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A Veterans Letter to Trudeau and MP's

Updated on July 12, 2017

the pay out to a terrorist

(This is a brief overview of what this soldier went through in the military)
(Name Withheld for privacy)

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Members of Parliament;

Let me first say “Happy Canada 150” to you and your families.
I would like to tell you a little about myself and then go into the reason for writing you all.

Please bear with me.

I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in February of 1988. During basic training I ended up getting a bad eye infection, it took about two weeks for it to fully clear up. I noticed a slight decrease in my peripheral vision and night vision, I thought it would clear up.
After basic training in Cornwallis NS I went to Gagetown NB for battle school and my light track course. It was then that I noticed that my peripheral vision and night vision were damaged from the eye infection. Before the eye infection my eyesight was perfect.
I was also almost killed during a grenade training ex. There was myself, another private and a master corporal in a pit. We were shown how to throw grenades and then we were to throw them. However, the private threw one and it ended up hitting something and falling back into the pit with us. The M/CPL managed to pick it up and throw it out. It was a terrifying incident.

From Gagetown I was posted to my unit in Petawawa Ont.
Within my very first week I had a corporal threaten to kill me. He held a bayonette to my throat and then stuck in to my chest breaking skin and causing bleeding. He yelled all kinds of nasty slurs at me and told me before he walked away that I am a dead man walking and that he could kill me at any time. Another incident was during a road block building exercise. A master corporal wanted me to use the chainsaw to cut down a tree to create a roadblock. This would have been fine since I had fallen trees during my civilian life. However, this time was different. The tree I was to fall was leaning the opposite direction from where it was supposed to go and the wind was pushing it the wrong way as well. I mentioned to the M/cpl that I could not fall it the way he wanted me to for those reasons. But he ordered me to go ahead, so I did. The result was the tree going the wrong way and destroying the chainsaw. Again I was attacked with verbal slurs and insults, mocked and harassed for a long time after.

During the first few months in Petawawa, I along with some others became more concerned with my diminished eyesight, however, nothing was done about it. No matter what I said, my concerns were ignored.

In December of 1988 we went to the arctic for an exercise, things went from bad to worse. I was in a snowmobile accident and broke some vertebrae in my back and dislocated my shoulder.
The medic documented the shoulder injury but didn’t do anything for my back.
So once I got back to Petawawa, two weeks later. I was still in severe pain and went to the base hospital. Once there, they did a little inspection of my shoulder, gave me a sling and pain meds but all they said about my back was to rest, that it was “probably nothing” , “Probably just a little strained.”
As time went on, the pain did not subside. I complained and told my superiors about this. All they did was mock me, tell me to "man up or go work as a fry cook", "to be a soldier", "to stop whining" etc. I was shoved, pushed and in the winter I had ice thrown at my face. A couple of time the ice it my cap badge and cut my forehead. Then They all laughed and said, “You gonna run to the MIR or hospital and cry about it?” or “Are you going to complain to the padre?” “Hey look at the little girl with the boo-boo”

The mockery and the abuse I had to endure because I was injured was so horrendous that I thought about killing myself. Every morning before work I would have such severe anxiety that I would vomit, and twice I drove into the oncoming lane hoping to kill myself, but both times there were no cars and I am thankful for it.

In 1989 I was sent to Cypress for a sixth month Peacekeeping mission. My superiors and the medical staff knew of my injuries and the pain I lived with. They also knew of the restless and lack of sleep I deal with. But I was told to man up and deal with it…so I went.
While in Cyprus I began to drink a lot, to numb the physical and emotional pain.
On one occasion I was told to take our truck and trailer to get our kitchen supplies (food and such) I told the M/CPL that I had never driven on the opposite side of the road, nor did I know the way. The cook scribbled direction on some paper and sent me on my way. On my way back I got lost and ended up being several hours late making it back. When I returned I got verbally attacked and torn apart for being late. I was so fed up, I talked back and told them I didn’t know the way and that I never drove there before. After the attack, I went to my room and drank again.
I couldn’t shake the abuses from before or from that time. I wanted something. I then went to the dentist, I did have slight tooth pain from my wisdom teeth coming in, so I got two of them pulled and received pain mends which I washed down with alcohol. Not to numb the tooth pain, but the back, shoulder and emotional pain.

I was dealing with all this stuff forced upon me from my superiors, my fellow soldiers, the physical pain etc and now I also had to be between to sides in Cyprus of people who wanted to kill each other. I was going from bad to worse and nobody cared.

