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Updated on September 26, 2012

By: Wayne Brown

We hear a lot from Washington, the White House, and from the media in general today about what we, the American people, do not understand. Amazingly, we seem to understand very little. The news, if it is indeed news at all, must be analyzed, edited, and then spoon-fed to us so that we reach the “proper” conclusions as we listen to far too much fantasy and much too little fact. At one time, this was called deception or just outright lying but in our politically correct climate of today, it is simply “spin”….no need to worry.

Unemployment is still relatively high when compared to the baseline of our past history and a goodly portion of the economy is still staggering around in the same daze that it has been in for the past four years yet the line goes, “you are better off than you were four years ago”. Personally, I have not encountered any significant number of people who feel that way yet the line continues to be served up as if it is said enough, we will all actually believe it. “We can’t go back….forward!” Forward? To where? Can someone tell us just where it is that “forward” leads us? I asked that because I cannot see any way in which we have moved “forward” in the classic sense over the last four years…if anything, my sense of direction tells me that things are moving backwards at best. But look, a person cannot trust their gut instincts on matters of such complexity and importance….”Trust us, we’re moving forward!” “Who are you going to believe….us, or your own lying eyes?”

“We need more time” is now the mantra. If we are to continue to move forward in our efforts, the Obama Administration must have more time….four more years will help us to get it right. This plea now comes from the man who personally stated that if he could not turn things around in three years that he was a one-term president. “Oh but wait, the President misjudged the severity of things when he made that statement …that’s why he needs more time.” Hmmm….I don’t think I want a man in charge who misjudges things of such importance and concludes that throwing a ton of borrowed taxpayer money down a gopher hole is a good solution. What is the next move….throw a greater amount of money into some other type of hole? How can we have any confidence that “next solution” is based on any better judgment than the first one?

“The President just wants what’s best for most Americans….you know, those middle-class folks out there who work hard for a living but are being cheated out of their just due by the wealthy…those folks.” You see the President figures that the proper way to grow the economy is to start in the middle and grow it out. Now, for those of you that have no clue what that means, don’t worry about it because it has no significance whatsoever when it comes to addressing the issues of our current economic stagnation other than it ignores the fact that those at the top generally are the ones who possess the mindset and the tolerance for risk that allows the investment of large sums of money into various aspects of the private sector and generally results in job creation and expansive interaction between elements of the business world invigorating the productivity levels, increasing the amount of consumer spending, and overall expanding the GDP, not to mention potentially raising the actual flow of revenue into government coffers without an increase in taxation. But….to hell with that idea, we need to come up with a way for the federal government to do all that for the people….nobody really needs the private sector when we have the federal government perfectly capable of taking care of the needs of all the people. After all, it is government’s job to take care of its people and it is very important that people understand that and demand it.

For too many years now this country has followed a skewed path pushing concepts of free enterprise, individual initiative, determination, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. You see, “we are all in this together and it is together that we will all work our way out” with the federal government leading the charge, of course. The Founding Fathers had no idea how terribly wrong their concepts were for the prosperity and overall well-being of the American people. Why, how silly can one be to actually think that the government exists at the will of the people? Nonsense, government exists because someone or something must take care of the people. It is that premise of “people allowing themselves to be governed” which has brought us to this place in the road. Now, we have the opportunity to “fundamentally transform” that situation and put government where it rightfully belongs…at the pinnacle. Government is the answer….all of us together, speaking as one voice…through the government.

“The wealthy are not paying their share….they are stealing the American people blind and it is time they stepped up to the plate.” The government is here to shake their pockets out and share that money with everyone…..instead of a few having wealth, we’ll all be rich once the pie is cut equally. Then, we’ll all have the equality and fair treatment that we rightly deserve. You see, it is just that simple….we take all the money, redistribute it, and everyone is automatically treated fairly and is equal to everyone else. If that is not what Utopia is then what could it possibly be?

Oh… and here is something else the government wants to do for all of you in the name of fairness, equality and keeping your job security in place. The government is going shut out all imports of foreign products and require that all products bought and sold in America be made here in America. Along with that effort, the minimum wage will be raised to $20 per hour in order that even the poorest of households can afford the higher prices down at the Wal-Mart. You see by making such moves, the government will create a “circular economy” which will sustain all of us over time on an equal footing. There no longer will be an upper, middle, or lower class of people…we’ll all be the same and we’ll do it with higher wages and American products.

