which was that it should serve mankind and not corporate interests, which puts me in agreement with Les and Chas.

Now… to the question of the “…support of the country whether right or wrong”, is what drew out the many paragraphs of my former attempt, but I will try to trim it down here, in so doing if successful, please remember it is the “Reader’s Digest” version of my opinion.

I support my country now… but it is heinously wrong on many levels. Nation building (Ron Paul refers to it as Empire building) is very wrong. It is predominately wrong because of the violence, but, it is wrong too, because it is a major contributor to bankrupting our country. Even in those countries where there is no need for our violent intervention we are sending them our substance, that would be better spent in our own country, if spent at all.

The treatment of our Native Americans is criminal and unconstitutional and has been since the birth of our country. Our constitution clearly states that if we make treaties with other nations it then becomes the law of the land. We have made hundreds if not thousands of treaties with the “Indian Nations” and violently butchered their peoples as we violate(d) these treaties. Their ill treatment continues today… though not as bloody.

Torture, the tearing away at our Constitutional Liberties, economic behavior that is bankrupting our country, our march toward Despotism….

I could go on, and on, and on. And I would not repeat myself in doing so.

The wrongs this country is practicing today, is perhaps not pronounced as clearly as history’s description of our past that leads up to our generation. We like to think we’ve risen above the mistakes of our forefathers… but, we haven’t. We have simply become more clever in the deployments of our miseries and adept in providing appropriate, palatable, “spin”.

I answered the question in the Political Compass assessment with a “no” I would not support my country if it were wrong. But, in my mind this simply meant that I would not support my country in the doing of the things that are wrong. Of course I support my country… just not where it is wrong.

Finally in my previous attempt, I had included Scooter’s (my lovely wife's) appreciation for my results of the assessment and I will burden y’all with it here as well…

“I find it incredibly intriguing that you are so darned close to hitting dead center on your "Political Compass". There are folks out there who would like to call you "extreme", but I think your "score" is quite telling... xoxoxo “

I especially love the "xoxoxo" part.

I might be considered by some as a moderate zealot.


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    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      I will not "delete" anything it is not my style and I will let any other interested parties judge between us. This is my last comment directed at you... but perhaps not my last about you.

      Talk about the absence of something or someone going unnoticed... sheesh, some people.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      7 years ago from Southern California


      You made my response personal which it was not, it was based solely on your reply to my original comment.

      Basically you have been non responsive to the points that I made in the comment. The major one is that the voters need to bear the responsibility of their choices and there votes.

      I didn't even imply much less say that the voters have to place themselves in the shoes of the politicians that they voted for. They are responsible for the inaction of their politicians.

      Based on your last comment, I doubt whether there is anything I would be interested in your hubs.

      My comments were based solely on your comment, and that is all I had to know about you.

      The examples that you have given were without relevance to the issues.

      Delete the comment, I won't notice it.

      I am disappointed in your lack of confidence, that you have to make personal something that wasn't

      bye bye

    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 ib radmasters...

      It is not that I disagree with you.

      Please re-read my reply.

      You have accused me of being argumentative when I have not been so... so now the gloves are off.

      To begin with, by your comments...

      "I believe your opinion on not taking responsibility for poor voting over the last one hundred years is why we are where we are today."


      "The system is broken, neither party, no congress and no president have prevented us from being where we are today. Both parties were in control at various times, and in various levels of control of the country and this is the end result."

      Shows two things...

      1) You have little or no information about my opinion and certainly not enough to blame my opinion for what has gone wrong with this country from its inception.


      2) If you had read more of my Hubs you would know that I do blame both parties for our current dilemma, and I do hold our voting responsibilities as sacrosanct.

      But then you are evidently, not about, what is a justifiably good position to argue from, this does not appear to be your concern.

      Rather you have concerned yourself with running around picking fights... even if it were with someone who shares your concerns, well, other than, your proclivity to argue with someone who already has agreed with you.

      You are welcome to stop by anytime and even leave your opinions, but if you continue in this vein do not expect me to respond. Unless you markedly change your ways I have already given you too much of my time.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      7 years ago from Southern California


      Voters need to be identified and verified to ensure that they meet the criteria for being able to vote. It doesn't exist today, and with all of the illegal aliens, it needs to be checked.

      Take a look at all of the lifelong incumbents, and incumbents that have multiple terms.

      I believe your opinion on not taking responsibility for poor voting over the last one hundred years is why we are where we are today.

      The system is broken, neither party, no congress and no president have prevented us from being where we are today. Both parties were in control at various times, and in various levels of control of the country and this is the end result.

      No president is going to get us out of here as long as the two party system continues to work the way that they have been working.

      They have provided no positive forward motion for the country.

      It comes down to the voters being sheep and the political parties being the sheep herder.

      You can argue all you want, but in the end the story for the country is what you see today.


    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 ib radmasters...

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Yes we do wish to know where fraud occurs, but the infractions you pointed out are likely to be miniscule compared to the potential fraudulent accounting for votes cast.

      You make a good point too, in portraying our responsibilities as voters, however it is sort of like saying its my own fault for being bit from behind by a mad dog.

      If I were to vote for a Ron Paul or a Rand Paul only to find out later that either was a crook, it would inappropriate to put me in prison to serve out their sentence if either were convicted of a felony.

      So... yes, on the one hand we have a heavy responsibility to cast our ballot for the best person. But on the other hand, no, we are not responsible for their poor behavior when there may have been little or no previous evidence to disqualify them.

      And I might add, that at present the father and son "Paul" team is probably our best bet to restore... then protect our Constitution.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      The voters are responsible for the condition of the country. It was their duty and their right to pick the best people to run the country for us.

      The voters have failed because they let the politicians and the political parties pick the issues. The voters have repeatedly re-elected incompetent incumbents. It doesn't matter whether they were incompetent, disloyal to the voters or any other criteria, the result is that they failed to make good on their promises to the voters.

      It took the work of both parties for the last one hundred years to bring us to our pathetic economy and condition of the country.

      The constitution today works against the people it was created to protect. It is like the flag written about in the Star Spangled Banner, it still stands but it is filled with holes.

      The additional contamination of the voting process by not allowing voters to be properly identified is becoming a major concern in the validity of the voters.

      The government forces us to identify ourselves for income tax, for financial accounts, driver license, marriage license, for being students, and mostly everything that has government control.

      Yet, they don't require us to verify our credential that allow us the right to vote. Why not?

      Do we want to know how many dead people vote?

      Do we want to know how many felons vote?

      Do we want to know how many non citizens vote?

      The answer to all of these questions should be YES!


    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Chas my good friend, I know exactly what you're saying.

      Perhaps we are both delusional, and yet my "score" in the assessment you brought to the table, showed me as much closer to dead center than yourself.

      My reference to my self as zealous was facetious, in the sense that I am not as extreme as some who have accused me as being so.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't know that a person can logically be a moderate zealot, in the same way that a person cannot be anorexically obese, but I know what you mean.

      I believe that you suffer from a distorted view of reality which predisposes you to beliefs that you might otherwise recognize as irrational, yes. However, I still consider you far saner than many who subscribe to similar delusions. :-)

      Of course, maybe I'm delusional, and you're not. Or maybe we are both delusional. For those of you who are reading this who don't know me, no, I'm not being facetious.

      Subtract the delusions, and I think we would probably believe nearly identical things.


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