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Two rebellions

Updated on February 24, 2017

The history of mankind has always been shaped by revolutions. From an earlier age, Reneissance and other revolutions in science and technology has tkaaen humanity step further than the other species in earth. In the sphere of social and political domain , the revolutions had led to evolution of human beings from a social animal to a political animal.

The French revolution (1789) had led to the establishment of Democratic and Socialist ideologies . In Europe, the French revolution has led to the growth of Nationalism and Socialism. French Revolution started in France in 1789 , chiefly due to the oppressive and exploitative rule of the Bourbon dynasty. France needed a change from the autocratic rule of Louis XVI and it ended in the formation of National Assembly and dictatorship of able Military General Napoleon Bonaparte.

The essence of French revolution still dwells in modern France. France is now a democratic socialist country. Be it the writings of Voltaire or Rousseau, France gave birth to the first socialist country in the world.

Meanwhile,in Assam, a sovereign dominion of the mighty Ahoms for the first time there was grave threat was waged against the royalty by the powerful populace of Assam. The rebellion was against the autocratic and exploitative rule of the Ahom kings for the past centuries. The rebellion ended in failure as there was no able Napoleon Bonaparte in Assam. The rebellion is so called Moamaria rebellion which was started by the Moamaria community also known as the Muttock community. Later other sections of the people also joined the rebellion. The rebellion cannot be called a revolution in the true sense, but in the context of Assam, it proved that the consequences following the rebellion was revolutionary.

The French revolution started turmoil in conservative European nations. The revolutionary ideals of the revolution was condemned by the contemporary European Politicians and thinkers. The anti revolutionary movement also geared its pace led by Austria, Russia and United Kingdom. Soon the reactionaries as they were called joined the conservative section of Europe and as well as France. The followers were also divided into left and right.The more radical followers of the revolution announced the goal of carrying the message of the revolution to all parts of Europe. thus a conflict between the Conservative regime and the revolutionary regime was evident which saw a new turn during the Military Dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte.

In Assam however , the Royal authorities decimated the revolution with strong hands. But the repressive measure of the Ahom kings led to the rise of other sections joining the 'Moamaria's which led the fled of the Ahom monarch to Guwahati. At last the refugees from the royal camp were able to bring help from the British. The British army , under Captain Scott was very scanty compared to the army of the rebel section. But with the use of sophisticated flint lock guns the infantry easily subjugated the rebels and brought peace to the country. The rebellion has led to the annexation of Assam and gradually the northern part of India.

There might be no comparisons from the military viewpoint between the two rebellions. While the French revolution spread to all other nations of Europe, the 'Moamaria' rebellion was only limited between Assam. But the ideals of humanitarianism liberty , equality and fraternity was present in both the rebellions.

There is need for studies in these rebellions and see how these helped shaped human history.


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    • Akash Chetia profile imageAUTHOR

      Akash Chetia 

      3 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Thank you .Yes, and I think the revolutions show a characteristic change from the ignorant to the age of knowledge.

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Revolutions are essential for progress of the civilization.


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