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A wish for less hatred and much less violence

Updated on April 18, 2014

Strength to just walk away

May you keep Peace in your heart, no matter what the situation.
May you keep Peace in your heart, no matter what the situation.

TV Violence

Prolonged watching of violence makes viewers more prone to it?

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It is possible to get desensitised

Desensitisation means a lack of feeling, a numbness or deadened response to stimulus. It takes alot in society, attitudes tend to be "if you do ...(that) against me -then I will 'kill' you!", when does the idle threat become reality? With all the exposure to killings, shootings on even 'family viewing' program/mes, like Leathal Weapon 1-4, Beverly Hills Cop, Rocky..., Rambo to name but a few. These films add humour to the viole4nce and make it seem acceptable among society. Even reveered in some cases. The killers are often the main characters holding the majority of the show, therefore the viewer/s identify most strongly with them. And so in their 'sympathies' with these main characters the behaviour they witness tends to get deemed ok.

Is it a hypocrisy for us to say a cop kills a baddie, that's fine.. in so doing the cop saves perhaps many other deaths and much suffering. And I'm not blaming Police as they have a valuable job to do, but is there some other way to reach these villains in society to see where they went wrong? Usually drugs are involved, this starts with smoking at an early age. Thankfully, society is ending social indoor smoking which was a powerful advert for the drug. Beer is still glamourised; I remember asking for an Orange when forced to be out in such a place on grounds of social 'grace', only to hear a bar-fly condemn those who 'can't take a drink!'. Well, he can add to that condemnation the fact that I can no longer take sitting in some-one elses house for hours on end getting nothing of any consequence done/from this pretty pointless exercise-or lack thereof. ...Perhaps to this such drinkers would complain and challenge with "Are you trying to be clever?!"...

For many thousands of years wise people have known that "the devil makes use of idle hands'. that doing nothing leads to boredom, a lack of imagination and reduced self respect etc. Thus leading to an even more negative outlook than that that led to doing nothing. This then of itself leads the person towards crimne as a negative route to 'survival', a need to do something without knowing what tends towards that which looks to have a fast and easy pay off. And the person becomes lost.


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      God did not create sin or death. Mankind did not create sin or death. God WILL bring an end to sin and death once and for all though.

      Brother Dave.