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Updated on July 14, 2012 know who Mitt Romney is.

Everybody knows that the United States economy is really bad, judging from the slowness of its recovery; and President Barack Obama is taking every measure to get it on track.

That effort, as many economists agree, will take time, considering the condition of the economy that has existed before 2009.

When Obama took over, unemployment levels were high, and the economic downturn has been going on for months before that; and so, the only thing he could do was to find a way for him and his financial experts to bring the situation into a state that was sustainable for his government to survive.

So, that is not a new story; but Mitt Romney, Obama's rival in the 2012 presidential election, keeps going back and forth with it, as if he has nothing to say about himself, and whether he has any plans, economic, political or social for America and its people's future.

Questions are popping up all around, with his Bain Capital timetable, as to when he left the company as CEO; and he still refuses to be frank with his answers on that issue; as many will prefer him to take it seriously and make an official statement about it.

The remarks that are coming out in little pieces are not sufficient; and most of these responses are from his campaign staffers and surrogates, instead of the candidate himself, which do not fully solve his problems.

However, if he has lied to the Securities and Exchange Commission of his connections with Bain Capital after 1999, then he has committed a felony.

It is as simple as that.

A felon, as he Romney can attest to, cannot be president of the U.S.; and that is where the ball is at, for him to pick it up and run with it. Yet, he rather chooses to go back to the economy being awful under Obama, "which is no new news", if one might put it that way.

Also, there is no denying that the "outsourcing of jobs" is part of what his company specialized in; and if so, why does he shy from what he knows so much about? He can take his time and explain the functionality and purpose of sending jobs to other countries for cheap labor, in order for a struggling company to remain in business.

Such a company would not have died completely, as it would still continue to have employees on mainland U.S.; and that would not be a lie, and people would admire him for being so candid.

Instead of that, he was going round in circles with all kinds of allegations about, for example, his past tax returns, which he was still keeping secret.

The truth is that, it is not just himself that Americans have to know more about, but his whole family have to let them (Americans) know, if there is anything suspicious about family members that will not permit them to enter the White House.

In fact, these charges about Romney are a scratch on the surface of what Americans want to know about him; who he really is, his likes and aversions, and particularly, the attributes of his character. He has more to be confronted with before the 2012 general election, if he wants to be president of the U.S.

Whatever that comes out will not be whether anyone wants to assail Romney, but it will be something that he himself must come out of his shell and tell the American people, to assure them that they are voting for someone they can trust or not, come November 2012.


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