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Updated on July 7, 2012

Which one must Americans adopt?

The "Obama downplays weak jobs report; Romney blames him for it," semi-headline on Internet front page tells the "Tale of the two cities".

TALE # 1. One of the tales would go like this;

For many months, President Barack Obama has espoused his vision of America's future to the country; and it was not just about "jobs", but about a strong economy and the well being of all citizens.

He has started, among other things, with a health care policy to overhaul the one that has become a nightmare for both doctors and patients. He was able to replace it with the Affordable Care Act, which has been declared constitutional by the United States Supreme Court only a few days ago.

Those, who were opposing him, mainly the Republican Party and private Insurance companies, have approached the Supreme Court to declare the Act as unconstitutional; but the final dissent by the court has upheld it (Act) as otherwise.

He, Obama, has clearly stated that, if there were any corrections that were needed to make adjustments in the Affordable Care Act, he would consent to them.

With respect to the struggling economy that the country was presently facing; though, in the face of a huge National debt and a deficit that has to be reduced by every means of cutting government spending, he has laid out an elaborate plan, involving the Federal, state and local governments, as well as the private sector, to get it (economy) on track by creating jobs (and not just "jobs" per se, but good paying ones).

That brought to mind the numerous job proposals that he has sent to the U.S. Congress, some to deal with a crumbling infrastructure that was existing in the country; and other proposals, in the form of the encouragement he has given small businesses through tax incentives, to expand and hire more people.

He was hopefully aware of the high unemployment rate of 8.2 percent, as it presently stood, would go down by the implementation of those proposals for over 14 million Americans to find work and be able to take good care of their families; but there have been so many obstructions by the Congressional Republicans placed in his way.

His policies in that regard were, however, beginning to bear fruit, even as the economy was in a slow, but a progressive mode, as yesterday's figures indicated. They were bad, but they were an improvement on no job creation at all.

So, he has laid a completely new foundation for the economy by reforming the tax code or parts of it, and formulating regulations for private enterprise, made up of corporations and companies, to respect the rule of law in their deliberations, and also for all citizens to equally enjoy the benefits of their labor in the work place.

In other words, it was not just a few people or class of people, taking advantage of others, by enriching themselves without restrictions; but that all should be free men and women pursuing their financial goals and dreams.

TALE # 2.

The other story was one, which was being advocated by the Republican Party and most of the business world, and that was to revert to the old idea of a trickle down economy that has brought the country to the present stage of economic recession after economic recession.

A no-holds-barred commercial environment, that would only cater to the wealthy and leave the middle class and working people practically out of the prosperity that every individual person should have access to and enjoy, would be the outcome of such a (no-holds-barred) negative process.

The real opportunities would be open to just the upper echelon of society and their families, whilst the standard of living for a majority of the population became stagnant or even declined.

That would be progress for the American people, as far as the Republican Party was concerned.

For it (party) has chosen a so called "successful business magnate" to champion the party's cause, in the person of Mitt Romney, who has never had any consideration for poor people. He even thought they (the poor) never exist in America; and that those on food stamps and Medicaid were "free loaders".

So, those were the visions of the "two cities" for voters in the forth coming general election.

Obama was getting into the fray unopposed; but Romney has to fight through a set of political primaries that were unpleasant in many aspects. His own colleagues running in the Republican Party nomination race labeled him as "untrustworthy" and "a liar" among other things.

Yet, not everybody supported Obama, due to his approach toward abortion, for example, or his approval of same-sex marriage, which he himself would never indulge in.

Meaning that he could not force any one to subscribe to any form of life-style, or to ask women to refrain from having abortions. People had a choice in life; and as for women, they were entitled to their personal right given them by the law of the land; that they could choose to do whatever pleased them with their own God-given bodies.

However, judging Obama and Romney, by shedding only the "political light" on them, as the two candidates fighting to run the country, many Americans would not hesitate to vote for Obama; the reason being that, he was the one with a brighter future for all citizens, irrespective of who or what or where they had come from.

To him, people's background should not be an issue in a just society; and that was what most Americans were clamoring for themselves, their children and their children's children.


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      I am not sure, but political talking points are useful to a point.

      However, I must tell you this, that one has to be up on one's reading and writing skills and be open to relevant facts on almost anything in life; and then one can master the possibility of internalizing what is important and noteworthy on crucial topics of interest.

      One must enjoy covering current affairs, and doing detailed research on different subjects to keep abreast of the times.

      I must also tell you this, that many African Americans are afraid to read (and I am talking about my own kind); but reading nourishes the mind and feeds the inner-self (or soul) with new ideas.

      If the brothers would take the English language more seriously and would read any and every material they would run into, their academic scores would increase tremendously.

      The level of education of any individual in America is more based on using "the language" effectively, than on anything else; as many job interviewers would agree to that being factual in more ways than one.

      So, talking points are necessary, but not all that much for registered Democratic members than for Republican registered members.