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College Student With Questions

Updated on October 23, 2012

After watching all three debates, I can easily say that both candidates excel in public speaking. John McCain severely lacked the ability to speak clearly and effectively, while President Obama gained much support with his charm and communication ability. Four years later, Governor Romney has given the Republican party an effective speaker to stand behind. That being said, I am not here to bash either candidate or say that I should rule the world because I am the smartest person alive, but I do attempt to keep myself well-informed and by reading the comments of others, I have created my own opinions for the prominent issues surrounding this election. I still have a few controversial questions though, hopefully I will eventually find some answers.

My Personal Issue With This Election: Women's Health

I am a woman, a young woman, who supports the Republican party. I have noticed that the potential plan to cease federal funding to Planned Parenthood by Governor Romney has caused many women to worry about their personal health and the health of women as a whole. I agree. Women have many health risks that men will never have to go through, such as giving birth, having a menstrual cycle and going through menopause. Birth control is important, but I believe that if birth control should be "free," so should all medications. Why should women who take birth control receive easily accessible medication, while I (also a woman) have to pay 20 dollars a month for my medical prescriptions. Personally, I believe that living is more important than having sex. Don't get me wrong here, I know there are many women who medically need birth control, but I medically need Imuran to live. Should my medication be free too? Just a thought.

The Credibility of Each Candidate

Before choosing which candidate you definitely want in office the next for years, think about this: the first question that needs to be asked is "where is the credibility here?" Governor Romney will be the first person to throw stones at President Obama's administration arguing that jobs have decreased since 2008, small business has suffered, education is declining, etc. Romney will also say that he plans to create 12 million jobs if he gets elected, create tax breaks for the middle class, increase educational programs, etc. How? I want to know how. I also want to know how these men will be held accountable when their campaign promises are not fulfilled. The only way that these candidates can be held accountable is if voters remove them from office after their time is up. The only problem is, there are two candidates major candidates. Who knows? Joe Nobody may be the best, moderate president the United States could have, but no one knows his name because Mr. Nobody has no money for a campaign. It's sad, really.

My last question of the night...

The War on Terror

This issue sits close to home for me. My brother-in-law has recently been deployed overseas. My sister is a young wife, just settling down in to her career, and her husband will be gone for a year. When will this madness end? Every person in this country has been effected by the war in the Middle East. Although not everyone has a troop in the family, we all at least know someone who has been involved with the war somehow. What good are we doing over there? I understand that we want to instill "peace among the people," but all I see is people dying unnecessary deaths. I want each candidate to take a seat and explain to Americans why out people are dying and what they will do to either A) end the war or B) make the outcome worth the effort. This is easier said than done, I know, but I also know that we watch the news about another American soldier who has been killed. It hurts.

I just wish we could have more information on what is going on. I feel like Americans can vote, but what control do we really have? I can speak for myself when I say that I want answers and I want these candidates to be held accountable for their promises. I've always been taught that we shouldn't make promises we can't keep. I know Congress stands in the way of these promises sometimes, but is it really fair to the American people to tease them with "how things are gonna be" and then never give them that reality? I can't say that it is.


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