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A closure Analysis of The Current Trend of United States Political Discourse

Updated on July 1, 2017

In United States of America, the country’s political discourse has turned out to be very shallow assisted by a media that pushes partisanship. A lot of distraction exists, real issues have been overlooked. The media has assisted in discarding the society through distractions and negative ads, therefore it is nowadays important to pay attention to the candidates themselves, not the media pundits: furthermore, the truth has turned out to be less important to a preferred outcome: instead, fear has become a dominant technique for political advertisement.

Language is important to any discourse: Verbal or nonverbal communication is the most important features of discourse. The political statement of Donald Trump a presidential contender that Muslims are the cause of insecurity could elicit racist and religious animosity in a nation that is characterized by a diversity of cultures and religion.

The continuous negotiation process through political avenues on what the correct view on the issue changes the perception of things. This has a positive and negative impact depending on how the audience takes the information; it can be manipulated and used to shape the society in a way one wants it to be.

The political discourse currently inherent in America will have implications since people will be divided along party and religious lines based on the information they receive through the media and from politicians. The communication practices employed by the participants steadily build our understanding of truth. Meaning once awareness has been created, people will tend to follow what they perceive as the truth hence, the discourse will have implications.
What three things would you do to change (improve) political discourse?

The first step I could take in changing the political discourse is to manage media monopoly. The monopoly should be broken up or provide equal media time for parties participating in the election should be set up. Apparently, the media is controlled by 6 companies therefore, it is easier to manipulate. I will also call for accountability, whereby; politicians who abuses their powers have to be made to account for it through strong penalties and disciplinary actions.
The second step I could take is to employ differentiation integration tactics. This involves professing differences to one another; while trying out different ways of solving and looking at things together. When politicians have identified the points of differentiation, they are giving significant visibility into what they like, what they require, and what they desire. Though disintegration may happen to destroy relationships, it however, allows one to see main difference in approach, ideas, standards, and interpretation. Further, it permits one to take part in real political discourse, not the false one. It is about seeing the differences as part of the greater vision, what it means to the world and seeing the differences as strengths rather than limitations (Goetz, 2009).


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