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Updated on September 28, 2011

They must be in agreement.

People should read Howell Raines' article in today, to see how he agreed with President Barack Obama in his bid to get the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes. (You must rather read it for yourself).

What bothers a whole lot of others is the media, particularly, Fox, to go after the president for making some remarks in 2010, such as, "You cannot impose taxes in a recession; the idea farther slows down the economy." (Paraphrased).

In a way, they are making the president speak the same words as the Republicans, and that is damn dishonest and tricky on the American public. They, the media, seem to take the public for granted, and fail to realize that they cannot be in existence without the people.

Playing dirty tricks will not go down well for the American media; as trying to foist words on the mind of anyone stealthily is an unwelcome propaganda.

The remarks, of course, have been made by President Obama, a year or so ago, under a different set of circumstances; and to equate them with what he was saying now, which was just asking the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes, was highly dishonest on the part of the media.

Those remarks were made by him, and they were proper at the time, he would stand by them.

Besides, the president was not urging anyone or group of people to accept a tax increase. His new economic proposals partially appealed to the wealthy to help in correcting the imbalances in the country's tax code.

His opponents are of the opinion that raising taxes in a recession is a job killing proposition; yet, that is not what the president is proposing or requesting people to accept; but rather that, those who have become wealthy through the economy have the responsibility to get it to move on the right track.

They have benefited from the economy for many years; and through it, and with all kinds of tax incentives, and even tax loopholes, they have prospered. So, they were obligated to pitch in to fix it (economy) if it was broken; and that was that, they would be doing the country a big favor, if they paid a little bit more in taxes than they usually did.

The Republicans would prefer the old ways, in which the rich paid less taxes, comparatively, because they were the "job creators"; yet, there was never any evidence of that philosophy being true. Or it has never been verified by any reputable research organization as being factual. It was the ancient "Reagan trickle down concept", where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

The trade unions, which protected and defended the working people in days gone by, were being made innocuous by the same aristocrats and employers maquarading as job creators; however, they were engaged in union busting techniques, behind the scenes, at the same time.

Obama, on the hand, will correct the imbalance, for taxes to become more even for all citizens alike; and that is what the whole issue of taxes in his new economic plan is all about; to level the playing field.

The media would be helping those union busters, who were usurping the powers of the trade unions, and caused the situation to become even more worse, if they supported the Republican point of view.

They would be barking up the wrong tree; so to speak. They should rather back the Obama initiative; in which the wealthy people have the obligation to assist the slumped economy to get better for all Americans.

The country did not need a "class warfare", which the opposition to President Obama was advocating, proposing; and wanting so hard to promote and enact upon. (Thus the engineering of "a class warfare"; an agenda Americans did not want or support).

We independents are watching very closely; so, take heed, the media.


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