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A Triple Tragedy

Updated on February 9, 2018

A Night of Murder

Lebanon, Missouri has a population of 14,139 in 2009.

We have a community who lives not in the real world.

I prophesied that criminals would overrun this town and county.

It is starting.

A bit over 1 week ago we had a senseless triple murder.

I didn't report immediately on this tragedy as I wanted to first see all the players. There may be more to come, but I will share what I know so far. A big thumbs up to Kathee Baird who writes "The Crime Scene";a southwest Missouri crime blog. Her link is at the right.

The next picture you will see are the killers. They are all caught along with a juvenile that cannot be pictured at this time.

Miranda Smith


The reason is crazy.

Josh Reyes (killer at left) was Miranda Smith's ex-boyfriend and father of two children by her. They had many,many issues and Miranda had filed multiple expartes against him. She usually dropped them soon after filing them. Was it because of threats?

It is my understanding after interviewing several people, that Miranda often came to work with marks of abuse when she was with Josh. Many told her she should leave him.

Miranda finally did leave Josh. She was living with another guy. Zach Porter was a hard worker. He was also a semi-pro wrestler who went by "Napalm".

The Victims

Jeff and Glenda Smith
Jeff and Glenda Smith
Zach Porter
Zach Porter

The Murders

On 10/10/09, Josh Reyes, Steven Pykola, and Jackie Wong drove from there home city of Springfield, Missouri to just outside of Phillipsburg, Missouri to rob and kill Miranda's Father and step-mother, Jeffrey and Glenda Smith. They shot and killed both of them.

They were not finished yet. They drove to Miranda's apatment in Lebanon, Missouri.

At Miranda's home Zach was shot and killed right in front of her.

All the criminals have been rounded up and certain ones have talked. Divers are searching a lake for the weapons.

Another senseless tragedy; but wait, there is more!


My opinion is "Barney Fife is alive and well in Lebanon, Missouri."

We have a chief of police who said the sheriff couldn't get into the Lebanon crime scene. He had the murder in the county. Supposedly Chief Brauer is withholding information from both the sheriff and prosecuting attorney.

I really don't know who is in the right, after all nothing has been done about my grandson's murder.

Do I live in a county that has no common sense?

Why are these people not coming together in the name of justice? Are they more interested in getting their pictures in the paper. Get over the political bull shit and solve these crimes is what I need to say to these people.

More crime will be coming down on Laclede county Missouri if they don't change. It takes a community working together.

© G.L. Boudonck


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I loved these people, and will miss them till i get to heaven.

    • lisamrcx profile image


      9 years ago from Florida

      It is sad that people can destroy so much so senselessly with total disregard. good hub

    • greatAmerican profile image


      9 years ago

      What are these animals, drug infested?

      It is so sad and too bad law enforcement is not doing their job. Barney Fife may have looked incompetent, but he was a lovable character. Where is Mayberry when we need it...


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