It was around 1990 that I was sent to Ottawa for an eye exam, the Doctor said that he thinks I have RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) He wasn’t sure but documented it as that. Now we know that with RP the eyesight gets worse and it is usually passed on through family lines.
Now being 2017, and having had my eyesight tested again, we find that my eyesight is not worse and I also checked with my family and no person in our family history has ever had RP or any symptoms like it.

I have fought with Veterans Affairs, explained all this to them , and that it happened during my time in service, but all I get is a run-around and excuses. I was also told that if this happened when serving over seas I would have been pensioned for it.

But what did I get? In 1991 I was medically released and not given anything. I tried to stay in the military. I wanted to stay in the military. My goal when I joined was to serve a full 20 years and retire with a full pension. I was young, married and had two little kids. I also did not have any education. But I was released against my will and I wasn’t given any help or support.

I live with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, I am considered legally blind, I live with severe and chronic pain as well. I am fighting for my PTSD pension and pay out. Considering I got PTSD from the vicious abuse from my superiors and fellow soldiers and from the accident. There is a lot more abuse than just that, but what I told you is to give you an idea of what I went through. I am thinking about writing a book about all I was forced to endure and still am going through.
One more thing, because of my physical and mental issues from my time in service, it destroyed my marriage. My ex couldn’t handle seeing me emotionally and physically fall apart. So she stayed with me for years but found other “friends” (cheated on me) and eventually left me. These issues not nly affect the individual, but also those around him.

The way I was treated during my brief time in the service and afterward is utterly and totally unjust, uncalled for, immoral etc. I deserve to be compensated 100% for what I was forced to endure and am still being forced to live with.
But instead—yes here it comes—our government gives a self admitted terrorist and murderer, a person who committed treason against Canada and our allies 10.5 million dollars, and I get nothing for the horrendous treatment that I endured and am still going through. My vertebrae never healed correctly. I went to see a chiropractor who showed me the scan I had done years later, where we saw one vertebrae had healed crooked and another never healed at all. Now those injuries have developed other problems such as Lumbar Disc Disease and sciatica.
I served my country at home and abroad. I did my job and did it to the best of my ability. I was tortured, abused, injured (Emotionally and physically) and never properly compensated and not at all compensated for the PTSD (still waiting on the ptsd verdict from VAC) and never compensated for the eye damage, but Omar Khadr , a person who joined our enemy, who injured and killed our allies, who worked in a bomb factory receives a multi million dollar pay out.

Since having heard this about Khadr, this is causing me such mental distress, it adds to my ptsd, anxiety and depression, it is causing me such distress, nightmares, sleepless nights knowing all the violence and neglect in some cases I was and am being forced to suffer for absolutely no reason or fault of my own and yet a person who willing commits treason, bodily harm and murder is being rewarded.

This is wrong.

Why do I, a person who willingly joins the CAF, who served his country at home and aborad, why am I being neglected, shoved aside like trash and Khadr gets millions.
I deserve to be paid out fully for ptsd and for the eye damage caused while serving my country, a country I loved and still love.

Do the right thing, stop making excuses and help me. I deserve it.


******* ********


It seems that under the Liberal regime in Canada, those who commit treason and murder, those who join our enemies, they get multi million dollar golden handshakes while those who are patriotic, who serve the country at home and abroad are mistreated, neglected and thrown aside like trash.


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    • thomasczech profile image

      thomasczech 2 months ago from Canada

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit

      Thank you for your comment. Very well said, and inspirational.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 2 months ago

      I can only assume that you , as well as the veteran are of European descent. I identify as primarily Indigenous; more specifically Aniyunwiya. The ruling class that controls all colonialist governments on this continent has never given a damn about the poor or working class whites. But regardless of race or nationality, the truth remains the same.

      The average Euro-American has been lulled to sleep because of the advantages they have enjoyed over my people, or the descendants of African slaves. They have succumbed to an illusion of freedom because they own a car, have a mortgage, and can spend the peanuts they have collected at the shopping mall on the weekends.

      But through this story the veil has for a moment been lifted, and we can understand that the rich and powerful owe their loyalty only to the rich and powerful. In the United States veterans are sleeping on the streets. The government no longer provides us with comprehensive dental care. Yet, the government continues to make billion dollar arms deals with tyrannical regimes like Saudi Arabia. I assure you this money won't be used to help needy veterans.

      The only remedy is for the white Euro-American working class majority to let go of the nationalism that has blinded them to the truth, and to recognize that their true enemy is the guy who has been driving the bus.