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A Goat Changed Into A Dog

Updated on July 28, 2009

Think twice before you leap

In a village a man bought a goat. There are four thugs. They talked each others and made a plan to take the goat from that man. Four of them line up at a certain distance on the way of the man who bought a goat.

One man asked Oh dai Oh dai (Oh brother Oh brother) what is that you are carrying? The man said "I bought a goat and carrying to take home". The first thug said 'do you think this is a goat? It’s a dog, the salesman cheated you selling a dog as a goat'. The man who bought goat said 'you are a crazy I bought a goat, you said a dog. Go to your own way. I am going’. So he (the goat buying man) walked along on his way to home. After some distance, he met another man. The second man said same thing, “Oh dia Oh dai what is that you are carrying?” Same dialogue repeated. Then the man got some doubt, talked to himself. I am not a fool, I bought a goat these two people said it is a dog. Again after some distance he met the third thug, same dialogue repeated. Now the man got more confusion and thought that it many not be a goat, but a dog since three people said the same thing. Further more distance he met the fourth person and to his surprise that man also said that it is a dog, not a goat. Now the man is confirmed that it is a dog, not a goat. Because all four people said it is a dog. So he left the goat on the way and went back to the salesman to fight, but without any success and lost his goat.


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    • NarayanKrishna profile image

      NarayanKrishna 8 years ago from The country of Mount Everest

      You are most welcome. Also thank you for your comment. It's a story of a simple man, thugs made him fool.

    • weblog profile image

      weblog 8 years ago from 1India

      Hey that's a nice story. Thanks for sharing.