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A Thought of Caution

Updated on November 10, 2012

This election demonstrated a few

Items of public concern that I am going to keep my eye on. Every time the popular vote differs from the electoral college, there is talk of doing away with the college. Some say it is antique. Democrats only say that when the problem doesn't favor them. Republicans return the favor when the shoe is on their foot.. The last time Democrats bellyached was around the same time as the hanging chad became the butt of many jokes. Now it is the Republican's turn.

It would seem that President Obama has won his Monopoly game. Congratulations to him. He really should watch his back though. When the popular vote feels like their opinion doesn't matter enough to get their way, they often find ways of expressing displeasure that make governance difficult. It is clear that he has no mandate and not enough power to shift his wait or even stand at the "Bully Pulpit" with any level of "gravitas." Compromise is in the air.

It is ironic that the Electoral college was established to maintain the relevance of the lesser populated states on the political stage. In a way, this election has proven that the electoral college is not sufficient to do that task. Perhaps it needs to be replaced. The big question then becomes, what with?

Maybe the electoral college doesn't need to go away. It just needs to be re-weighted. Maybe it needs to draw even in importance with the popular vote. Maybe there needs to be a tie breaker factor if the election is such that one vote breaks one way and the other vote breaks contrary. The skepticism that our founders had concerning the masses doesn't quite hold the same water it used to. If we as a people are aroused to care enough, the information is readily available and people are only apathetic when they feel like they don't matter.

Democrats like to say that the Tea Party failed. Maybe they are right. They put their hotels on the wrong spaces on the board and didn't have the electoral college in mind when they played this round. Perhaps the Democrats are wrong in that the Tea Party has managed to arouse public awareness and interest in politics on a level that made this contest especially heated. Either way. It is time for our split nation to decide a couple of things.

Our split nation needs to know how they define freedom. The need to know and understand the role of government and what they are willing to do to establish it as they see fit. They need to form this opinion as a majority or the divide in the states will get wider. It is interesting that most of the states that defined themselves this election as dominantly democrat were once the dominant republican states dressed in blue. It would be a shame if history were to repeat itself in that respect. If that were to take place I am not sure that the dominoes would fall the same way that they did once upon a time.


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