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A message to the Occupy Protestors

Updated on December 30, 2011

First of all I would like to say that I support the occupy protesters and would like to take the protest to the next level. Obviously the occupy movement has made a lot of people aware of what is going on in the world. There is so much that is messed up that it is hard to pin down just one demand. I would also like to point out that nothing has been done to satisfy the protesters so we will have to do all of the work ourselves. That's right the 99% is going to have to take action instead of relying on the private interests politicians that don't give a s*** about the people. Money is the name of the game in this world and that is the language that they speak. They way to make a change is to take action and we do that in many ways. First of all don't ever take out a loan from any bank. The banking industry is one that preys on the poor just so the lender can get even richer by exploiting the need for money. If you work for a bank you should find another source of income. If noone works for them then they cant run their business and they cant run our government.

In case you are wondering why the protesters are protesting you should know about lobbying and how it allows people with money to propose pieces of legislation and get them passed through congress in order to establish a law that helps their business and a lot of times harms the little guy financially. Our government is being manipulated by rich and powerful criminals. The funny thing is that we give them the power by supporting their business. Now there are so many laws in place that it is nearly impossible to start a business. There are ridiculous amounts of regulations and taxation that detours anyone from being their own boss.

Capitalism has consolidated power in this world and it still isn't finished. Good luck trying to open a supermarket because Wal-mart will bitch smack you out of business so quick that you will not even be able to recoup your start up costs. This is the problem that is going on in the world in so many industries. Businesses are too big to fail and they are also so big that they are above the law. So what do we do about this. Well an interesting fact is that is Wal-marts biggest competition and are about to surpass them in profits. Amazon is able to do this because they don't have to pay bills that a store does. An online business is the way to go and this is where people should be going for their income. People should not be go to big businesses and begging them for a job just so they can marginalize their pay and tell them exactly what to do. F*** that! I we continue on with the same mindset of finding a job then we will end up practically as slaves to a corporate oligarchy. Make a job. Rely on yourself for an income and not Bank of America. The people that work for these corporations are the foot soldiers for some of the biggest criminals in the world. I am sure that some of the employees know that, but they cant just leave their job. They have a family to support.

On my next hub I am going to post all of the things that I know about making money online. I thank the hubbers on this site for taking a step toward making money online an not relying on a corporation. The internet is our salvation from this corporate dictatorship that most of us live in. There are only 24 hours in a day and 8 are spent sleeping if you are lucky. Another 8 hours is spent working. Usually 1 hour is spent going to and from work. That leaves you 7 hours to yourself if you have no other obligations. I hate to see what this world has come to and just want to see us all make a change. A big thanks to the hubbers again we are on our way...

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