Let’s be clear as well on the issue of energy. America can no longer be fossil-fuel dependent and be a leader in the world. With the onslaught of global warming and man’s propensity to wreck the environment, our way of life is in imminent danger. Obviously the urgency associated with this rapidly developing problem for our people and the environment requires that the government step in and take action immediately for that is the role of the government….taking care of its people. Henceforth, we will begin by exporting all our coal resources to China and the sale of gasoline and other petroleum products will be banned within the borders of the 50 States making up America. Yes, your personal automobiles will be rather useless but do not despair. The government, through its ownership of the American automakers, will increase production of electric cars to replace them. This will accelerate our journey toward a green earth environment.

Of course there will be those who inquire as to what will happen with all those Chinese folks burning coal into the atmosphere on their side of the world and what of all the other nations of the world still using gasoline-powered cars….what of that impact on our green earth. Mankind will surely destroy the world. Excellent questions and a great transition to the future of America for it points out the global shortcomings of having our “own” country…a concept which is outdated as the old Constitution which we depended on for far too many years as our guide to good governance. Those days are over and the need to move to a “global government” which places all the people of the world under one flag is the way of the future. In doing so, we put in place a system which demands a green environmental approach around the globe. It installs a system of laws and governance which is uniformly applied in every hemisphere of the planet. It eliminates duplication and duplicated roles associated with multiple governments and it virtually, with one move, eliminates the potential for any future wars. It is truly the final path to Utopia. All the people of the planet can now truly be “in this together”. But, before this step can be finalized, all the coal must be sold to China.

Now you see why it is so necessary that we have more time? Do you see how critical that time is in establishing a fundamental transformation of America into a global nation of people who are treated equitably and fairly by the global government formed to address all their needs? You see, there is no longer any justifiable purpose in the concept of the individual and their singular initiative in the world for those efforts by any individual simply result in others being deprived of what rightfully belongs to all of them in the first place. The scales of human justice will finally tip and move into perfect balance as mankind arrives at his Utopian destination. Only time will allow the necessary steps to begin this journey to evolve. If time runs out now and efforts are made to turn us back toward the “old ways”, then all will be lost and mankind will remain in the clutches of a flawed human society for the remainder of eternity suffering the inequality and injustice of that awful existence. “We need more time! Please give us the time!”

If you feel as if you just woke up from a dream about the future…maybe you did. Just maybe the next time you hear one of the previous quotes, you just might think about it in a little different way. Just maybe you will become a bit more protective of what we have as Americans; more protective of the basis of our values and principles; more protective of the documents which define and sustain our freedoms both as a people and as individuals capable of achieving our own success; more cognizant that government does not have the answer nor is a big, intrusive government the answer to our future. With all that awareness, one might just decide that November 2012 is the time to end this “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America once and for all.

Never forget Rahm Emanuel’s observation that one should “never waste a good disaster” as you listen to the rhetoric of the left on how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. Everything must be done now without delay; without reasoning or thought….”We need more time”. The most powerful force in terms of potential is the human mind and too often now we are implored to follow the bouncing ball and forget our own consideration and judgment. If we give in to that urging, we do ourselves and the nation a grave injustice in terms of our future. The crowd here calling for more time is anxious to take your hand and get started on the journey to Utopia….there’s no time to waste on thinking…just go!

©Copyright WBrown2012. All Rights Reserved.

25 September 2012


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    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @Ken Burgess....Our differences as are as vast as our distances from each other. No one government is going to serve the world without either enslaving or ignoring some for others. The concept of global government is less feasible than the challenge of overcoming world hunger...which at least bears a common focus. This perspetive comes from sitting around too many campfires singing "Kumbaya" and feeling warm and fuzzy. These are the dangers which face our society and threaten to take it out of existence. Thanks much, Ken! ~WB

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      5 years ago from Florida

      This article perfectly embodies the views of the Obama administration, their goals and beliefs. Very well presented:

      "the future of America for it points out the global shortcomings of having our “own” country…a concept which is outdated as the old Constitution which we depended on for far too many years as our guide to good governance. Those days are over and the need to move to a “global government” which places all the people of the world under one flag is the way of the future"...

      Obama's exact thoughts, and in general the thoughts of the Globalists that have usurped control of the Democrat's Party.

      While some may think it's great concept, and one I might agree with if we controlled the entire world perhaps, it is not one shared by the Chinese, the Russians, or any nation that will be willing to step in and take over as the world's dominant economy/nation... they will do what is best for THEM, and to hell with those concepts, America or anyone else.

