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Updated on June 7, 2015

Love For Material Riches

This is a classical presentation and certainly one of the most uncommon idea that most writers in our times had emphasized. It stressed an idea in order to bring into attention the most important value according to the most recent situation how men tirelessly secured more wealth and money, in other words ambition to become rich. The aim of this article is to enhance ourselves to remain pure in embracing the legacy of a fair concern to be always consistent what life we have at present. Instead of desiring temporary wealth of material riches, we must gain the true riches of priceless values and characters which we have. We will maintain the value of giving social concern of providing help and support especially to the poor.

Getting to be rich or being plenteous of material possessions are common stresses of people in our times as though money is one of the most powerful factors to achieve man's quality of living. As you noticed around, majority of the residents everywhere in the community were slaves of this ambition to get rich. Even rich people themselves aren't satisfied with the kind of riches they possessed. It's as though they're still trying to get for more substance to the point that poor people will even getting poorer and poorer and rich people are even getting richer.

It's not because money is so important in our life that we have to let it control our worth values. Many people just caused to cheat so they could have more advantage for prosperity. Others tried to find means even to the point of exercising evil ways to fulfill their ambition to get money and more properties.

However their loosing value contributes more burden to people who at all times are bound by poverty until life's end. Think nowadays that the controlling power lies in the hands of the most powerful men who had lots of material abundance and prosperity.

Rich men tried themselves to create a kingdom to dominate the rest by letting the unprivileged remain be forever servants. At the worst, their servants will be at times been deprived their right to uplift their living and spent it with their families to sufficiently meet their basic needs and provide support for continuous education.

Due to ambition of too much riches, the right values of rich men tend to be at loss considering what they might seem very important is how to achieve so much gain. Exactly, this is the trend in our times especially when our resources are getting lesser and lesser. Everyday the rise of goods and product price are more prevalent. It indicates that people's greed and hunger of money also increased.

The priceless values of individual won't allow themselves to be at times controlled by money. We shall keep the purity of the legacy of pure values which is worth than material values which are temporary. You can put treasures in the hearts of men by showing the true essence of right character with a helping hand even if at times we're bound by scarcity.

Don't allow yourself to be always hungry of money as there's something value within you worth more than billions of money that rich men in this world possessed.

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