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The economy of opposite views

Updated on January 8, 2018
The opposite view of the economy
The opposite view of the economy

We need to reevaluate ourselves

If senator McCain wants to refer to Mr. Barack Obama’s idea of tax cut to the middle class as wealth redistribution, so be it. I certainly don’t see how McCain would have helped corporate America by cutting capital gains tax. It is like putting Bandage to a wound without treating it first; obviously it would have left a scar. Every business that makes it big had to start somewhere. Most often when we look back in time, we noticed that it is always the small businessman or the hard working middle class Americans who got tired working for someone else profit who came up with an idea to start their business. I’ll give you a perfect example. Procter & Gamble fortune 500; American global corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio which was one of the battleground states the republicans didn’t expect President elect Barack Obama to have won.

According to WIKIPEDIA, William Procter was a candle maker, and James Gamble a soap maker. Both men immigrants from England and Ireland who had married two sisters entered what an economist would refer to as an horizontal integration. And as a result of their collaboration they have strategically progressed their business toward a broader market through this process known as diversification. This was a perfect example why we ought to consider Obama’s idea of tax cut to small business and middle class Americans a good idea. When you do that, you are giving a helping hand to small entrepreneurs who otherwise would not have had a barrier to entry into their industry of preference. Procter & Gamble had an idea, and an opportunity to start their own business so why not pass on that occasion to all Americans with an entrepreneur mentality.

President elect Barack Obama has no intention to control the wealth folks; he is in fact creating opportunity by making it possible for small entrepreneurs to start their own business. He is creating an opportunity for the big American corporations by creating jobs that can’t be outsource to other foreign countries. Those skillful workers who held those jobs are the support beams of corporate America. When we’re faced with financial difficulties, jobs are hard to come by, people are laid off, those hard working people are the people who will keep the economy going. I’m speaking about the truck drivers, the masonry's, the train operator, the bus driver, the mechanics, the plumber, the nurse, the police officer, the garbageman, the engineer, the carpenter the factory worker and many other blue color jobs which I didn't mention. These jobs are the backbone of the American economy, not the web designer or the computer programmer who can lose his job because some genius in India is willing to do it for $20.000 less. In previous replies @ real clear politics, I talked about how the middle class are the foundations of building blocks that help our economy stands. When the middle class people of a country has shrunk it usually signified the point of an economic stagnation. The strategy is that it isn't reasonable to give tax cut to the richest corporations in our country for the advantage of job creation. This is why Obama criticized McCain by saying “McCain wants to give tax cut to the rich with the hope that somehow prosperity will just trickle down on us”. That idea would not have worked folks because you don’t start building a five story building from top to bottom, you must start from building the foundation first. You built the foundation by creating skillful jobs right here in America that cannot be outsourced. In this picture your foundations are the low and middle class Americans. Those are the people who will be used as support beams to help hold our fortune five hundred companies under great economic distress. This is how you help our corporations, not the other way around. You are not helping them when you give them tax cut that can easily be used up when faced with tight budgeting. Like I said before, it is one hand washes the other. The corporation need the middle class to keep working just as much as the middle class need the corporation to create jobs and keep exporting. This is why I said if the economy was an automobile, McCain would be driving looking at the rearview mirror while Obama would be driving it looking at all directions. So in this picture who would be more likely to crash?

We’re conducting business under globalization and under globalization corporations are not obliged to create jobs only in America. If it is in their interest to create jobs in India or China, that’s precisely what they’ll do. Therefore, when McCain talked about given corporations tax cut for the benefit of job creation; do you think it would have accompanied a contract? I don’t think so, it is a free market, so why then was he asking us to vote for his proposal? China now has direct access to our consumers. Once they have fully mastered how to market their product to US consumers their competition will hurt our GDP even more. Our problem is that we change the way we do business in this country. We let other nations built our foundation for us while we provide them with the material.

Ladies and gent, soft skill is important; I’m not denying that but what we need most in this country are more skillful jobs and I'm referring to blue collar work. Those jobs are the fundamentals of every country's economic structure. Those are the kind of jobs that our president elect wishes to deliver. He wants energy efficient cars to be built right here in America and we should welcome that idea. The only problem I foresee here is how do you compete with China or India without having to cut back on quality or workers salary. It’s noticeable that most of us Americans are living above our means. We own two cars when we really can only afford one. We own two houses when we sorely depend on our tenant to pay the one rented. I believe that we the citizen of this country must take a look around us; see how other people are living. It is clear that we're more advanced than most countries, but what is advance when our citizens can't afford health care or a college education? Those are basic, Cuba which is 1523 miles away from us its population has free health care, free education. Why is it then America which is one of the most advanced countries in the world its population can't even afford health care, less off a college education? You don't need a college degree to know something is wrong with that picture. Your common sense alone is enough to comprehend it.

Wealth is what we have left after debiting what we owe from what we have. In this context, if you really think about it; we don’t have much. Most of us are living average; we may talk like we do but in reality most of us have a $10.000 credit card debt with a pile of bills to top it off. So before we Americans thinks that we’re better off than people in India or China because of all this luxury we have here; we must think first about our debt because folks in those two countries do not have as much accumulated debt as we do. Which mean they must be living below their means? We must reevaluate ourselves America; we have to ...if not globalization will force it on us. This is why I asked this question - are we able to compete under globalization or must we enact new policies to protect our behind?

Although the average worker in India makes less than an American employee, that doesn’t mean that we’re better off. Whereas their living expense maybe less, ours are much higher. Here in America what we pay for the same pair of jean is not what they pay. Since their populations are much more than ours, they have a competitive advantage. A jean manufacture can make more money selling a pair of jean @ $10.00 to 1.13 billion people than selling a pair of jean @ $24.00 to 305 million people. So how is it then can McCain said cutting capital gain tax to big corporation would promote job creation? As of now it seems to me that the focus is on countries where companies can maximize their profit. They don’t want to pay Americans $20.00 an hr to do a job that can be done for $10.00 an hr in India.

Off Topic:
Now that Africa has slowly began to show positive result in the world economy we’ll see what approach the Obama's administration takes to help Africa while at the same time protecting our interest. Inflation in some countries of Africa has dropped from double to single digits. That’s a positive look. As a descendant of Africa, I would be more than happy to see people of this land prosper. They are too many natural resources in Africa for people of this land to be so poor. Talking about change; if they is any continent that need to see change are the countries in the continent of Africa. I know a unification of the African countries is too much to ask as of now, but that would be a dream come true to all people who are concerned about Africa's development. After all, this is where foreign policy comes in folks. China and U.S competing for natural resources in Africa, reminded me of USSR vs. USA. I look to see what policies our president elect will enact in order to help Africans in Africa help themselves.


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  • Credence2 profile image


    7 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

    I understand completely, these are the basic tenets for a successful economy. Why does the conservatives continue in the tired line that the economy is built from the top down?


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