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @Jayfort....I heard a rebroadcast of some "man on the street inteviews" concerning the election in November. It really emphasized the level of ignorance and misunderstanding. Questions were asked such as: Does it bother you that Romney is a Muslim...the answer was no. Does it matter to you that Paul Ryan is black....answer no. Do you think Sarah Palin has a chance at winning this year?....answer, well she certainly has more experience. All it all, the responds could not associate race, religion, party matching, as such to any candidate nor did they challenge any questions posed.....truly saddening. Thanks much! ~WB

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      A local radio station (Tulsa, OK) was polling people on who they would vote for this November. One young woman said "Obama! I'm a minority and always vote for a minority."

      Wow! That's really making an informed decision in selecting a candidate for the highest office in the land. Thinking with one's skin instead of one's brain. It's almost...dare I say it? (Dare...dare!) Racist!

      This election, as Wayne has spelled out so clearly is about, not just the economy, but the direction of this country. Do we continue down the path to European Socialism (which is working out so well in Europe, right?) or do we reaffirm the principles of limited government as this Nation's Founding Fathers set for us?

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @ImKarn23....It is always a trade off and always will be in this two-party system. I think the priority say this is not an election that pivots on abortion policy....that argument stands and regardless of which party holds office likely will not significantly change. This election comes down to the very essence of how we are governed. Do we want to toss our Constitution out the window and start over. That question is not on the table yet but the implications are there when Obama indicates that maybe the flag needs updating; that maybe the national anthem should be re-written. This election is about throwing away our past for a future that is not defined...the absolute danger of another Obama term. Given more time, Obama will begin his fundamental transformation to the socialist state which noting but a progressive step toward communism. Wait and see how the communist treat the fairer sex. In that respect, this election is about the lesser of the evils. I do not see Romney wanting to "fundamentally transform" America away from its orientation as a democratic republic....I cannot say that for Obama. Thanks much! ~WB

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      6 years ago

      i prefer to believe my own lying eyes - thank you - AND your hubs, Wayne! I value your insight and opinion, but as a woman - it is very hard to see past the republicans plans for the fairer sex and their bodies - and NO ONE can convince me of their 'good intentions' - because their own words speak volumes..

      in my humble opinion - there is no good candidate in this election - and - that's terrifying..

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @rcrumple....I think it is representative of the moral decay in our society along with our poor education posture. Yes, we have more educated people but they have been more "brain-washed" than anything else. Far too many of our citizens actually believe that America is an evil empire which must be transformed. How's that for selling snake-oil. I think all of them will love it in the gulags! Thanks much! ~WB

      @breakfastpop...The things that are in place at the present mixed with a poor economy and high unemployment are the keys to erasing the middle class. We can hold out for a little while but we are the first ones down the tube....then the poor become poorer and the eyes open....finally but way too late. I would say that Barack Obama is selling his fellow countrymen down the river but then I really do not see him doing anything in Kenya at the present so I would be remiss in that observation. Better said that we have allowed a foreign entity to take over our republic. Soon it will be much easier for Soros to manipulate the U.S. financial system and further bury us in debt. You are correct, I am not sure even God can fix what has been done up to now in terms of damage and the possible fallout from it. Obama cannot even run his own checkbook much less a country. Thanks, Poppy. ~WB

    • breakfastpop profile image


      6 years ago

      We have run out of time. This nation has been changed in ways that are so damaging we may never recover, regardless of who is president. Obama must be sent home and Romney and Ryan must begin the difficult task of undoing the harm and restoring America economically . Our reputation abroad must be restored as well. We need to lead from a position of strength and get off our knees. We have nothing to apologize for, nothing. Voted awesome, absolutely awesome and useful too!

    • rcrumple profile image


      6 years ago from Kentucky


      You say it well, my friend. Americans are being scammed by the best there are, and won't wake up to the fact. You would swear the political structure of the U.S. attends classes taught by Bernie Madoff. Yet, Americans feel helpless in the direction to proceed and hide in their own homes with reality TV keeping them in a world of complacency and ignorance. Great Read!

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @drbj...I agree, Doc! The Duke would have his hands full because America is surely blessed with a lot of Obama-Aid drinkers blind to his ambitions. Thanks much! ~WB

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      6 years ago from south Florida

      We need someone like John Wayne to lead us today, Wayne. Anyone smart enough to utter that statement: 'Life is difficult and it's even harder if you are stupid,' has my vote!

