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ACA Helps Create Anti-Sanders Biased Tax Estimate

Updated on April 2, 2016

Feel the Bern and go vote!

Going to the doctor is so expensive these days, I might just as well channel an elixir via Ouija Board. Seriously,though, I followed the history and bizarre evolution of ACA and know that it was most likely invented by Republicans. Long before anyone else caught on with it, I also predicted it would become an expensive, bloated, contentious, and useless program that benefits the rich and greedy. Since Hillary supports ACA, it should come as no surprise that this nightmarish marriage of death and taxes ended up being one of the most deceptive tools used to undermine Bernie’s campaign and the heart of the Democratic party and its values.

For instance, take a look at this tax calculator:

On the surface, according to this “simple” calculator, everyone, including people below the Federal Poverty Level, will pay hundreds to thousands of dollars more in taxes if Sanders gets elected. Now, lets take a look at what will really happen if Hillary gets elected and we do not move to the single payer system supported by Bernie. Remember, as you look at these facts, that the tax calculations for Bernie already take into account universal health coverage, free college education, and many other things that no other candidate’s plan covers.

  • The Individual Mandate Tax for 2016 is a minimum of $695.00 for each adult and $347.50 per child under18. If you do not have health insurance and fall in the income bracket for ACA, add this to your tax bill if Hillary wins. Did that “minimal” $40.00 or so suddenly jump into the range that you see for Sanders, or perhaps even surpass it? Yep! I thought so… So much for basic tax calculators made available during the primaries to not be biased to favor Hillary.
  • Now that ACA rambles through the land like Frankenstein and his drunken bride, it is impossible to havean honest discussion about taxes without figuring in the cost of health insurance coverage. If you have the Bronze Plan, which is the cheapest insurance on the Health Care Exchange, tack on another $5000 or more before the insurance even kicks in, even though you are paying sky high insurance premiums.
  • Is your projected tax bill under Hillary high enough yet to see why these “tax calculators” are so biased inher favor and against Sanders? Not yet? Ok, fair enough. Now, tack on the 25% to 50% projected cost increases in premiums that the major insurance carriers have been requesting again and again to meet the costs associated with ACA.

Because of ACA, just about every American is paying a minimum of $695 a year for a “health care” and getting absolutely nothing in return. In the meantime, Hillary’s friends and “Fat Cats of Wall Street” campaign donors take in billions in profit from the Health Care Exchange. I don’t need a crystal ball to recognize the consequences of the sneaky headlines, statistics and calculations that make it look like Hillary is somehow more sensible and pragmatic than Bernie. Well… alright, so she probably made and raised more money than Trump and never had to file bankruptcy. But do we really want enriching the pockets of the 1% to be the banner for the progressive movement, or do we want a true humanitarian who will work to help us all?

Hillary’s campaign managers know that most people will just take the surface information and assume it is the unbiased truth. Read deeper than the headlines, though, because our country and our world cannot take another “business as usual” kind of leader. We need Bernie Sanders, and we need his revolution to make meaningful and positive changes in our country. If you have an opportunity to vote in the Democrat primaries, make it your business to cast your vote for Bernie instead of believing two-faced scum promoted by the greedy. Bernie’s tax plans are cost effective and allow you to get much more value out of it than you would ever get from Hillary’s proposals. Feel the Bern and go vote!


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