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A War Game with an Iranian Nuclear Bomb

Updated on November 18, 2012

It may not be a "bam, and you're dead" scenario or a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran and the US tossing nukes at one another in a biblical-like predicted Armageddon. The likely future scenario with an Iran with a few nuclear bombs might be one of just escalation, fright, panic, which in itself is a type of terrorism by Iran. It is the threat of using the nuclear bomb on a population center, the thought of five million people dead within minutes or hours, that precedes the REAL deal, if that ever happens. Iran wants the bomb for this purpose-the threat of use, to coerce those who oppose. The Iranian government does it all the time on their own citizens.

A war game might have Iran threatening to use its bomb and also hundreds of conventional rockets aimed at US bases and Arab oil installations near the Persian Gulf. This would be after an escalation of rhetoric over time. With missiles aimed at Israel, Israel responds and fires a "nuclear demonstration shot" hoping to deter Iran. The rocket explodes well above Tehran, 100,000 ft. above it. This shock plan is actually real. The explosion will shatter windows and shock Iranians, but few will be killed. Israel hopes that this warning shot will stop Iran from continuing . Iran, in this scenario, continues to prepare in the open, their missile silos and other rockets by placing them in public areas, daring the West to attack and kill millions.

Israel escalates by activating its Jericho missiles with nuclear payloads and make certain Iran and the USA are aware of it as US satellites pass overhead. So far, the US, has stayed behind the scenes in this face-off. The President decides to hopefully scare Iran with a public announcement that if one atomic weapon missile hits Israel, the US would demolish Iran's capability. The announcement fails to state how-conventional or nuclear? The Iranians think that no American president would want to be the first since 1945 to launch a nuclear strike killing millions, so, Iran calls the bluff.

Iran escalates by issuing orders to its large population centers to evacuate and spread out because of the pending US nuclear attack threat. Within days, the cities targeted by any US\Israeli nukes are near empty with less than 25% of its normal population. Iran's owns missiles are ready also. In Israel, panic and chaos also is present as people try to leave Israel jamming airports and ports, but these packed areas are still targets for Iranian missiles.

Suddenly, in this scenario, Iran states that in the interest of world peace and humanity, it will de-escalate and things slowly return to normal in both countries. While all sides claim victory, Iran clearly made a statement to the world that it is a regional power, if not more. It showed the world that Israel would not use its nuclear weapons despite the rhetoric.


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    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      I believe that if pushed that Israel will use nuclear weapons to protect themselves. President Obama just said the other day in a speech that the USA will not permit Iran to have a nuclear weapon and I for one support the President 100 percent on this issue. Iran should never be permitted to possess a nuclear weapon. I really believe that if the USA and President Obama has to that any type of force will be used to protect Israel.