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Updated on June 5, 2014

Waking Africa up.

The idea that Africans are crossing the Mediterranean Sea in droves is disquieting and unfair to Europeans, with these emigrants causing their governments problems, like housing, medical care, jobs, etc., for these migrants.

The reason being that African governments do not provide social security or enough of it for their citizens; and jobs are very few and hard to find.

As a result, people there are forced to go to places, where the "grass is greener", so to speak, like Europe and the U.S. in particular. There, they get paid for doing menial work of all kinds; and they (Africans) take them, because there is none (work) where they come from.

In that situation, Africa is being short changed in a transaction that is draining it of its manpower and resources that it cannot afford to lose in this day and age. The sooner the governments there decide to find ways and means to deal with the migration issue, the better it will be for them (governments) and their people.

Yet, that is just a pipe dream, because the archaic colonial mentality still exists in all parts of the continent, with respect to the "master/servant" mind set. That has formed the basis of the governing the people everywhere in society, and it will continue that way, if nothing is done to address it (mind set).

The solution will be for the young people to take it upon themselves to alter or ameliorate the political and social scene or outlook in every single country in Africa. It is their future that is at stake; and not just theirs, but also that of their children and their children's children, ad infinitum.

The young and capable are responsible for Africa's future, but they are the ones fleeing the continent, instead of getting quality education, the tool for political advancement and economic freedom, that will provide countless and enormous opportunities for them in their home base.

Africa needs doctors, engineers, computer programmers, economists and professionals of all types; so, if the youth will not take the initiative to change things there, who else will? The Sub-Sahara will become a desert too.

However, if the outmoded political philosophies are not discarded, to be replaced by modern ideologies, that is bound to happen (the transformation of Sub-Sahara Africa).

To be self sufficient, the examples have been set by countries in Asia, like Japan, South Korea and even India, to name just a few, for Africa's youth.

People from West Africa must read Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey, Dr. J. B. Danquah, Dr. K. A. Busia, etc. books to give them the incentive to wake Africa up from its long sleep.



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