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Updated on September 29, 2011

It is up to you.

There is nothing more to talk about these days than the high unemployment fray that the country is facing.

Talking about the Republican Party 's field of candidates running in the nomination race is a waste of time; because the party cannot make up its mind about who will face President Barack Obama in the general election. Whether, Romney or Perry or Palin; and now, the Republican National Committee is so perplexed as to what to do next.

To listen to the candidates is a bore, for they are all singing the same song, "I can create jobs, I can create jobs, I can create jobs." and "Any of us is better than Obama, Any of us is better than Obama,"; but is there any truism in their statements? None whatsover.

The party is drooling over Gov. Chris Christie; and is that what people must be talking about?

One candidate is saying that, "black Americans have been brain washed,"; however, in what way, he fails to say. He does not even seem to complete his sentences.

He seems very analytical and unafraid; and if so, why is he hiding behind his thoughts, and refusing to come out and tell Americans what is really on his mind; that African Americans are stupid?

The America Jobs Act is more important than just gossiping about a do nothing party; the party of "NO".

People are crying out for work, but the plan by President Obama is stalling in the U.S. Congress.

It will create several thousands of jobs to get the phenomenal number of the unemployed to go down. 14 million of Americans are out of work, and the economy is in the slump; yet, nobody seems to be doing anything about the horrible situation that the country is in.

The outrage and outcry must go to inundate their representatives in Congress; they have to be overwhelmed with telephone calls, faxes, texts, emails, social media posts and what not. Otherwise, they are sitting on their backside in Washington D.C. and doing what they do best; nothing.

The strongest opposition of the proposals is coming from the Republican members of Congress, saying that the government must not tax the wealthy more; when they fully know that the wealthy has been taking advantage of tax loopholes for years and years.

It is the poor people who are struggling to put food on the table for their families, so, who is going to worry his or her head about them; they like to say among themselves.

The Republicans want to label the Obama plan, which is attempting to level the playing field, as far as tax rates go, to get the wealthy to pay their fair share, as "class warfare"; and they like to blame it on the president.

It seems that society is disgruntled; but people seem to be concealing how they really feel; however, who can blame them, because they have no one to tell their troubles to.

Their representatives in Congress are bickering like children in a kindergarten class, over party policies, which are stopping them from reaching compromises they need to resolve important issues.

So, what is going on with the economy and unemployment? They are the two subjects that people must be talking about.


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