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A world that is no longer tolerating mistakes and errors, where are where headed to?

Updated on September 2, 2012

Is the world no longer accepting imperfections?

We have always heard and read- we humans are not perfect. We are always going to make mistakes and sometimes we even hear and read that mistakes are an essential part of life as we tend to learn much more from them than by listening or seeing others doing mistakes; that is, sometimes we have to feel the fire to know it burns.

But in today's job site world, it seems that at least companies and corporations, and even the government are not being too flexible when people do things the wrong way, regardless if they do it accidentally or because of ignorance and lack of knowledge.

In today's job market, because so many people are out of work, it's very easy to try to pick someone who companies feel is the least prone to make mistakes in the job. When they pick someone and they see the person they chose is not really that mistake-proof they believed he or she was, they simply dump him or her and pick someone else. Many employers are becoming less and less tolerant to human errors and wrongdoings- like for example, arriving late after an unprecedented delay, doing a preliminary miscalculation (meaning that the stage is still on the process of being revised), taking a little bit more than expected for a task or forgetting something out of stress. These are examples of mistakes that are common at jobs but now are being less and less tolerated. While getting hired can certainly be almost as easy as winning a jackpot in my circumstances, getting fired can be as easy as 1+1. Why? Because there are so many people that are looking for jobs that dumping someone does not take much effort, but employers, as they want to save money, try to pick the less imperfect person so they don't spend that much on training and preparing the employee.

Today it takes much more effort to be "secure" in a job than before, and if the tendency continues and more people are born, in 20 years this would be unsustainable. Cost of life continues to increase, things are not looking like it's easier to become independent and overall, many people are focusing on "problems" that are creating a general social decay, while ignoring the roots and the origins which are picturing a frightening picture for the future.


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