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Can a Common Man attend a Legislative Assembly/Parliament in Session?

Updated on June 5, 2013

Ever Wondered how a common man can ever get to see his elected leaders brain storming to decide the course of future action for their state?

I got a chance to attend the karma-bhoomi of our politicians, the Legislative Assembly on last day of this winter session. Many of my pre conceived notions about regional politics got a new coat of paint, whereas many others got firmly structured and emebedded of which abysmally low attendance of the MLAs(hardly 60% were present), zero participation on behalf of women legislators(which were less than 10% of the total strength) and grandiose manner of their speech top the charts.

Every man(Well I am not being a sexist here, just that no woman ever spoke while I was there!) out their claimed himself to be the messiah of poor, the messiah of farmers, the messiah of the downtrodden. And they shouted that on top of their voices to make even a deaf man hear that no one on this earth thinks more about the poor than them. Emotional Drama played a bigger role than facts, with cases of Minimum Support Prices for farmers(Raj. being an agrarian state ,this topic was discussed at length), Deaths in police custody, violation of Human Rights, Nexus of police and land mafias and procurement of food grains by the govt. bearing the onus of evidence. The opposition party which in Rajasthan is the BJP did a commendable job in highlighting the burning issues and prompting the concerned ministers on the spot to promise for some remedial actions to be taken.

This being said, I realised that oratory skills matter more than the facts of the matter and our politicans do have a great sense of humour which becomes even more spicy when the jokes are told in the regional dialect :D

Cutting to the chase, I feel everyone of us should at least visit the temples-of-legislation once and see that there are still a few good leaders left who keep the wheels of the bullock cart of the development of the country/state/province moving.

Here is the procedure to attend a session of the Legislature Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

1. Obtain the (free of cost) request form the kiosk of the Vidhan Sabha.

2. Fill the form and get it signed by an MLA ( the most difficult task of the whole process for the obvious reasons :D)

You can find the MLA of your region here

3. submit this form at Gate no. 6 on the western side and get your entry card issued.

4. Now you are ready to enjoy a free circus/comedy show for full 3 hours (pun intended) Oh and before that they are going to check you thoroughly many a times so much so that you get irritated and feel like throwing bombs in the Assembly and do a bit of service to the nation(just like Bhagat Singh :D)

After you come back do share your experience here!

P.S.- In the visitors lobby there are policemen in civil dress who are the people incharge for the arrangement. I got a bit late in reaching there so was asked to sit at the back from where I could hardly see anything. Although there were a few seats available at the front which I guess were supposed to be reserved for the press. I went to the head of the managing team which was the A.S.P. and introduced myself and requested him to allow me to sit in front
And yeah, the BITS-Pilani tag did work :)

A piece of advice : Except some cash, don't take anything with you because you will be asked to deposit whatever you have at the entrance gate and this is a time consuming process.


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