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Updated on February 20, 2012

It must seize the chance.

Once again Iran is opening its doors to the United Nations watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, for talks of its nuclear program that is causing so much concern around the world.

At the same time, it is saber rattling, with war exercises and threats in the Persian Gulf region to close an International oil passageway, The Strait of Hormuz, besides having a stake in the ongoing Syrian conflict, by sending arms to that country.

Both actions are serious and are also inconsistent with International and U.N. conventions. One is to create a maritime crisis, and another, is to be an interloper in a neighboring country's affairs.

The first will only provoke international anger, and the second can start a sectarian or civil war; if that is not already the case in Syria, where Iran is backing the crackdown of Assad's regime on his own people.

The U.N. sanctions are wholly biting so hard, Iran is being crippled both economically and politically. It is being isolated by the comity of nations, and its economy is getting a very bad beating; hence, its attitude of "let us find a way out," at least for one aspect of Iran's problems; and that is its economy. "A meeting with IAEA officials will be a buffer of some sorts," its leaders are saying.

Yet, the most important question is Iran's nuclear program, which is covered in a calculated and extreme secrecy, and thus causing the world to be fearful of its ambitions, whether they are for peace or whether they are for war.

The U.S. can take a preemptive strike at Iran to stop it from its uranium enrichment program, because that is where or the point at which the technology can be used to make a bomb; and that dangerous stage is reached, but there is every indication that Iran is hiding its goals from the whole world. It (U.S.) has every reason to react in that fashion.

Israel, which has had a direct warning by Iran as being its target, if and when Iran became a nuclear power, could take action to protect itself too.

However, both nations, the U.S. and Israel, are biding their time, because the time is not ripe for any drastic steps necessary.

They postulate that Iran will use its gumption at least to visualize that a war started on one nation is a war started on all nations; and therefore it will have a change of mind, and that will halt the Middle East from getting into a major conflagration that can take the whole world with it.

That is what the hope of humanity is about, that Iran will refrain from its idiosyncrasies and become part of those countries earnestly seeking world peace.

It may be relying on Russia or China, who are jointly waiving resolutions to protect Iran and others like it; yet, the true reality is that those countries (Russia and China) have enough of their own individual problems too, to thrust themselves into a situation they are not really akin to or ready for.

Let Iran take the opportunity to make this round of talks count, by being truthful and open, so that it will have some relief for itself and its people. Or let it continue in its deceit and the deceptions that it is being involved in, in recent years, which can only push the world over the brink and into a war with no ending.

If the world is bleak now for Iran, it must be obvious that it is bleak for all other nations. That is what Iran must realize and come to its senses.

There is a way out for Iran, if it will only take it.


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