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A Tribute to Self-Righteous RINOs and Never Trumpers in the 2016 Presidential Election

Updated on January 23, 2017
My Two Pennies profile image

A constitutional conservative, taking on the Left with common sense, armed with truth, critical thought, and the principles of the Founders.


Since the very beginning of Trump's run for the White House, the now President-elect was not taken seriously by the Washington elites and media establishment. Dismissed as a joke, ridiculed as not serious, and bombarded by constant assertions that the Donald would drop out or be doomed to face an embarrassing defeat come November 8 (pretty hysterical in retrospect), the left was not alone in their efforts to derail the Trump Train.

RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), establishment supporters, big government lobbyists disguised as conservatives, and those hiding behind principle have been Trump's biggest critiques (I understand some, but getting a bit out of hand...). Whether its former Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's hypocritical assertions of Trump hiding something in his taxes, Glenn Beck's pathological Cheetos dip, or Both Bush Sr and Junior refusing to support their party's nominee, most have been left backpedaling and pandering following Donald's historic victory.

Heck, a fellow conservative and myself even got one particular self-gloating commentator (a pretty well known never Trumper and associate of Glenn Beck) to walk back several sentences in an article with a quick revise, upon challenging one of his tabloid tantrums. As this particular incident inspired me to share my experiences, here are the three that stood out:

RINO aka Republican In Name Only
RINO aka Republican In Name Only | Source
The corrupt colluding Clinton-backing media sold the lies, which were bought by establishment supporters and cheerleaders from both parties...
The corrupt colluding Clinton-backing media sold the lies, which were bought by establishment supporters and cheerleaders from both parties... | Source

"Being a REPUBLICAN I cannot ever support Trump… As of now it will be Hillary…”

It might as well say, "Being a RINO" or "Being an Unipartian I cannot..." I can understand not agreeing with some of the things that Donald Trump stands for and exercising the right to sit the election out, as we all have opposing views and ideologies, but come on. You're going to claim to be a Republican and vote for the candidate that embodies everything the Republican Party platform stands against. This individual is clearly not conservative or even libertarian going for Clinton over Trump, unless out of pure spite.

Although this person is more of a glutton for punishment, usually taking the wrong viewpoint, just so they can argue (seriously though...), the only Republicans that voted for Hillary this election were those that support big government elitism and globalism. Hopefully this is something that we will be seeing much less of with Trump at the helm.


"I feel like Christie sounded the strongest in not only this debate, but the others as well...”

I have to give the quoted some credit, as Christie had one hell of a performance when taking on Marco Rubio's failed attempts to smear him. Ironically, this was not that specific debate (although mentioned through that tacked on bit at the end). Giving Christie credit where it's due is one thing, but this person actually favored him over the other candidates (yep they prefer RINOs).

Although Christie had some high points, prior to dropping out of the running, I cannot think of a debate that he is worthy of being designated as the "strongest." The New Jersey Governor is an establishment politician (do I need to remind anyone of the infamous Obama hug?) and has only grown more unpopular in his home state during his term. Not to mention, the whole Bridge Gate scandal has undeniably began to take its toll. Christie never stood a chance with voters desiring an outsider, free from Washington's brand of politics. While we can give him some recognition for anticipating the changing winds and supporting Trump relatively early on, his loyalty was quickly forgotten as he attempted to fill the emerging administration with DC insiders. I guess some will never learn...


"It's a fact that if Rubio, who is a real conservative and has real intellect, was the nominee, he would be beating Clinton 'bigly.' He was the very best of the lot... and Clinton knew it and apparently Breitbart did too. I will never ever ever understand how people in the primary voted Trump over Rubio.”

Oh so it's a fact now, is it? I've found that a majority of my interactions with and witnessed antics of never Trumpers have been comprised of the same self-righteous, arrogant mentality that is most common with extreme leftists. They are brazen with their assertions, often overlooking inconvenient truths that they cannot bear to accept, and talk down to you in a way that highlights their ever so vain perception of themselves (look no further than Glenn Beck...). Anyways, before I go off on an angry rant about hypocrisy and short-sightedness, let's analyze the quote.

Right off the bat, calling Rubio a "real conservative," is definitely debatable at best. Sure he has demonstrated his conservative principles as a United States Senator and few perfectly exemplify their beliefs, but there is more than one blemish on Marco's record (Gang of Eight...). Although a triumph over the scandal-ridden Hillary may have still been possible, such a match up would have undoubtedly caused a rehash of the 2012 Presidential election. Showing the same lack of trust in the Republican establishment, larger portions of the conservative base would have split, mainly those that went all in on Trump, and likely not have turned out to cast ballots. Also, taking into consideration the sheer number of Democrats and Independents that Trump was able to collect, it is simply improbable (if not impossible) that any other candidate could have done what the Donald did.

Perhaps the icing on the cake (hate that phrase, but it is fitting...), is the final confession of incomprehension over how people voted overwhelmingly in the primary for Trump over Rubio. Maybe they should be brought down off that podium and shown why voters selected Trump and the message they were sending to establishment politicians.

Once more I will leave you with a laugh. Watch as Democrats encouraged electors to usurp the will of the voters, merely because their party disagrees with the outcome.


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    • My Two Pennies profile imageAUTHOR

      My Two Pennies 

      23 months ago from United States

      Thanks Savvy! Video has since been taken down. I'll find a suitable replacement. Heard Rubio finally threw in the towel today on Tillerson.

    • savvydating profile image


      23 months ago

      I hear you. And seriously, what is Rubio's problem? Now he's saying he will not support the nomination of Tillerman. Brings to mind my question re: Wimps...

      Anyhow, I resisted Trump for quite a while. I had my reservations. In the end, I chose to take a leap of faith. After that, I never looked back. It felt great!

      (He better not disappoint me, either! Lol)

      When all is said and done, the Never-Trumper's and Rino's actually do not have the principles they think they do. They play it safe. By now, you know how I feel about that.

      Another good article, My Two Pennies. BTW, the video doesn't work.

    • My Two Pennies profile imageAUTHOR

      My Two Pennies 

      2 years ago from United States

      Happy to explain! I would agree, but a bulk of them will side with whatever way the political winds of favorability are blowing, such as Paul Ryan.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I was wondering what a rino was. I figure they will be no longer on his side in a few more months.


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