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A World Turned Upside Down By Children

Updated on July 11, 2011
James Bulger
James Bulger
the two boys who killed James Bulger.
the two boys who killed James Bulger.

After checking my email every afternoon, I read the MSN news. Because I am located in New Zealand, it's the MSN-NZ news. One of the articles involving international headlines was this: "Two ten-year old boys rape a ten year old girl."

These two boys are ten; they should believe that their penises are used for urinating, not sex. What does a pre-teen know about sex especially being so young? I am outraged at the fact that the two boys will not be charged with a crime as it is against the law in Britain to accuse a child under ten of a crime.

I believe that juvenile court should not exist either. If you were old enough to commit a crime, you should be tried as an adult. Why should the issue be padded like a safe cell and dropped gently when children can commit the most horrendous crimes and walk Scot-free?

When I read this article, the first image in my mind was that of the then two year old James Bulger and how he was lured to a train track by two ten year old boys and murdered. I read that story a few years ago and thought how sick people had become. The accused, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, were let out of jail in June 2001 on life licences and given new identities. I don't believe that they should of been set free in the first place. If you take a life, yours should be taken in return.

My heart goes out to that little 8 year old girl from Britain and my condolences lie with the Bulger family. No parent wants that for their children and no child wants to experience such a horrific ordeal. We have a right to safety and we must use that right to portect the rights of innocent children.


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    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      Thank you for commenting.. They look innocent yet they are killers. It's sad what the law states.

    • profile image

      WildIris 8 years ago

      How can these two boys not be tried as criminals???? What I find more unsettling is the failure of people to step-up when they witness a crime being committed or see something amiss. The photos you included--looking at those two boys, I would never think they would have been capable of murder.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 8 years ago from close to you...

      shocking news..never thought there's one more related to it. and the two were killers, aghh! their faces still show innocence..cruel world, cruel law. may the victims find justice and the other one peace in heaven

      thanks for sharing Pixie! :)