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A World Without Oil - 50 Years in the Future

Updated on April 16, 2014


Oil is regarding as one of the most useful and limited resources in the world, it is extremely important and its significance has caused conflict around the world. Oil is one of factors that makes or breaks a country; it can determine how powerful a country can actually be, which is why it is so important.

Eventually, oil will run out in about 50 years from now but this still a controversial subject. As you're reading this hub; people from around the world are coming up with ideas to either prevent this from happening or to find a new fuel that can be regularly used in case it ever does happen. However, if we fail to come up with a solution, the world will fall into chaos.

There will be so many aspects in daily life that will be affected when the oil will run dry. This hub will explain what will happen and how it will affect our lives.


Transport is one of the main factors in life that will be affected when oil dries up. Almost all transportation systems use oil - cars, motorcycles, jets/planes, modern trains etc. When oil runs out, we will be unable to use transport. The world will seem to be a bigger place, and we will step back into medieval times. This will happen unless the world can come up with a different resource that can be implemented into transport. There are many ideas, the most common is - electricity; cars, trains and even planes can be run with electricity and can be a possible solution for this problem. However, many people suggest that solar power will be more beneficial than electricity as there will be an unlimited supply from the sun.


Of course plastic is essential in everyday life. Plastic is formed from the polymerization of chemicals that come from oil. Majority of the stuff at home uses plastics such as containers, toothbrushes, hairbrushes/combs, bags, appliances, toys, TVs. Almost everything in your house uses plastic. So imagine when there will be no plastic, the production of all these every day items will stop and there will be a limited supply. When the oil dries up, the world will have to find another way to make plastic, they have to enhance the recycling of plastic or make plastic from a different source. The world will fall into chaos without this essential product.


You may have thought that oil and medicine are not related. Well in fact they are. Many medications such as aspirin came from benzene. Benzene is a chemical that is derived from petroleum. Medicine is a significant factor that will be reduced in production; causing a decline in prescription medicine; which means more people will get sick. However, there can be many other ways to produce medicine without the aid of oil, some are quicker but more expensive, others are cheaper but slower. But we will need to consider and prepare as medicine is so important for our everyday lives.


This is also another surprising factor that is going to be affected. A huge variety of materials in clothing are made from oil. Materials such as: nylon, polyester, and rayon. Everyone wears clothes for warmth or appearance. Production will reduce. Hence, the price of clothes will increase. People with jobs in the fashion business will be more likely to lose their jobs. But there is a bigger problem, many poor people need clothes to stay warm and when oil runs out; this will be a bigger issue to deal with as the price to make the materials will increase. However, there are a handful different materials that are not made from oil and they can be used instead, but the price of clothing will still increase because these materials are more expensive to produce.

Building and Home

Everyone needs a home to live in, to decorate and make it your own. Fortunately, most of the major things used in building a house don't come from oil. There are minor factors that will make home life just a little bit more difficult. Water pipes, Wood floor cleaner, folding doors, artificial turf, house paint, paint rollers, roofing materials and more. Of course this won't affect our lives much but we will need to consider how we are going to decorate our houses so we don't have to spend a lot of money into buying these products.


Cars is important in everyone lives. We can get from A to B in 20 minutes which takes 2 hours of walking. You can live in the outskirts of the city and get to your job in the city on time. Travel to relative's houses in no time and just pop into the local takeaway. Cars are basically a member of the family and when oil runs out. Cars can possible be a hollow dream, especially for car enthusiasts. The main factor that will be affected in cars is the motor oil/gasoline which runs the cars and makes it move. The world will need to use a different resources as mentioned in the first 'transport' example. Electricity is mainly considered as a replacement to oil but more and more people consider solar power because of unlimited supply from the sun, and how the simple idea that cars are parked outside so they can gather energy from the sun. There are many other things that will be affected such as: dashboards, windshield wipers, visors, convertible tops, antifreeze, loud speakers, insulation and more. So people not also need to consider the type of fuel but also which materials they're going to use for the interior and exterior of the car.


If oil runs out (and that's a big If) the world will need to change their ways. We will need to consider how we are going preserve our resources. We will need to organize how we are going to keep up production of these essential factors. We will need to consider an alternative fuel to replace oil. This will be possibly the most significant disaster that will happen. it will affect all our lives.


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    • profile image

      Saleem Ali 4 years ago from Bradford

      That's why i said it's a controversial subject. I was just merely stating the worst case scenario. There are many opinions, some people do think that oil will run out in 50 years because the amount of oil we use are increasing rapidly. Some people think it will run out in 300 years. Some people actually think it will never run out. So yeah :)