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Updated on September 26, 2011

It must get through.

Americans are fully aware of the president's effort to get his new job proposals, known as the America Jobs Act, through the United States Congress.

He, President Barack Obama, has even addressed a joint session of Congress on his plan only recently, as being a very important step toward repairing both the country's gruesome economy and the double digit unemployment rate, as seen in some communities, in many parts of America.

Yet, Republican members in the House of Representatives have become aloof and pretend not to hear the president of the United States. He is saying, the situation is dire, and he needs to have their cooperation in solving the dual problem of the economy and unemployment; but they seem to have gone asleep on him and on the country; so, nothing seems to be going through their ears.

The America Jobs Act will "bolstering the economy by helping small businesses, boosting public education, improving infrastructure and other components.", which the country has heard him emphasize on so many occasions; and yet, all is gone so quiet.

Is it not a wonder that, Speaker of the House John Boehner will say that, "The job creators in this country are on strike,"; and that brings many people to deduce whether business owners and some politicians are conspiring to bring the Obama administration down, by refusing to hire workers. If so, why?

Even though, the Act will not discriminate, because it will help millions of unemployed Americans, no matter what their political inclination. Yet, it is being blocked, as others before it, for no good reason. Again, why?

However, what makes it so peculiar is that, it seems the president is going it alone. The support he needs from Trade Unions, small business owners, and influential members of the public, is almost, if not totally, missing.

Surely, there is the occasional news program that will invite investor Warren Buffett to urge millionaires like himself, to pay more taxes, and to help the economy to get moving. It will be in the best interest of the country as a whole.

Otherwise, all is quiet "on the Waterfront", as staunch members of society, who are always on the forefront of issues seem to be playing it safe; but playing it safe for what, nobody knows.

Probably, the whole nation seems quiet, but people are watching what is going on in Washington D.C. with much anger. They are planning to boot out those who, for some reason or another, are holding up the president's job plan.

Like many of us, who have no party or political affiliations or are independents, (but do not belong to any particracy); we are waiting patiently to do our civic duty, at the appropriate time.

So, take heed, politicians. America Jobs Act must get through for your own sake.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I would strongly recomend you read the 155 page act, the 17 pages of Dems talking points and the 200 page report that accompanies the act giving a breakdown to each state as to how it will be effected by the bill. I have. If you add up all the allocations per state the Prez promises for Infrastrcuture, teachers, first responders. it adds up to 1.33 trillion dollars, not the 467 billion dollars as it is presnted to you. Not to mention the President lied about it would be paid for, then he dumped it on the super committee to pay for it, then he dicides to pay for all of it with tax increases he did not even have the stones to tell America himself. He sent Giethner out to do it in a press conference. And last but of course the best, it has been over 3 weeks since the President has produced the bill, it still does not have one sponsor. Until it gets one, it will not get to the house of senate floor. Even Reid has said that after break, the senate will deal with China first and a few other pressing matters that need addressing. Even Reid is avoiding the "pass it now" bill.