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Updated on September 30, 2011

She must have an equal chance.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is falling back in the GOP presidential race, and many people are wondering why that is so.

She fulfills all the requirements to be a viable contestant, as her values match, if not surpass her counterparts; yet, it seems that she is being overlooked for some inexplicable reason.

She is a lawyer and a business person, a wife and a mother, besides being in the United States Congress, where she has been notably accepted as being extremely effective, in sponsoring, co-sponsoring or supporting bills that are of vital national interest.

She is for a small government, and strictly believes in the United States Constitution, and urges that any president must operate within its bounds. She will be forced to abolish the Department of Education, because it (Constitution) does not warrant the Federal Government to mandate education. It must be left to parents and the 50 states to educate their children as they see fit.

Surely, like all persons, she may have her shortcomings, such as not being able to remember certain dates, or making statements that are not relative or irrelevant to topics that she is commenting on; yet, those happen to be human traits, and so, her resume cannot be affected in any way by common foibles of that kind.

The crop of conservative candidates in the Republican Party is full of people, who can be considered for the presidency of the United States; but it is becoming too congested; with about eight or nine (persons) already in the contest, and Gov. Chris Christie is being literally begged to join in. Former Gov. Sarah Palin is always standing by.....

Even former Mayor Giuliani of New York is in the process of declaring his candidacy, according to certain media reports; and not to mention businessman Herman Cain's ascension up the the conservative political ladder, to boot.

If the leaders of the party are not tired of watching more and more people waiting to jump into the fight from time to time, then nobody knows where they get their energy from.

The public is also getting to be frustrated and overwhelmed by it all; however, many think that Bachmann is not moving up as she must, because of her physical stature as a small person or that she is a woman. It can be either one of that or both, as it (public) surmises.

That will be a perfect storm for the GOP to get involved in, which the party will not win; for women have, for many years, acquired the right to be anything they choose to be, even to ascend to the presidency.

She is one of the favorites of the Tea Party; and she has the chance of grabbing the Christian vote, because of her stance on abortion rights; as she believes that "Roe vs Wade" must be rescinded.

She also has the Iowa straw poll to her credit; but why is her popularity waning?

What all independent voters can do is to watch events unfolding within the GOP; and if there is any sign of discrimination against any person, for his or her gender, race or religion; or even because of a person's physical stature, they will not like it at all.

Bachmann's own supporters are also being watchful for any discriminatory behavior on the part of party leaders. What they expect is fair play for all the contenders alike; woman or man.


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