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Updated on October 27, 2011

The "Super Committee".

Just out news, that the "Super Committee", formed soon after the breakdown of the debt ceiling debates, to find a way to reduce the Federal deficit, has ran into a deadlock.

Why? Because, the Democratic Party members of the committee have tabled a proposal that would take their objective even farther than the $1.2 trillion dollars that it was aiming at; and it could go up to $3 trillion dollars instead.

That could be a grand idea, if the country could afford to go that far and that route; however, the snag was that, it would involve raising taxes, which ideologically the Republican members were opposed to.

The committee's proceedings were held in strict privacy; yet, the news that was somehow leaked to the public was rather disturbing; hence, its appearance in the media that there was a possibility of it (committee) failing to reach a consensus.

Yet, the point is that, if entitlement programs are going to be cut, then other ways must be found to cover the remainder of the total amount, so that the brunt of the cut will not be done on the backs of retirees and their families.

The deadline for the across the board "trigger" cuts is fast approaching, and nobody is sure as to what will happen, if it is allowed to take place.

There are those who will want the committee to somehow get a firm commitment, in the interest of the nation; particularly, of its peace of mind; like Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who argues that an automatic approach will be devastating to his military budget, and therefore it must not happen that way.

Thus, indicating that the failure of the committee to reach a tangible agreement must not be an option. So, why the stalemate? Ideology, Ideology, Ideology.

The Republicans are maintaining that it is a bad policy to raise taxes on the rich, as President Barack Obama has been suggesting, in a stale economy. They insist that the rich invest in businesses, which in turn create jobs. While the Democrats are requesting the rich to pay its fair share in taxes; which some of its members (the rich) are in agreement with.

The fact is, if both sides can put party politics aside, a compromise can be found to resolve the situation in an amicable fashion.

That is what the country is waiting to see, rather than party and ideological squabbles, which bring no good results, but only disagreements, as it is seen in the U.S. Congress in recent months.

This blog is not on anybody's side; and what it is miffed about is the tug-of-war that is needlessly going on in Washington D.C. It must come to an end, for the people's business to be carried out efficiently and effectively.

What has happened to Americans these days, when they cannot compromise on anything at all?

Do we want to become like Greece, where street fights, stemming from social unrest and citizen discontentment, with law enforcement and security forces are so rampant that there is no normal life there. Phew, what a country.


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