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Updated on November 5, 2011



Unemployment means a condition without any means of earning one's bread. There was time when men were not unemployed. They lived in villages and earned their livelihood by agriculture of cottage industries. But when industrial civilisation was brought about machines were introduce. A single machine can do the work of many men throwing a number out of their employment. This industrial civilisation has greatly increased the need of people and opened up new line of employment. but this is not becoming effective to reemploy the men dismissed from their job. Moreover the rapid increase of population has made the situation worse. For that reason, unemployment problem has become a matter of grave concern and it is getting more and more acute every year.

The bad effect of unemployment is not limited to the economic field only. It destroys the moral sense of a man and and leads him to a path of doing improper and dishonest acts. Such a country where unemployment problem is acute, can never prosper. So the government of India has started a number of development projects and setting up big industries. Besides that, they are helping to establish a large number of cottage and small scale industries By these means, a good number of people have got employment. Still the number of unemployed persons is great in number. Rapid increase of population is being added to that. The govt. has been trying to control this increase by family-planning and the common people are becoming conscious about the advantage of it .

Many think the setting up of industries will not be able to solve this problem. They think, cottage industries are only the way to make the villages self sufficient and by this means every man of the village will do something and earn his living. In my opinion this is only the way to solve this type of deadly acute problem.


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