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Updated on April 6, 2012

The American people are aware of that.

The controversy of President Barack Obama explaining the make-up of the United States Supreme Court and its part in the "tripartite" government is absurd.

It is at the 12th grade civic class that we are told that the Justices of the Supreme Court are not elected; they are appointed at the behest of the incumbent president. They will always be appointees of the president, whoever that may be.

The president saying that, among other things, in relation to a significant law that has been "passed by a strong majority of democratically elected Congress," is to emphasize publicly that the media frenzy of the Affordable Health Care Act being unpopular is a myth.

It is only the Republican Party and the candidates running in the party's nomination race that are advocating that the law is unconstitutional, and he has every right to urge the Justices not to follow that path and rule that they are correct.

He knows that "the courts have final say," as the Attorney General has specifically stated in his response to the three-judge panel on the 5th Circuit, who are angered by the president's comments.

The conservatives are still at it, with the Minority Leader Mich McConnell in the U.S. Senate telling the president to "back off" and "let the court do its work," as well as the House Speaker John Boehner citing cases that the Supreme Court has overturned in the past few decades.

The White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, following the AG, is maintaining that the court has "authority to strike down laws." and that it is "the traditional deference the court has shown Congress," in cases like the health care law that is at stake.

The president knows fully well that attacking the highest court in the land in an election year will not be a good idea, but at the same time he is cautioning the Justices not to listen to one side only and decide on the case before them.

Yet, some people are thinking that they can make it to look like the president is slighting the court or intimidating the justices from doing their assigned duty, when there is no sign of any disrespect or intimidation in his speech, but only a caution.

They know that the season is ripe to make a political issue out of anything, however trivial to gain advantage in the campaigns toward the 2012 presidential election; and for them to get the president in a tight corner with the Supreme Court will be to their benefit.

American voters are smarter than that, as they know that Obama will not go out of his way to start a fight with the Supreme Court at this time. It will be politically suicidal on his part.

Therefore, those that are making his statements to sound controversial must relax. They still have too much on their mind, in regard to choosing a candidate that can match Obama's stature.

His economic plans are working, and so he is in good standing, when it comes to being politically correct in every way possible. So, raising a firestorm of any kind, by any entity, to thwart his efforts to put the country in the direction it must go, will not be favorable with the American people.


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