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @Faith Reaper...When people of a given sector of a society want something so badly they tend to lose their rationale as to how it is achieved and quickly given in to anyone suggesting that they can make it happen...such was and is the case with Obama. Among the blacks, there are many, many people who remain angry and focused on the subject of race. One cannot have a discussion with them on the failures of Obama in office without their assuming that it is a racial thing...everything comes down to race for them thus they will vote for Obama while remaining totally ignorant of what he is inevitably doing to them. They will not get richer....but poorer over time and more and more dependent on the government in the process which fits well into Obama's grand plan....that is how we get to a "collective society" have to get everyone into the same corral first. Obama is going to work "magic" in the American Society...he is literally going to make the "Middle Class" disappear right before our eyes then we will have the "rich" and the "poor" as every other socialist nation before us. People have to come to understand this...there is not Utopia out there somewhere "forward" of here. Thanks much, FR! ~WB

      @Pamela99...Obama is by no standard a "leader" and by every standard, a "manipulator". He manipulates people and processes to suit his need. He ignores fact and cares little for truth as neither has any place in his life in terms of functionality. This man has only one mission....take care of Obama, carry out the wishes of his father and his mentor, and keep his good friend, George Soros, pleased that the progressive destruction of America is on course and on schedule. When the America people figure it will be too late and those who defend him today will be among those crying the loudest as to why someone did not do something to keep this evil away from our nation. As John Wayne observed, "Life is difficult and its even harder if you are stupid." Keep raising the awareness, is the only fight we have left between now and November. ~WB

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I feel more like I am waking up into a nightmare than a dream. I am so very concerned about the path Obama has us on and if he does get 4 more years, I doubt we even have an inkling of all the damage he will do. I do not understand how so many Americans can not see what is right before their eyes. I hope you keep writing these eye opening hubs as you are always right on target. Up and awesome.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      6 years ago from southern USA

      It is almost as if a veil is covering the eyes of America and our ears are plugged as to what is really being said and done here, right here, in our once great nation! And as billybuc states elsewhere, it is our own fault, as we have allowed it to happen. America needs to wake up, before it is way too late, if not already! Voted Up In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @dahoglund....I think that is a very apt and accurate description, Don. The Democrats have lost their party to a very aggressive socialist movement which couches itself in a shroud of "progressive-ism". The term is not as difficult to embrace as socialism or communism but that is where the differences stop. Ironically, America will likely fall from due on the back of our own ignorance. That is something for the history books to record. Thanks much. ~WB

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @fpherj48....I have never in my life had such bad vibes from a President. There have been a few that I did not care for but never have I thought that our best interest and the best interest of the future of this country were not at the forefront. I do not feel that way under this President....not even remotely close for my gut tells me there is something very wrong going on here. I hope enough folks feel the same and we take a new road in November. Thanks much! ~WB

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      It is still hard for me to believe how things have changed since the days of the Kennedy/Nixon days. Back then both candidates had much the same views and policies. Both may have failed in some regards but they did hold to American values at the time. I feel like Rip Van Winkle after having woke up to a different world.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Wayne......Your intro echoed in my head......MOST Americans simply do NOT know. They know very little and what we are fed, most accept without question or exploration. The "Spin," as lies, manipulation and brain-washing is now referred to, has the average American grasping at something, anything to hang onto. Television creates tunnel vision, which in turn, leads to ignorance, of all but what is stuck under our noses....and what they shove at us, stinks.

      The nightmare you created here, frightens the life out of me. No where near enough Americans even know there is reason to be scared.

      Election day is too close for comfort. I cannot imagine how politically learned, aware and enlightened individuals as you, handle the impact of knowing the result will mean either the beginning or the end.

    • Wayne Brown profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Brown 

      6 years ago from Texas

      @Jayfort...A great contrast of today's situation and very well stated. The incredible part is that the old line traditional Democrat voter is getting used in the process thinking they are working toward an improved America. Thanks much. ~WB

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The Liberal Progressive elitists often claim their highly educated enlightenment makes them ideally suited to the less enlightened forward to a new understanding of our place in the Global Community. What they lack is a strong dose of good ol' American common sense. Perhaps that because, while they claim to love America, what they truly loves is America's open society that allows them to forward their LP Movement in order to change America into something un-American. What Conservatives love about America are all of the things that have made this country a leader of the Free World, a beacon of freedom and opportunity that has attracted people from around the globe to share in our prosperity.


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