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A World Built On Categorization

Updated on January 25, 2012
The Docile
The Docile | Source

If we cannot see through the illusions, smoke and mirrors we leave ourselves open to physical dependence and psychological bondage. Enuendo

When you are told as a child that "you can be whatever you want to be since you work hard for it". Do they mean whatever you want to be, or whatever you want to be among categories of personality, attitude, ideals, beliefs, morality, and goals put in front of you? Are our personalities being molded and directed by images, language, and environment? It seems to me that the traits in your personality that you were born with are ingeniously categorized and molded to fit characters that are needed to play out in society. These characters live out a scripted or predetermined life where everything is black or white, the right way or the wrong way, accepted or unaccepted.Titles, banners, and stereotypes assume a crucial power which limits the thinking process, and hinders the capability to discern fantasy from reality.

Autonomous Personality Category's

Self ruling individuals are rapidly located, targeted, and reformed to fit one chosen template already established in society. Their critical thinking capabilities and "getting things done" mentality are used by giving them high positions, and financial incentive so that they are encouraged to stay on the "right path", and ensure no competition towards imperial powers. Their natural way of sticking to themselves, and focused mind set, are a perfect fit for forces which prefer to remain obscure. Independent minded people are given roles to play such as business owner, entrepreneur, contract employee, self employment, or rebel.

The rebel independent minded people are considered the most dangerous threat to this docile quasi categorized society. They refuse to conform and are intelligent enough not to do so and survive. They seek to open others minds to this society where everything is labeled , tagged, categorized, and commercialized. For their rebellion they often suffer outrageous scrutiny and sometimes assassination, while the docile public goes on subordinate and unaware of the true illusion they are living.

categorized planet
categorized planet | Source

The flock

This category makes up most people on earth. These are the people who go on with their everyday life unaware of the cosmetic reality they are faced with everyday, ignorant to the fact that to totalitarian powers look at the average person as no more than a number, or subordinate. They follow the systematic order without question, and are loyal to it till their own demise. These people make up a significant part of the workforce, holding such positions as health workers, industry workers, builders, laborers, clerks, military,etc. These systematic thinkers find it hard to think outside the box. The hard nose authoritarian/patriotic category includes mostly easy to control individuals, who conform without hesitation, and are given power from higher ups to take their built up tension, and highly biased prejudices out on the rest of the population. The roles the people in this category fall into police, security, military, high managerial positions, and any position where people are given domain over people.

Stereotypes and Categorization

These two terms are almost interchangeable in their meaning, categories in society helps promote stereotypes. Stigmas are attached to things physical, mental,and material, in turn things become associated with race, religion, politics(everything is political), places, dress, speech, and attitude. This is a very significant weakness that leaves the mind open to manipulation and abuse, unable to perceive reality from an objective perspective bias free and open minded may result in permanent ignorance. In short, when you think of a geek, working man, working women, jock, crazy person, independent women,felon, housewife,etc., you prejudge(subconsciously) and visualize with that vivid imagination you have been implanted with. This has to change if we want to use the foresight that we were born with, we cannot let categorization hinder us from expanding our getting the experiences we need in life to advance.


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